Bestfriends with Dan and Phil

The story of Dan and Phils best friend and how they met.




A few weeks later..

“Hey mustache lady, how are you this fine London morning”

 “Ha-ha don’t call me that or I will set my cats on you!”

“You love it”

“Ha-ha you know it, what’s up Phil?”

“Want to go to a movie with me and Dan”

“Wait hold up, you two are going to venture outside into the great unknown”

“FO shizzle”

‘Hey Dan, typical you interrupting mine and Phil very serious conversation’

“Nooo! The phone is on speaker so we can both hear you angelic voice”

“You are so full of shit Dan, was that angelic enough for you??”

“Yes! Thank you so much for putting the effort in”

“Anyway back to the movie” Phil cuts in

“Yeah sounds good shall I pick you guys up in 10min”

“Yes! Ok see you then”


I drive to pick them up in my car (yes unlike Dan and Phil I can drive)

“Whoa the theatre is so packed” I nudge Phil “You have tickets right?”

“What do you take us for PEASANTS?” Dan shrieks

“Ha-ha of course not”

The line is so long for snacks and as we wait I notice 2 young girls staring at Dan and Phil.

“Ok guys I hate to alarm you but there are two 12 year old girls staring at you”

“So... It’s pretty normal for us”

“What? Someone is pretty confident”

“Ha-ha no it’s that YouTube thing we told you about, we get recognized a lot”

“Oh cool, wait here”      

I walk over to the girls.

“Hey guys, do you know those guys over there?”

The blonde girl shrieks “yes omg they are Dan and Phil omg”

“Do you guy want to meet them?”

“Yes but we are like super nervous to talk to them”

“Guys come with me, they are my friends”

“Omg really”

I walk the two of them over to Dan and Phil. Where they spend the next 10mins talking to them, the smiles on those two little fangirls faces was priceless.



hey guys little sidenote if you guys have any ideas for chapter please let me know! help get the creative juices flowing 



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