The journal of the 2012 World War

It was 2012 the year everyone said we were going to die. But they did not expect to die the way most americans did....
World War 3 had begun between America and Norh Korea this is a journal of David Rodriguez. He is one of the soldiers in the war. He writes about what he experiences what he see's and what witnesses.


4. 1 Day before the war page 3 of the journal

December 20 2012,


Its like today i dident have enough to deal with. All over the new's were stories on how the world is going to end tomorrow. But not one station had the story of Nathaniels accident. You would think they would knowing somone had died. It suprized Hannah to but there was nothing we could do about it. Nathaniels funeral is in a couple weeks me and Hannah were going to go my son is not aware of what has happen and we diecide to keep it that way... For now. There was a speech today on the news where the president saying "My fellow americans. We shall not let our selfs belive that the world will end. People are giving there money away just cause they think the world is going to end. I can garunte that the world is not going to end." It came to me as if he wanted people to give there money beacuse thats what they do with the tax money we give to them just give it away. There was more to the speeche but to much to write. Im suprized im even still writing in this thing. There is nothing to do now so im just going to try to get some sleep for once.

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