Bestfriends with Dan and Phil

The story of Dan and Phils best friend and how they met.



Still Dan’s POV

"Next question, do you always get this pycho towards people?"

“Dan are these actual questions people have sent in or are you just making this shit up?”

“I’m pretty much just winging it”

“Right... well perhaps back to the questions”

“Ok would you rather be a mouse or an elephant?”

“Um... what? I guess an elephant because then I think bigger elephants don’t worry about the size of their butt their more concerned with like mud and stuff”

“Then you could eat whatever you wanted”


“Next question, what is Dan and Phil’s nickname for you?”

“Bro I am positive you wrote these questions, do you even have subscribers or do you just have a million YouTube accounts and play each one once to seem popular because these seem ‘dandwritten’ rather than fan written ”

“Bahaha I see what you did there and yes, yes it is true these guys don’t exist, they are but a figment of my imagination... Sorry. Do you realize how many email addresses it has taken to pull this off and you just go blow it? Gees woman”

“Aw I’m sorry, here is the world smallest violin playing a sad song just for you”

“I don’t think we can be friends anymore, you are too mean”

“You love it!”

“Nope not at all. PHILLIP PLEASE COME HERE” I yell

“What are you two up too??” Phil walks in my bedroom “what’s all the yelling about?”

“(y/n) is being mean”

(y/n) chuckles “we were making Dan’s video and I may have gotten slightly, ever so agro. Ok don’t judge me”

“Dan how old are you seriously?”

“Both of you hush”

“Ok guys that’s the video for this week. Bye” I wave “here is the joint sexy end screen dance, you know you love it”

….. To be continued

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