The journal of the 2012 World War

It was 2012 the year everyone said we were going to die. But they did not expect to die the way most americans did....
World War 3 had begun between America and Norh Korea this is a journal of David Rodriguez. He is one of the soldiers in the war. He writes about what he experiences what he see's and what witnesses.


5. The day of the war.. page 4 of the journal

December 21st 2012,


BOOM is all you heard. People screaming running around for shelter for what had turned into a fire fight.

There was military personal all around the streets but when I got up I could not find Hannah or my son. I went up into my sons room but I could not find him. I thought about crying but what good would that do I though to myself.  Should I go out there with the other military people or stay inside. But I decided to make my own satnd im a "1 Man Army". I had just packed up what I wanted to take with me when there was a crashing noise coming through the window. IS THERE ANYBODY IN HEAR a military soldier yelled. Then you heard somthing you would never want to hear...The noise of a bullet going through somones head. It was terrible I wanted to look over but I knew if I did i would cry. So I just decided to head out through the back there were people with guns every where but i dident know if they were terriost or anything else I dident want to find out eathir.

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