The journal of the 2012 World War

It was 2012 the year everyone said we were going to die. But they did not expect to die the way most americans did....
World War 3 had begun between America and Norh Korea this is a journal of David Rodriguez. He is one of the soldiers in the war. He writes about what he experiences what he see's and what witnesses.


1. 4 days before the war

December 17th 2012,

It was a cold day in maryland where future soldier Johnny lived with his wife amd son. His wifed Hannah was 35 and Johnny was 34. Johnny lived a normal life had a normal job and so did his wife.

His son Christian was only 12 at the time. He was like the average 12 year old playing xbox and on facebook. But johnny dident like that stuff Johnny prefered to go outside and things like that. What he never expected was to be drafted into what would be World War 3.

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