The journal of the 2012 World War

It was 2012 the year everyone said we were going to die. But they did not expect to die the way most americans did....
World War 3 had begun between America and Norh Korea this is a journal of David Rodriguez. He is one of the soldiers in the war. He writes about what he experiences what he see's and what witnesses.


2. 3 Days before the war the first page of David's journal

December 18th 2012,

Today was still a cold winter day. But it seems different there's somthing missing but i dont know what.

All the kids are at school everyone is at work. But it just seem's as if there is somthing different about today then  yesterday.

I may seem wierd knowing im a guy and have a journal to write in. But I dident think it was a big deal.

I dont tell people about my journal just because they would propally bug me about it.

I still wonder why today seems different but I cant figure it out  there.... Is just somthing different.

My son and wife will be home soon maybe everything will be ok once they get here.

My friend Nathaniel called and asked me to come over to watch the game tonight. I told him I would go but now I dont know if I should.

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