Everything is not what it seems

This story is about a girl who has everything she wants a caring mum and dad, a little brother, 1 older sister and 1 younger sister, a dog and a lot of friends, she is also popular and all the guys like her. She meets a famous boy and thinks his perfect but she soon finds out not everyones perfect. Will their relationship last or is this just a waste of time? read to find out!!!!


3. on tour with one direction in my house part 1

Zayn's POV 

As we walked out of our car, i looked at the house we will be staying at and my mouth almost dropped to the floor, it was amazing, what kind of person stays in a house like this not even one direction. I was actually really happy we weren't staying in a hotel, I mean theres no screaming girls here as much as I find it great to know so much girls think your hot, its nice to get a little break once in a while. We were staying in one of those neighborhoods where there is a gate to enter the street so girls aren't just hanging around your house fangirling and waiting for a autograph or something. I was surprised that paul stepped back for us and gave us some space, I guess he realised no one can hurt us here.

We walked in the house and my eyes wondered at the beautiful artworks and pictures around the wall, although there was one that caught my eye, it was a sketch of a girl framed and it had being put where you can see it when you walk in. We walked farther in and we came to a big space with a big tv and nice couches I looked at the three children, and a dog, who were standing in a line and smiling at us. There were two girls, one boy and a dog. I think they had being orded from smallest to largest. first I looked at the youngest kid he had the most fake smile ever, but he was adorable and cute. I looked at the second kid and she looked like she was 12, she was also cute, she was smiling I think she was nervous, shocked and excited at the same time, but hey its always good to meet new people, then I looked at the last girl she was a teenager like us but maybe a little older though, she had dark hair and light brown eyes, her hair was mid length and she was a little more nervous then her younger sister. Mark called for Mrs Kington to come meet us. After she gave us hugs and kisses she introduced the kids. I learnt that the little boy was Andrew, the little girl was Jade and the biggest was Lexi. Mark introduced us to the dog and said, "And this is Milo, analise named him that." I heard nail chuckle I bet he wants to eat it, but wait who's Analise they never mentioned her. I looked at and Mrs Kingston with a confused, Mrs Kingston's smile faded and then she said, "ANALISE COME DOWN HERE, THERES SOMEONE HERE TO MEET YOU HUN" Then I heard someone say, "COMING MUM" Mark had some how disappeared back out side, I was disturbed by a really fit girl come down the stairs. She was wearing pj's but she still looked good. For some reason I couldn't stop looking at her. Mrs Kingston introduced her to us but I was too shocked to say anything so the lads covered up and said hello. I think I made her uncomfortable because she ran right past me like I didn't exist, and that hurts, wait what its only being five seconds you don't even know this girl. I realised she was helping her dad (which I couldn't see) because he was covered in bags, our bags. I think the lads caught me staring at her because louis, who just my luck was standing next to me, elbowed me and all the lads looked at me. Mark and Analise went upstairs to put our bags in our rooms so we were left alone with Mrs Kingston and the rest of the kids. "Let me make you kids something to eat" said Mrs Kingston. everyone told Mrs Kingston where fine, but all she said was " call me Mrs K, let me go get you guys something." It was in the morning so we would probably get juice and cookies or something. We were siting in awkward silence for a while until Liam who is always the mature one here decided to brake the silence by saying, "so, how do you feel about your dad working for one directions manager?" since none one the girls could answer the question, Andrew said, " its great, but we don't get to see dad that much anymore."


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