Everything is not what it seems

This story is about a girl who has everything she wants a caring mum and dad, a little brother, 1 older sister and 1 younger sister, a dog and a lot of friends, she is also popular and all the guys like her. She meets a famous boy and thinks his perfect but she soon finds out not everyones perfect. Will their relationship last or is this just a waste of time? read to find out!!!!


2. surprise

Analise's dad's POV

I was in LA on a business trip now with one direction. Yep I worked with one direction, I was the managers assistent and had to do similar things that the manager did. I had to look after one direction too. My girls have never met one direction, its too much work for me to take care of a bunch of kids on my business trip. One bunch was way too much anyway. We were at a meeting now and the boys had to go to Texas next, thats where my family lives, well in a small town just outside of Texas. i was hoping the manager will let me stay in my house, I was going to ask him when we finished with this meeting. I hated meetings they took forever.

"ok, there are three more hotels in Texas that we can call to check you guys in" the manager said as we ended the meeting.

I followed the manager out of the meeting room and tried to ask him if I can stay in my house. " Mmmm so you have no rooms left in the hotel?" the manager said angrily through the phone  " well make a room than" he continued shouting. "Umm, I .... I". I stop tying to say what I was going to say when as the manager put his hand up as a signal to wait. He angrily put the phone off, turned to me and said, "well, no more rooms and no more hotels looks like the girls  found out one direction was coming to town. The boys will be staying with you for 2 weeks, hope you don't mind" "umm ya see..." I tried to reply "Good, now tell Margret to get the boys stuff packed" and with that he left. Well look on bright side I'll be staying in my house, ohhh who am I kidding there is no bright side the girl are gonna give me a headache, except for Analise and Andrew, I really miss them. I better call Jane (my wife) and tell her not to tell the kids.


Lexis's POV

I over heard mum speak to dad on the phone they said something about someone coming to stay at our house for 2 weeks. I couldn't help but think it was one direction, I mean who else dose dad work with? I got my phone out and texted my best friend Jasmine

To: Jaz is awesome- Heyy, guess wat?

From: Jaz is awesome- wat?, tell me now!!


From: Jaz is awesome- WAT?????

To: Jaz is awesome- No joke seriously, I can't believe this!!!! YAY g2g TTYL xx :) (talk to you later)    


Analise's POV

Did I say I almost fainted, oops sorry I mean my sisters almost fainted. THE One Direction  was standing in our living room waiting to meet us. I wonder why dad would keep a secret for ME. By the way where was he all I see is a moving tower of bags ignoring the fact that one direction was in our living room I said oop popping the P and and walk past them as if they never existed and helped with the bags. That was a lot of bags of  2 weeks like each boy had four bags, "geez it's not Vegas you don't need a outfit change every four hours" I said to my dad as I hugged him. "Why didn't you tell me dad and you even came home earlier than usual"  " well, I wanted to surprise you" " more like give Jade and Lexi a heart attack" I mumbled. "Since I trust you won't fangirl in front of them, I am giving you the job of showing them around the house" He said "Wha..... alone, without any help" I said " Andrew can be your assistant." "Great I can't imagine a better day" I said/scream sarcastically to my dad who was now at the bottom of the stairs, in front of the gests. I didn't really care if they heard me.        


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