This stupid little thing called love

Meet Elliana, 19 and living in London,England. She works at Starbucks and one day she has some special customers. One Direction. Will these boys change Elliana's life? And will thee be love? You'll just have to read to find out.


1. I'm gonna be late!

Elliana's P.O.V.

Shit! I'm gonna be late for work again! Ugh. One more late and ill be fired and I can't get fired! REPEAT. Can NOT be fired. I work at Starbucks and its the job that pays really good here in London. It's the only thing that keeps letting me pay for the apartment. Well thank you mind. I just drove straight past Starbucks. Well I'm smart. I checked the time, 9:13. 13 MINUTES LATE!! Wow my boss is going to be ANGRY. I just walked in And already I hear my boss screaming.
"ELLIANA!!" My boss, Mr. Sakle, screamed.
" Sorry! It won't happen again!" I replied guiltily.
"IT BETTER NOT" Mr. Sakle screamed,again.
Well I better get started. Maybe I'll stay 13 minutes later to make up for my time lost from this morning. Oh well. Today's probably gonna be busy, it's like freezing outside.
I looked up,"Oh Sorry, may I take your order?"
" Um Yea Here," the guy with dark sunglasses and a hoodie hands me a piece of paper with five drinks on it.
" May I have your name please?"
" Yes, just please don't freak out"
Is he crazy why would I freak out he's probably just some normal guy off the streets."
"And why would I freak out?" I replied.
" Well the thing is," he took off his sunglasses And put down his hood," I am Niall Horan from One Direction"
"Oh your lucky you didn't get my best friend Breanna as your waitress because she is like obsessed with you guys, and no I am not a directioner or whatever you call it"
"Oh well see you when you give us our drinks" he said and then he went to go sit down with his 4 friends which I Am guessing are his bandmates. Time to make some drinks!
Heyy Peoples! Is me,Olivia. Let me tell you a little about myself. Probably much to your surprise I am 11 years old. My birthday is January 15th(11m more days!). And my favorites color is green. If you have any questions for me just let me know And I'll answer them next time! Also I will update anytime so I will probably update after school today.

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