The journal of the 2012 World War

It was 2012 the year everyone said we were going to die. But they did not expect to die the way most americans did....
World War 3 had begun between America and Norh Korea this is a journal of David Rodriguez. He is one of the soldiers in the war. He writes about what he experiences what he see's and what witnesses.


6. Day 2 of the war page 5 of Davids journal

December 22 2012,


I wish things hadent turn out the way they did. I had come upon a terrible scene that made me cry I couldent belive it. There was a family shot to death and there christmas tree was on fire and pretty much was burnt down. It was terrible and I walked through the house trying to scavenge what I could. Thats when I came upon a bunch of stuff. The stuff the parents were going to give there kids for christmas. But upon those gifts were somthing I could use. In the master bedroom was a rifle that I could use. I guess the father would of been happy to get this I said to myself. Once I left the house I continued east trying to get out of Maryland I decided I was heading to Flordia. It would be nice and warm unlike down here in Maryland where it was freezing but some how I was used to the cold it dident really bother me. I dident know weither my faimly was missing some where or if they are dead. I dident let myself think to much about it I would just break out and cry but I did bring a picture that we took last spring with me. Those were good times I thought to myself.

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