No Escape

"You don't belong with him, stay with me."


2. Chapter 2

I sit with my legs crossed on my bed. I have music playing while I was doing my homework. Harry's a year older than me but doesn't go to college he works at an internship that I don't really know about. I'm happy Harry has a internship because that gives me a break during the summer, I get some time by myself.  I mean Harry isn't all monster, hes actually a really sweet sometimes. And other times hes the reason i have bruises on me. Well at least I'll have more space once schools out in a few days. 

A pebble hitting my window crashes my thoughts. I lift the latch of my window and the warm breeze brushes against my cheek. "Hello?" I whisper loudly. "Its Niall," an Irish accent puffs in the night. Niall? What the heck does he want? I pull my robe on over my tank top and boxer shorts and trot down stairs. I walk outside and felt the humidity of the summer night engulf me. Niall sat perched against the tree in my yard, I fast walk to him. "Niall what are you doing here? Is it Harry? Is he alright?" I question him. He awkwardly stands up and hands me a unopened chap stick. "Er ya Harry is fine, but I think you dropped it today." What? I wonder if this one of Harry's sick jokes. My hair brushed in front of my face when wind shattered the air. "Niall, its not mine." I said flatly. "Oh well then, you can keep it i guess," He stammers, his foot pivots on the sidewalk and hes turning around.

What just happened? That wasn't a prank or anything. "Why did you really come?" I call after him. He looks back hopefully and slowly walks the few paces to me. "I actually came to do this," his large hands grip my head in a comforting way, and his lips crash onto mine. My stomach dropped like I was on a roller coaster, plummeting farther and farther the longer his lips lingered to mine. After what felt like forever Niall pulls away defeated and turns to leave, but my hand clamps around his wrist and I pull him back. And once again our lips meet. I don't know why I did. Kissing him just feels so perfect, it was powerful.

"Wow." he breathes against my neck. I hummed in response. "Harry is going to..." I pressed my lips to his, my fingers tugging on his hair, I didn't want myself to be owned by Harry. Niall pulls away. "I always have liked you, you know." Niall states. "Really?" I'm not surprised he was always staring at me but I always thought he thought I was strange, he nods and pushes my hair behind my ears. He thumbs a purple bruise on my temple. He knows that its the work of Harry. "Why do you stay with him? Hes so...controlling. I could give you so much more Gabby." Niall whispers.

"It's complicated I can't leave him. Im scared." I sigh, "I really like you Niall. I don't know if we could do this though. Do you know what Harry would do? To you? To me? Its too risky." I say sadly.

He shrugs, "I like taking risks. If its worth it."

"Is it worth it?" I ask. He laughs, "Gabs would I really come here and kiss you and tell you my feelings if it wasn't worth it? I could already be killed by Harry, just by being this close to you.

  "I really want to make this work. You deserve better Gabby. Please tell me you will see me. You won't even have to leave Harry, he would pound me and you if you left him for me." Niall takes my hands.

"I will Niall," I whisper still not convinced. 

"Gabby. I promise I will protect you no matter what happens." his fingers pull my chin up so Im looking right at him. I nod and his arms squeeze me. The temperature drops and my body starts to form goosebumps, Niall pulls off his sweatshirt and drapes it on my shoulders. "lets get you inside babe." once my stomach erupted with butterflies with the word babe, I knew I was in love with this boy. 

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