This stupid little thing called love

Meet Elliana, 19 and living in London,England. She works at Starbucks and one day she has some special customers. One Direction. Will these boys change Elliana's life? And will thee be love? You'll just have to read to find out.


3. Truth Or Dare

Niall's P.O.V. She is beautiful with her sparkling blue eyes and brown straight hair. I just wish I could call her mine. But she is 2 years older than me. An every now and then I find Louis sneaking glances in her direction. Well it's pretty obvious he like her from the way he's acting
Louis' P.O.V. Elliana is gorgeous with her sparkling blue eyes and brown straight hair. I just wish I could call her mine. Luckily me and her are the same age. I keep stealing glances in her direction. Niall notices. Shit. I could see it in his eyes... He liked her too. Well we will just have to for her to chose then.
Elliana's P.O.V. We all sat in a circle trying to decide which game to play. Then out of nowhere Louis screams,"TRUTH OR DAREEEE!" "Truth or dare it is," Says Harry. We divided to play truth or dare with a bottle. I spin the bottle and it lands on Harry. HA I have the perfect dare for him. "Dare," he replies almost immediately. "YES! I dare you to straighten your curls!" Boom like dynamite! "NO!" Harry screamed running into his room hiding from the straightener. "We'll do it in his sleep" I whisper. All 4 boys nod. Since Harry left Zayn was on his right so he spun the bottle and guess who it landed on, Louis."Dare," he says while smirking. "Okay I dare you to kiss......Elliana," Zayn says. I could feel Niall freeze next to me. Why is he acting so wierd? Hmmm oh well. One second later I feel lips on my lips. Me guessing it was Louis ,pull back a bit stunned.
OMG I swear I felt sparks and I wonder if he does too. I look at him to see if his face fs shocked too. His facial expression is exactly what it looked like in my head,shocked. There was an akeard silence after that. "Hey can we watch a movie?," I ask. "Yea sure what movie?" "Avengers" "Yes! Niall says," I'll Moke the popcorn!" "Don't Eat it all," I say laughing as he walks out of the room. Niall is so cute! His blue eyes are exactly like mine but he has blonde and I have brown hair. Louis also gets up to go get carrots. Lol Louis. Wait did I just lol in my head? Weird. Louis is also cute. We both have blue eyes and brown hair. And we are the same age. Unlike Niall who is 2 years younger than me. Louis and Niall come back with a bag if carrots And 2 buckets of popcorn. Liam puts in the movie and we all settle in while the opening starts. I've seen this movie so many times. I close my eyes as I start to feel sleepy.
Hey People! I'm back! Anyways so what'd ya think? Don't hate me I'm only 11. And also remember anything u want to know about me just ask me in the comments and ill answer back soon. Also if you want to follow me on twitter my account is @HayIsForHorses4 I will follow you back too. Well bye bye love you all!<3

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