Everything is not what it seems

This story is about a girl who has everything she wants a caring mum and dad, a little brother, 1 older sister and 1 younger sister, a dog and a lot of friends, she is also popular and all the guys like her. She meets a famous boy and thinks his perfect but she soon finds out not everyones perfect. Will their relationship last or is this just a waste of time? read to find out!!!!


6. Feelings

Analise's POV

I woke up to the annoying sound on my alarm clock, I reached out to turn it off and tipped it off the desk. I Have no idea who set my alarm clock so early in the morning, maybe dad wants us to get up and do something for him. I lazily got up and walked downstairs and saw everyone else that to. Oh no I hope it not another family meeting you don't want to know what happened, trust me. "Hey dad, why am I up so early" I asked " well, the boys are free for a few days and I was thinking we could show them the best parts of Texas, so go on, get your stuff packed and let get out of here as soon as possible" he said

We all groaned and went upstairs to pack our bags, nether one of us wanted to go even if it was a little holiday with one direction which it was, we all hate family vacations, we would be just as happy at home and staying up late watching movies.

"Do you think mum and dad have lost their minds" Lexi asked me while dropping on the bed. " I'm pretty sure they have" I said. Lexi got up and walked to her closet, I watched closely as she opened the door. She let out a really load scream and I grabbed Andrews hand pulling him out of the room and downstairs. "What's going on up there" dad said. I began chuckling and then busted out in laughter, Andrew joined in and dad ran upstairs " ANALISE " I heard Lexi yell and I erupted into more laughter, the boys were now laughing with me, including Zayn he was a bit pissed of at Lou yesterday but he seems ok now.

After we packed our bags, we sat on the couch and we started talking before we left. We were going to stay in a guest house that dad booked since none of the hotels were available. Zayn and I exchanged looks once in a while, he was cute I think I like him, kinda, I think, I don't know but his cute ok. I stood up and excused myself from everyone, I went upstairs and Zayn followed me, a small smile formed on my lips, I had no idea what I was doing I have a boyfriend that loves me a lot and I love him too, urgh Zayn is JUST a friend, nothing more, nothing less. I walked into the games room and sat down on a chair, and looked at Zayn. " I like your house, it's really nice" he said. "Thanks" I said back. " so what do you think about about the 'little holiday' that were going on" I said. "I think it's a good idea, I can get to know you better " he said. I smiled and blushed. We talked and got to know each other. The more we talked the more I find myself liking him. The is going to be a long two weeks.

A/N hey guys I just wanted to say thanks for reading my story, I know it probably sucks but thank you so much for reading it. Plz give me feed back on watch you think. Two more comments and I will update! :* <3
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