One Direction Imagines

These are imagines that I have written for you all to read, some are dedicated to readers.
If u want one comment your name at the bottom and who you want you imagine to be with :)


2. Imagine With Niall #1

Imagine with Niall #1 (For EmelieHoran)

My life is simple nothing to it, I work at my local Nandos, and my boss somehow hates me for no apparent reason, so anyway one day at work my boss walked over to me, he had a sly grin planted across his face, which then turned to a unhappy nothing, “How may I help you Mac?” I asked with a cheeky grin on my face, maybe this is why he doesn’t like me, “my older brother has his band that he managers coming in a few days so you are to work all of those shifts got it” Mac snarled, all I could do was nod, I was so petrified of him.


So today is the day that Mac’s brother’s band that he managers are coming here for lunch, but why would they come here everyday while they’re here, I was cleaning tables as I saw, wait no way ONE DIRECTION, no Mac’s brother couldn’t be Paul, could it but Paul seems so nice and Mac just isn’t. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Paul came over to me “You must be Emelie, I’m Paul, my younger brother Mac has told me that you knew we were coming today is that right?” Paul asked me “Yeah, I’m Emelie and Mac sure did tell me that you and the boys were coming today” I replied with a big smile on my face, Paul then guided me over to the boys, I could feel my fangirling moments to just all come out, but I stayed calm and cool, I hope. “Hi boys how are you today?” I asked them with a confident smile “good thanks love” Harry replied, “So I’m Emelie and today I will be your waitress, so just call me if you would like a drink some more sauce and all that, is anyone ready to order yet?” I asked and all of a sudden I heard Niall yell “AHHH I like this girl, boys, she said she will get us anything YAY!! Well anyway gorgeous, I’m ready to order, I would like a classic wrap with hot sauce, thanks babe.” I left the others to think about what they wanted and went to the kitchen to tell the chef Niall’s order, I then walked back to the table a gathered up the rest of the orders and just as I took them to the kitchen I saw Niall’s meal already done, boy will he be happy. I picked up the meal and took myself over to the table “Niall, your meal” I said with a smile, I then heard a massive cheer from Niall as he started eating his food, I then went back to the kitchen to grab the rest of the meals and then walked back to the table. “Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry, here are your meals, sorry for the wait” I said handing out the rest of the meals to each of the boys “thanks and that’s ok love” they all said in reply. Just as I was walking back to the desk someone grabbed my arm, I turned back to see Niall with a cute smile plastered on his face “hey, what time do you finish?” he asked, “um, I finish at about 4 why?” I replied with a confused look on my face “cause I was wondering if I could take you out after?” he asked with a slight smile “I would love to Niall” I replied which then he showed a massive smile across his face, “well then, I think we are leaving now but I will come back at 4 to get you” “ok well then I guess I’ll see you at 4” I replied and walked back to say bye to the rest of the boys, “bye guys hope you all enjoyed your food and that you all come back soon” I said waving to them as they started walking out the door, “bye Emelie, we had a great time and we will come back” they all replied.


Authors Note:

hey everyone sorry I haven't updated lately, I have been really busy and al that and also I might not be able to update for a while due to homework and school and all that :( but I will try and once again if you would like an imagine just comment and I will try to write you one :)

love u all 


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