No Escape

"You don't belong with him, stay with me."


1. Chapter 1


(Open to Co-Authors)

I try to push his rough hands off me.

"Shh..just kiss me..." he orders.

"Harry stop," I grab his large hands that slide up my thigh. He chuckles, "C'mon I was only messing babe," he offers his hand, but I don't take it. "Gabriella we are are leaving. Now." his voice is stern and booming. I wouldn't budge and shook my head, I hated when he ordered me around like a dog. When I remained on the swing I sat on, his hand raised in the air. I flinched as he was about to hit me. "Don't make me get this way." he threatened. I was about to get up but his hand came crashing down on my cheek. A yelp escapes my lips. He looks down at me and grabs my wrist and pulls me off the swing.

We stride through the park, Harry's fingers dig deep into my skin. "Ouch Harry that hurts," his grip loosens a bit. I guess his heart isn't as cold as I thought. He pulled me through the streets, his grip on me changing as his hands slides around my waist. I follow Harry where ever he takes me, I never ask, just follow. I know if I didn't do what he said, or pushed his buttons too much, he would tell my secret.

I was new to this town a year ago, and Harry did some research on me. He followed me, and found my past that I never wanted to join me in my new life. That is the only reason I stay with him. The weird thing about Harry anyway is that sometimes he is the sweetest nicest guy ever, but he then becomes this terrifying  monster. I just wouldn't be with someone like that unless I had too. Which I do.

I jump a little at the sound of a car horn, I spin around to see Harry's friends in a black jeep, the windows are all down and their hair is messy, "Hey lads," Harry pulls me closer to the car. "Hey Haz, wanna go for a ride?" Zayn asks through the window, Liams in the driver seat and Niall and Louis are in the back. I don't know them very well, but they are Harry's friends so I know them a bit. "Ya sure,". Before Harry leaves he leans down and kisses my mouth, I don't kiss back, but his hands start to crush my skull so I have no choice. Harry releases me and walks to the car, "Hey Gabby," Niall grins looking in my eyes, his facial expression changes when he sees my slightly bruised cheek, and reddened eyes. I nervously ruffle my hair, "Hey Niall," I mumbled my cheeks getting a little pink, "Hey Ni, don't be picking up my girl," Harry teases, and hits the back of Niall's head, climbing in the car. Niall giggled and rubbed the back of his head, smiling at me. I could feel Harry's eyes on me. He hated it when other guys flirted with me.

"Well Harry your not treating her like you girl, you got a ride Gabby?" Liam questions, Niall's eyes looked hopeful as he watched me, I shrugged, "Nah, but I'll be fine, I think I'll just get a coffee in town." Harry objects, "No, go home," all the boys in the car looked down. They know of Harry's and my issues, and how strange Harry is with me. "Harry, its coffee." I pointed out.

"I don't care, I don't want you to wander off with out me."

I sighed and started to walk away back towards my house. Soon I heard the car start back up, music blast through the speakers and start to speed away. At the last second I turned around and saw Niall's hair blowing in the air, staring at me.

I walked back to my house, much to my dismay.  I reached my house and started walking up our pathway. I felt a vibration and pulled my phone out I saw it was a text from Harry. 'arre you home yett? text a pic. xx'. Is he serious? He needs a picture to see that I went home? That is ridiculous I don't know why he cares so much about me. I texted a picture of my house with my middle finger in the middle of the picture sending it to him. Take that Styles.

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