One Direction Imagines

These are imagines that I have written for you all to read, some are dedicated to readers.
If u want one comment your name at the bottom and who you want you imagine to be with :)


3. Imagine With Harry #2



Imagine With Harry #2 (Chloe(I love llamas)Vidz)

Harry and I have been married for a year now and everything is perfect, we are very happy together and we are very grateful to have a beautiful daughter named Darcy, she is only a few days old and so little and delicate. Today is the day that we bring her home, when we get to the car Harry puts Darcy into the car seat with a few blankets to keep her safe, he is so protective over her, “Harry she will be fine, you don’t need to put three blankets around her” I say with a smirk on my face “I know Chloe but I don’t trust myself with my driving now, you know how I drive” he says with a worried face, all I could do was roll my eyes. When we finally got home, and took Darcy out of the car and inside the house, it seemed just a little weird, we both walked to Darcy’s nursery to see everyone my parents, Harry’s parents and all our friends, the boys and their families, it was so nice to be greeted with so much love. Everyone was here for a few hours and in those few hours Darcy was the main attraction of course, after everyone left we both took Darcy to her cot and let her sleep, and we decided to take a nap while we could, which wasn’t for long, because Darcy decided to start crying. I got up and walked to where she was, of course she was hungry. After she stopped crying I decided to go back to bed until I heard Harry get up and walk to Darcy’s room, you wondered what he was doing. After a few hours later I woke to find Harry still not in bed, so I walked down to Darcy’s room to find them both hand in hand asleep, I decided to take a picture of them both together and uploaded it onto twitter saying “My Beautiful Family #BestDayEver”

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