Everything is not what it seems

This story is about a girl who has everything she wants a caring mum and dad, a little brother, 1 older sister and 1 younger sister, a dog and a lot of friends, she is also popular and all the guys like her. She meets a famous boy and thinks his perfect but she soon finds out not everyones perfect. Will their relationship last or is this just a waste of time? read to find out!!!!


5. The worst and best day ever

A/N hey guy i am so sorry it took me soooo long to update, i truly am. i feel bad for leaving you like this. I will update a lot more often now since i got things under control. Thank you for reading my stories, plz like, fav and comment. hope you enjoy :) xx

looked at the person who had gotten pushed with me in the room, my eyes met his once again and It felt like I melted, like I shattered into pieces. His eyes were so mesmerising, I could get lost in them and never get out. I was so lost that I had totally forgotten that we were stuck in a room together until he banged on the door and started yelling at Louis for doing that. I couldn't make out what he was saying because I was still deep in thoughts, all I can think about is Zayn and how amazing he looks, his hair, his eyes, his eye lashes, I slowly studied every detail on his face. he turned to look at me and I quickly looked down at me feet and blushed like crazy, I guess he caught me starring at him like a freak but I couldn't help it. "LOUIS OPEN THE DOOR RIGHT NOW" Zayn said still banging on the door. " No way I know you guys want to make out with each other" Louis said. I blushed even more, not that I want to but because I think Zayns kinda cute. "Lou, open the door" Liam said being serious and the responsible one. "Fine but I know you guys want to" he said. He opened the door and his smile grew wider. "Sorry about that" Liam said. "It's fine, I have a brother like him so I'm used to it" I said. Big lie Andrew never messes with my boyfriends or boys that he knows I like. It's great to have a little brother but I wish I had a older brother to take care of me, i love Andrew, he's all I need right now and I am happy with my life. I know it was wrong to think of Zayn like that because I have a boyfriend that cares about me and loves me very much but it's Zayn Malik It's not like his gonna date me. We went back the the house to get their bags but Harry, Zayn and Louis stayed behind. I wonder what their talking about.

Zayn's POV
Lou and Harry made me stay behind and talk to them. I didn't feel like talking to Harry or any of the other guys and Louis, he's a jerk. We were sitting on the couch in the amazing guest house. "So how do you feel about Analise" he asked. I didn't answer him I just narrowed my eyes at him and continued to play with my phone. "Zayn, it's obvious we all know you have a crush on her" he said. "Even if I did Lou I wouldn't be able to be with her thanks to you" I shot back. Anger suddenly rushed through me. "Zayn, I pretty sure if you really like her his not going to get in the way of you two" he said calmly. "how do you know, you always just say stuff without thinking first" I yelled at him "what if I never get a chance with her" I got up and stormed to my room like a kid.

I sat in my room for hours. I could hear voices outside, I checked the time on my phone, It was 9 p.m and I still haven't eaten diner, i wasn't planning on anyway. I was way too upset with Lou to go out there. I think that they were watching a movie or something. I think tomorrow I might feel better i hope I do. I decided to go to sleep and get the night over with it. This was the worst and the best day ever
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