Working For The Prophet

This is a story of Alicia Lomeli and how she deals day to day with her new job; as co manager of Black Veil Brides. Also showing her struggles with "The Prophet" of the band Andy Biersack. She soon begins to develop feelings for him despite his hardcore exterior. Will he return her feelings or let her fall like the rest of the women in his life.


2. Where Friendships Are Made

Author's Notes: I do not own Black Veil Brides. Also in this story Andy and Juliet are not together; I have nothing against their relationship! Also in this story their break up was a mutual decision; this is all for creativity reasons.

Working For The Prophet

Chapter 2: Where Friendships Are Made

She stared wide eyed at the band showing how the news shocked her more than them. “This kid is our new co manager? Seriously no offense kid but do you even know how to manage a band?”

said Andy.

“My name is Alicia and I am not a kid I'm twenty years old. And to answer the second part of your question no I have no previous experience in the music industry, but this field is a place to grow and learn. Which is what I intend to do and I hope you gentlemen will accept me as your co manager.” said Alicia.

“I'm fine with that.” said Ashley.

“Yea I guess you'll do.” said CC.

“I think you would be a great co manager.” said Jake.

“Let's talk more over a bag of skittles.” said Jinxx.

They all then turned their attentions towards Andy; waiting for what they hoped to be a positive response.

“Fine you can stay; but one mess up and you're gone.”

Andy left the room after his little dramatic scene; Alicia's boss left as well saying that the rest was in her hands. As if there wasn't enough pressure on her to begin with; the first thing on her mind was why Andy had such a bad attitude towards her. “Why has he been so rude lately?”

“Lighten up on him okay; him and his girlfriend just broke up.” said Jinxx.

“What? Why?”

“They just couldn't have time for each other I mean they are both in successful and highly demanded bands there would've been no time for each other.”

Alicia walked towards the door with a heavy heart; he didn't need this kind of stress from especially not now with his heart still being broken. She then started running down random halls trying to find him eventually she got lost herself but she still kept on running. She had given up and was running back to the room when she ran into someone again and ricocheted to the floor. “Jesus woman why do you always choose to run into me?” Andy said while offering her his hand.

“Well why do you always have to be standing where I'm running?”

There was a moment of silence then she heard him laugh; that carefree and lively laugh that she has heard so much about.

“You call that a comeback? You need some serious lessons.”

“ Well then I guess I will be learning a lot on this tour.”

“Definitely and trust me you have a lot to learn." She then saw something she had never seen before: he smiled at her. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen and she hoped to see more just like that one.

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