Fate Brought Us Here

Sakiya is Danielle's best friend along with Perrie, Eleanor and Taylor.
Sakiya likes Harry who is with Taylor her best friend
Sakiya doesn't really like Taylor and not because of Taylor
Harry likes Sakiya as a friend AT FIRST then likes her even more
Taylor gets jealous of Sakiya spending so much time with HER boyfriend but says nothing
The boys like Sakiya more then Taylor and so do most of the fans
The girls find out about who Sakiya likes but not Taylor
Then Niall is there for moral support at times
Drama, Love, Hate, HOSPITAL.....


2. Chapter 2


Danielle's POV      I still couldn't believe Sakiya said yes. I've been asking her to do it ever since I found out she could dance. She was going to be really excited next week. We are going to be in Little Mix's video for 'Wings'. She loved them. And Perrie is the one who requested us. I love Perrie for that. Sa loves Leigh. I've met the others but Sa hasn't. I've always called Sa my brown haired Leigh and Leigh my black haired Sa. Only because they look so much alike with different hair color. I'm going to love going out with Leigh and Sa and seeing all the people go woah sisters. *BUZZ* my phone went. I got a text from Perrie. I tapped the message icon. Wait...wait DAMN the app cut out. UGH. I have to get a new phone. I'll by a Galaxy like Sa's later. From: Perrie Boo     Im takin Sa to SYCO this week... finally! She dont kno how talented she is. To: Perrie Boo      LOL. ikr She is going to love being in "Wings" She loves Leigh so much thats her fave besides you ofc ;)   "So, your going to SYCO this week?" I asked. We had been walking for thirty minutes. The studio Jessie tols us to meet at was around the corner. "Yea, Might as well I'm doing this video with you. When do we have another video shoot?" She asked. "We have one next week but I'm not telling for who." I said. "UGH, fine. Are you going to get a new phone? I know that iPhone id giving you trouble." She replied. "Yea after work I'm going to buy a Galaxy and a couple new cases." I said. "Ok, I'll just put the cases I bought you on Ebay." She said.  I nodded and looked at my new text from Perrie.   From: Perrie Boo    I know she always asked when she can meet Leigh They look so much a-like with diff hair Leigh got her hair done Its almost the same colour as Sa little darker & same length To: Perrie Boo     Oh God it will be a miricale is we will be able to tell them apart   I put my cell away as we walked in the studio. Jessie told me to go to floor 2 room 12 C. We walked up the stairs and to room 12 C. Jessie was waiting for us talking to the other dancers. "I'm here bitchezz. and brought the new recuit." I said throwing my bag down and sitting on the floor. "I'm Sakiya" She said sitting on top of me. We introduced ourselves and Jessie tols us what we were to do. We got to work. ~-~-~-~-~-~ Sakiya's POV   Four hours of dancing. Since I'm a fast learner we ended up shooting the video today to. My feet feel like hell. "Dani, my feet hurt like a mofo." I said leaving the buliding and going home. "HaHa, You'll get use to it." She said. "It's three in the afternoon. (15:00) Can we go home change and hit the mall?" I asked. "Yea, I gotta get a new phone and cases, So yea we are going." She said. It didn't take long to get home. Probably because we ran but whatever. I put on my new floral printed ripped jeans, my new long sleeve cut out top, new flats and popped on my Niall case and used my new purse. Dani put on my other new top, pair of pants and black heels. And off we went.  "Dani, really? My new shirt?" I said. "Well YOLO BITCH." She said and laughed. I couldn't help but laugh as well.  We got ready and left. We walked today because it was so nice and pretty outside. "What kind of cases are you going to get for your new phone?" I asked. "Probably a Liam cases, an American Flag case, a Bunny case. Thats it. What are you going to buy?" Dani asked. "A OnePiece, Sperry's, a couple of sweaters, UGGs, Mac, a Nexus, and a new iPod. What are you going to buy?" I asked. "A new OnePiece, Vans, Supras, Jumpers, new bedding, and a puppy." She said.  "What the hell? A damn puppy. Why Dani?" I asked. "Because they are so cute." She said. "Well have fun." I said.  "Liam wants a puppy for Christmas and Christmas is in three days so this is his gift from us." She said. "Oh...Ok." I said feeling good that I didn't have to help take care of a puppy. "Ok... So on Christmas we will open our gifts to each other, get ready and Liam is going to pick us up and we will go to his parents then to mine." She said. "Ok. But I want his parents to like me." I said worried. "They will." She said. "Ok so what about the others?" I asked. I was curious to know what they were doing. "Well Zayn's and Perrie's family are staying at his home. Eleanor's family is staying with Louis' family. And Taylor will be with Harry." She said. "I guess we will buy everyone's gifts today!" I said. "Yes, we will split up in the shops and meet back at our entrence at nine." She said. "Ok well we are here now so see you at nine. Bye Hoe." I yelled.   She turned around and flipped me off. I just laughed. Ok, first the girls. For Perrie I'll buy her beauty supplies. She loves her make-up. Next Eleanor. She is such a little kid. OMG!! But I love her. So, She will get two build-a-bears and a couple of sweaters. Taylor(Not looking forward to this.UGH.), She will get vintage clothing. Dress, Shirts and Pants. Last Danielle, Nial polish and jewerly. And my gift to me is the sweater from Forever 21 I've been eyeing.  Next, the boys. I'll text Dani and the girls to see what they would want.    Send to: Pez;), TAY<3, Dani:), EL-babe   wat do the boys like? xx:)   *Couple Minutes Later* I sat down in the food court and ate McDonald's(Macky-Ds as ive heard here).      From Pez;):       Get Zayn some beanies and a drawing pad he needs a nwe one Niall likes food get him gift cards for food x<3 From TAY<3:    Harry likes Converse, Jack Wills and Starbucks Get Nialler SUPRAS. RED:)xx From Dani:):     Liam a big ass SPOON tehe! and BATMAN things. Niall wants Snapbacks;) From El-babe:   Louis likes idk he likes everything so anything will do him. niall a one piece and t-shirts     Ok time to go shopping. This is gonna be alot. After I ate I went and got the boys gifts. I even got Zayn's sister Waliyha some shirts. I hope she likes them. I've met her before when she came with Perrie to stay the night at mine and Dani's apartment. She liked me and she is a cool chick. By the time I was done it was 8.30. Enough time to have a free mall massage. I went on to the stairs. I hate  Elevators and Escalators. I could get stuck in the elevator and I might fall off the escalators. So I have to do work... and walk the stairs. I walked past this store called Pre-Teenz. It looked like a girl was having a birthday party. I walked in to look but the store worker asked me to leave because there was a birthday going on. I nodded and started out the double doors. Then the got sorta tackled by the birthday girl. I knew it was the birthday girl because she had a pin on her shirt that read "BIRTHDAY GURL". I looked down at her and made a scared sm:)e on my face.   "OMG! You're Danielle Peazer's BFF and flatmate, rigth?" She stated. "Yes." I said not knowing if I should have said that. "Ahh!" She screamed turning and nodding to her friends and they made their way over to us.  "We love you already." One said. "Aww, thanks." I said happy that they wern't going to kill me. Tehe! "You must know the boys? Are they here with you?" Another asked looking to spot them. "I actually met them yesterday. Danielle has been keeping them away Oh and I came with Dani not the boys." I said. "Oh. OK. Well can you follow us on twitter and get the boys to follow? and Dani El and Pez?" They asked. "Sure and I'll them to follow you lovely girls. What about Taylor?" I Said. "Ahh! thanks I'm a Freemanain forever. and no I don't like her she took Harry. Haylor no. Sarry yes." The birthday girl said. "What's a Freemanian? and Sarry?" I asked. "You're fans and Sarry is you and Harry's ship name.After the boys tweeted about you with pictures Zayn gave you your own fanbase name and we thought you and Harold would be a perfect match." She said.   I texted Dani telling her to come to Pre-Teenz. Then I quickly logged onto Twitter. She was right. I turned my twitter notifications off when I got to dance. I hadnn't turned it on until now. My followers had changed. 1,000 to 9,200+. I had mentions like follow me and Skype names which gave me an idea. I asked for the girls twitters and followed them. By the time I had done that the girls saw Dani and yelled. Dani made her way to me and we ended up singing happy birthday to the girl. Then we told her happy birthday on twitter. We said good-bye and left.   "Wow. Dani that was weird. Getting noticed like that." I said. "Haha. You'll get use to it." She replied. "Dani lots of Freemanian's were giving me their Skype's. I was thinking we could add 12 different girls each night this week and Skype them as our Xmas present to them?" I kinda asked. "Sure. We can start tonight after we rap presents." She said.   We called a cab and went home. With all the gifts it took about an hour and a half to rap all of the gifts. After that we cooked dinner and posted on twitter what our plan was.  "@Sababe: Freemanian's @DaniellePeazer nd' I are going to pick 12 random Skype names and Skype you all together for an hour. SEND IN YOUR SKYPE'S"  With in 15 seconds oue mentions wouldn't stop. We picked 12 random ones and started the call. They had come from Australia, Denmark, America. It was amazing. They looked like they were about to pass out when they saw us but quickly composed. It lasted an hour as said. We ended the call and followed the girls. Before I crawled into bed I texted the boys El and Pez telling them to follow the girls from the mall. They replied saying sure and ok nanite. I got in my bed and went fast asleep. It had been a long day.
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