This stupid little thing called love

Meet Elliana, 19 and living in London,England. She works at Starbucks and one day she has some special customers. One Direction. Will these boys change Elliana's life? And will thee be love? You'll just have to read to find out.


2. Meeting the boys:)

Elliana's P.O.V. After I finished making the drinks I walked over to Niall's table where he was sitting with his band mates. They all reached out to grap their drink before I could even set them down,boys,you gotta love em."So I never got your name," Niall said. "Oh, right my name is Elliana Tanger," I said introducing myself. "Cool name, these are my bandmates Louis,Harry,Liam,and Zayn," Niall said pointing to each person as they said their name. "HI, IM LOUIS DO YOU LIKE CARROTS?" "Umm...Yes?" I replied. "I LOVE HER, SHE CAN STAY!!" One down three to go, Wooo! "Hello it's nice to meet you I'm Liam, Liam Payne." "It's nice to meet you to" Well at least I can know that there is ONE normal one. "Hey, I'm Zayn" "Hay is for horses," I replied haha I'm hilarious. Lol. And finally Harry Styles. "Hello I'm Harry How Are You?" "I'm fine thank you." "And of course you already know that I am Niall, I'm also Irish." "Haha Cool, I'm British" after I met the boys I went back to work until my shift was over at noon. "Hey Elliana wait," Louis called," do you want to hang out at our flat with us?" "Ya Sure I would love to"
*at the boys' flat*
"So how old is everyone," I asked."19," Louis said. "17," Niall, Zayn, and Liam said."and I'm 16," Harry said. Wait a minute... Louis is the oldest? Well that doesn't make since, he acts like he is 5 years old. I also found out the Harry is the flirt, Liam is the responsible one, Niall is the funny one, Zayn is vain(lol), and Louis is the leader.
Hey Peoples! I hope you like this chapter! And yea! Remember if u have any questions just leave them in the comments and I reply in the next chapter!

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