Everything is not what it seems

This story is about a girl who has everything she wants a caring mum and dad, a little brother, 1 older sister and 1 younger sister, a dog and a lot of friends, she is also popular and all the guys like her. She meets a famous boy and thinks his perfect but she soon finds out not everyones perfect. Will their relationship last or is this just a waste of time? read to find out!!!!


4. on tour with one direction in my house part 2

Zayn's POV

Mark called us in to the living room he said we needed to talk before we get started. The living room was amazing too there was a tv half the size of the walls and the walls were big. In the middle there was a square of glas on the floor and underneath it was water that glowed, al the guys gasped, and at the back on the room the was a fish tank full of fish I covered the whole back wall. We sat down on one of the soft white couches, while Mark stood infront of us and began talking. "Ok first of all I am basically your manager now so, I have to keep your records squeaky clean while you live with me, first no flirting or kissing any girl, don't get caught at pubs and all that stuff and as long as you live under the same roof as me you will live under my house rules, all clear. Louis jumped in and said wait you mean we can't even flirt with you daughter. "Especially my daughter" LOUIS I hate him, why did he have to do this to me. He is so stupid. Now I have no chance with her. I guess we can go in a secret relationship, oh no, we can't, as long as there are paparazzi it will never be a secret, or will it. I don't even know if she likes me. " oh, and one more thing" Mark said "Analise will be giving you a tour around the house, because I trust her and not you sneaky boys" Nail and louis chuckled because they saw the expression on my face, but I couldn't help it I was happy. 

We walked out of the living room and back into the loung. Analise was sitting on the chairs with a computer. "okay analise you can start to show the boys around our house, andrew you can go with.

Analises's POV

"okay lets go, andrew?" i said "yip, coming annie" he said. Unfortunately, andrew turned up with a belt that had water ballons and a water gun, the next thing I know I was soaked. "huh, revenge isn't so sweet now is it" he said back to my face. I narrowed my eyes at him then he ran of laughing. I never get that kid sometimes. I wasn't sure how many  people saw that because the two walls were glass so we could see through. I took a towel from the  towel rack and dried myself. "This is the living room, you've probably been in here before, This is the main bedroom, but its taken. this is one your bedroom this is another one of your bedrooms and this is the last one of your bedrooms. This is my room I said as I fell back into my bed. Hey you guys can stay in the guest house, yeah theres 5 bedrooms a living room, a kitchen, a big tv and all the cool appliances, xbox,wii, playstation 3 and stuff come on."umm, lets check it out" Liam said. Okay. i actually like one direction just like other fans, only I don't go nuts, for them, I think that they are people too, so why not treat them like other people.My favourites are harry and zayn."Hey dad, we're going to check out the guest house" yeah you guys can stay there, if you want" "yeah dad" i said. We walked outside and I turned to tell the boys about the garden, most of our house is open, and thats really cool, I love this house best ever. as we walked to the guest house I could hear whispering and chuckling, our garden is awesome it has a simple lone rectangle pool, with an amazing water fall very fancy chairs and the ground was level, there were no ups and downs. I opened the guest house and gave one key to the boys and kept the other key. "Okay heres your guest house" It was really big for a guest house. The boys were amazed by the whole house they practically walked around with there mouths open. as soon as we got to the bed rooms, I showed all the boys their rooms until there was only one left I asked the boys who didn't get show there room yet, I actually let them decide witch room to stay in, Harry said zayn didn't. oh god harry was cute in his husky voice. I asked zayn if he was ready, because I haven't showen the last room to anyone. I opened the door and his mouth almost dropped to the floor, "wait your telling me I'm going to sleep here" he said. Yip" I said popping the p. He was adorably cute. All the boys came and did the same, then louis and Niall looked at each other then i got pushed in the room with someone. You two can have fun making out" louis said. I didn't even know who I was with!



Hey guys, sorry I couldn't update for so long, but I promise I will do more updating, so what do you think about the story, like, comment and favorite and also who do you think is in the room with her Harry or Zayn? who do you think should be in the room with her. plz comment, and sorry about the updating problem again thx-love ya <3 xx           

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