Fate Brought Us Here

Sakiya is Danielle's best friend along with Perrie, Eleanor and Taylor.
Sakiya likes Harry who is with Taylor her best friend
Sakiya doesn't really like Taylor and not because of Taylor
Harry likes Sakiya as a friend AT FIRST then likes her even more
Taylor gets jealous of Sakiya spending so much time with HER boyfriend but says nothing
The boys like Sakiya more then Taylor and so do most of the fans
The girls find out about who Sakiya likes but not Taylor
Then Niall is there for moral support at times
Drama, Love, Hate, HOSPITAL.....


1. Chapter 1


Sakiya's POV      "Sakiya, I'm going out with Liam. Be back later." Danielle yelled leaving the house. I was staying with her until I had a house of my own. We had been best friends for ever. I loved her to death. I hung out at her house with Eleanor and Perrie and sadly Taylor. I loved them all even Taylor but she was so...UGH.  "Danielle, you have been seeing him for almost three years, and I still havn't met him or this so called 'Band' he is in." I yelled as she walked out the door. Yea I'm one of those girls that doesn't listen to One Direction. Not my music. I knew their names and who they where because well I hung out with their girlfriends twenty-four seven but never met them. But I did like the curly haired one. Harry I think. He was cute they all where. But four fifth's are taken sadly. Nialler, who I love to death because he like to eat like me(so i've been told),  is single. "You know you know their names. And I'm bringing Liam and the boys over later. Don't worry Eleanor, Perrie, Taylor and I will be here too." She yelled leaving the house this time.  Ugh. The apartment was a mess. We lived in London but had two other apartments. One in L.A. and one in New York. Only because I was American and because the boys insisted that I take the offer. Danielle was my pen pal in 5th grade. We got along so well we stayed in touch. When I was in 11th grade my mom payed for part of my way to go to London to finally meet Danielle. It was during winter break. After 12th grade I went to college in London and stayed with my uncle. I'm in my last year of college. So I'm 22 years old. Danielle is 24. I love her to death. She has always been there for me. Even if we are on different sides of the world. I don't know much about London, so I stay home and go to the market and college. But that's it. If I try to do something else I'll get lost. Dani and I looked  quite the same. Tan, tall, long brown curly. People think we are sisters until I speak. I loved living here. The stores where so much better and the people. I could actually walk on the street with out getting run over. Or it being to croweded. It was nice here. But a lot of rain. It was Saturday so no classes today. Just need to study. I layed my outfit on my bed. I had layed out my pink collar tank, light blue tie dyed jeans, Cindy Spark flats, crossbody stud bag, cross earrings, black bracelet, angel wings ring, and black beanie. I ran my shower water and took off my pajamas. I took about 20 minutes in the shower, 20 minutes to do my hair and make up, and 15 minutes to put my clothes on. I sat down on the sectional with my bowl of cereal and turned the tv on. Nothing... nothing... nothing. Alan Carr. Perfect. Special guest: One Direction. This is also a new episode. "Ello boys." Alan said. "Morning Alan" They said. They looked so nice and fit. This was flimed last week because Danielle went last week to sit at the show. So I was right on time with the right episode. "So boys who is the newest taken member since last time?!?!?" Alan asked over excited. HaHa, As always. Harry raised his hand. "So all the Haylor rumors are true?" Alan asked. "Yea. We've been dating for almost three weeks." Harry said. "I bet your fans are pissed." Alan asked. Laughter left the crowed. "Well, her fandom and mine are getting along just not in the way we planned but at least no fighting." Harry laughed. I knew what he ment by that. I saw what lots of Swiftly's and Directioner's talked about. They stayed on another 15 minutes, sang their song 'Kiss You' I believe it to be called and said their good byes. After they left I turned off the Telly and left the house grabbing my Samsung Galaxy S 3 and my bag. I caught a taxi to the mall. I went in side a phone store and bought four new cases. A Union Jack flag, Blue and Purple tie dye, a colorful, and believe it or not a Niall Horan case. HaHa, YOLO. I went to Wet Seal a bought Dani three iPhone cases, jewerly, two dresses, two sweaters, and a pair of floral ripped jeans. I caught a taxi and was on my way home. ~-~-~-~-~-~ "Dani, I'm ho-Oh you guys are here" I yelled walking in the door. I had no idea I had been gone for four hours. Damn lost track of time.  "I'm in the kitchen." She yelled. I walked in sat the bags down and handed Dani her new cases. "Here you go Dani." I said. "Ahhhh. Thank you, thank you, thank you." She said. "Love you too." I said wiggling out of her bone crushing hug.  "Look at my cases." I said. I pulled out the Union Jack one and popped it on my phone while Dani looked at the other. "Oh My Fucking God! Sa are you a Directioner?!?!?!" She asked laughing as she held my Niall case. "Hell no. It was on sale and YOLO BITCH." I said. We walked back into the living room. I walked past and put my bags on my bed. "Guys, this is Sakiya. Sakiya these are the boys" Dani introduced us.  "Hey boys" I said taking a seat between Niall and Liam.  "Hey are you American?" Niall asked. "Niall, you know she is I told you that while you went to her room when she was gone." Dani said playfully punching him. "Why did you go in my room?" I asked. "I wanted to see what kind of music you listen to because you don't listen to our music." Niall said pretending to be hurt. God could he be cuter. "So, Sakiya, what kind of music do you listen to then?" Louis asked. I think that was Louis.  "Well I love Justin Bieber. God he is Amazing. I love his song Beauty and a Beat. I love Nicki Minja. Barbie bitch. Little Mix of course. Gotta Support my girl. Cher Lloyd because she is so pretty and amazing voice. Taylor Swift. 22 is my song. Also because I'm 22. But Ed Sheeran is my baby. I love him. God he is Sexy. And his Sleeve Tattoo. I have no words." I said smiling when I was done.  "So you listen to mine and Harry's girlfriends and Ed and Cher but you have never listened to us?" Zayn asked with a Puppy face. "Pretty much." I said. "So you've met Perrie and Taylor and Eleanor but never met us?" Louis asked. "Well, Danielle never let me meet you." I said looking at Dani. "Well, I'm sorry but you are always doing universty work and going to work." She said. She was right I was real busy. But still she could have found a way to get us to meet. "Well we have met now so it's all good?" Liam said. "Correct and you boys are lovely." I said.  "Why thank you." Harry said.  Taylor was sitting on Harry's lap, Dani in Liam's, I sat next to Liam with Niall on the other side of me. Zayn was next to Niall and Perrie sat next to Zayn. Louis sat with El on the floor infront of the tv.  "Well how bout a game of Spin the Bottle or Never Have I Ever." Niall said.  "All in favor for Spin the Bottle," Liam said. 2 people rasied their hand. "All for Never Have I Ever." The rest of us raised our hand.  "Never Have I Ever has one." Louis said.  "I'll go first. Ok, Never have I ever gotten drunk with a stranger." I said as Dani poured us all a shot of Vodka or Rum. All of us but Taylor surprise surprise downed their shot.  We played for about 2 and a half hours. By the time we where done we were wasted. Taylor and Perrie being the to most sober. Perrie had a photo shoot tomorrow so she played only on the really bad Never Have I Ever's and Taylor just never did anything bad. So Taylor and Perrie drove the boys home.  "Night Dani love you" I said laying in bed.  "Love you to Sa" She yelled. ~-~-~-~-~-~ I woke up put on my burnt yellow pants, Ed Sheeran top, Loose Black cardigan and my heeld UGG boots. I walked to the kitchen took an Aspren and turned on my radio I bought to only play my Ed Sheeran CDs. I played The A Team 24/7. 50 percent of the time to piss off Dani after a night of drinking and the other 50 percent because it was my favorite. I danced around and sang to the music. Dani and I both where dancer but she was a dancer for the rich and famous. She has tried to get me to be a dancer to or try to get me to go with Perrie to SYCO records but I wont do it. I just don't tink I'm any good. So I just work at my little coffee shop 4 blocks down from the apartments.  "Turn that bloody song off dammit." Dani said walking into the kitchen to get an Aspren for her head.  "You know you love it." I told her. "I have to go in for Jessie J today for a new songs music video. Would you like to be in this one? Please say yes please please please." She begged walking to the living room.  "No" I said. "Please" Dani asked. "No" I said again. "Peaseeeeeeeeeeee" She asked. "Fine" I said. "I'll be in the video." "Yayaya. Just let me call my boss and tell her you finally said yes" She said.  "What you told her about me? How does she know your not lying?" I asked. "Because I recorded you one time and showed her" She said. "Ugh. I guess now I'll go to SYCO with Perrie later this week." I said. I texted Perrie. It read: Ill go to SYCO this week for u bc im going to be in jessie j's new video you better love me for this... xxx;)  I sent the text. She texted back: OMFG i love you yayayya youll be famous well more famous than u are now woohoo xxx HaHa, I love her. Dani was in the shower and had her clothes layed across her bed. I got my outfit out and waited for Dani to leave the bathroom. She walked out and went to her room as I tookr her place in the bath room. We took about 2 hours to get ready. And we left. Off to my new job number one. Woo! 
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