Working For The Prophet

This is a story of Alicia Lomeli and how she deals day to day with her new job; as co manager of Black Veil Brides. Also showing her struggles with "The Prophet" of the band Andy Biersack. She soon begins to develop feelings for him despite his hardcore exterior. Will he return her feelings or let her fall like the rest of the women in his life.


4. Open Arms

Author’s Notes: Sorry readers for updating so late! But here I go again! Alright let’s get the legal stuff out of the way I do not own Black Veil Brides! That’s consider slavery and I do not approve of it. >.<  I also do not own the song Open Arms by Journey!

Working for The Prophet

Chapter 4: Open Arms

The next day they were on their way to the next venue and decided to make a quick stop for lunch. As they were eating CC brought up the subject of what happened to the two of them last night. “Nothing much we swam for a bit, took a shower, and then we went to bed.” Said Andy which made Alicia choke on her soda.

“Whoa! You took a shower? Like both of you together?” asked Ashley.

“It was nothing like that. Can’t a guy and a girl take a shower without anything sexual going on?”

“Only if you’re married.” said CC.

“I don’t know the answer to that but I call dibs on the next shower.” said Ashley.

            On instinct she smacked him on the back of the head. Everyone looked at her like she was crazy for smacking him and they busted out laughing. Everyone calmed down and got back to their meal since they were supposed to head back on the road for another show that evening. “Okay gentlemen time to get back on the bus before your manager has a heart attack.” shouted Alicia as she went to pay for their meals.

“Can we drop the formalities I mean you’re making us sound like old men.” said Jinxx.

“Well compared to the one who’s still wet behind her ears we are old men.” said CC as they headed out of the hotel. As they went on the bus the guys were starting to go back to their old messy routines. “Okay boys before you go back to being yourselves remember to keep this bus clean. We all have to occupy this space and I do not feel like passing out from the smell of corroding pizza. If it gets as bad as before you will clean it up.”

“Now we’re being treated like children.” said Jinxx.

“I think I’d prefer us being boys than old men.” said Ashley as he picked up the shirt he threw on the floor.

            The bus had hit the road while the boys each did their individual things Alicia was on her computer trying to figure out their next locations and making hotel accommodations. She looked up from her computer to see Andy on his bunk reading a book and listening to music. He was entranced wither by what he was reading or what he was listening to. She reminisced over their night together and how he held her to keep her safe. She blinked her eyes and shook her head to snap out of it. ‘He’s your client. You cannot have any relations with your clients. C’mon that’s one of the things they told you when they interviewed you! Just forget about those feelings; you can be their friends but that is it!’

            She looks up and saw that Andy wasn’t in his bunk; she looked around and came face to face with him. She jumped a bit and almost hit her head on the window. “For a minute there I thought you were lost in dreamland.” He said and patted her shoulder as he went to grab a drink. She went back to her work until he plopped down in the seat in front of her and placed a water bottle in front of her. “You know staring at that thing for too long is bad for your eyes.”

“Well when a majority of careers have to deal with computers my eyes have adjusted. Besides as long as I’m near a window with actual light and I darken my screen it’s not too bad on my eyes.” He chuckled and swiftly snagged her phone that she left on the table. He expected her to become defensive and beg for her phone back.

“I think you’re the first person who hasn’t freaked out about having their phone snatched.”

“I have nothing to hide on there. The only people I talk to is my family, the only pictures on there are of my family and nephew, and I rarely surf the web on my phone so good luck finding anything embarrassing on there.”

            He began looking through her phone and saw about twenty pictures of a little boy who looked to be about one or two. He was being held by another guy who looked like he was still a teenager with unnatural red hair and piercings. He assumed that must’ve been her brother even though they looked nothing alike. There were pictures of another brother and her parents; they seemed like a normal family if there was ever such a thing. Then he started looking through her music. “You have a lot of music on here.”

“Yup. Also I am apologizing mow that I have none of your music on there. I haven’t had a chance to update my playlists.”

“You’d think it would offend me but it doesn’t. It’s refreshing to see different music than the genre we’re in.”

            He clicked on a song and it began to echo through the bus. The familiar piano caused the other guys to stop what they were doing. Alicia looked up from her computer and saw Andy smiling down at her phone.

‘Lying beside you Here in the dark Feeling your heartbeat with mine Softly you whisper You're so sincere How could our love be so blind We sailed on together We drifted apart And here you are By my side’  

She closed her laptop as she continued listening; this was the song she would play when she would put her nephew to sleep. Her brother would work two jobs so he was gone most of the time and she was in charge of putting the baby to sleep. It was one of the reasons why she took this job because with the money she gets she sends the majority of it to her family and to her brother so he could be able to quit one of his jobs and spend more time with his son.

‘So now I come to you With open arms Nothing to hide Believe what I say So here I am

With open arms Hoping you'll see What your love means to me Open arms’

            She started to get a little emotional until Jinxx sat next to her and put his arm around her. Sure he looked intimidating but he had a soft spot for some people. She wasn’t homesick or anything because was used to being apart from them when she would leave for school. However ever since her nephew was born the separation grew worse.

‘Living without you Living alone This empty house seems so cold Wanting to hold you Wanting you near How much I wanted you home But now that you've come back Turned night into day I need you to stay’

            She looked up at everybody they all knew that feeling of being away from their families. Heck Andy has been doing this since he was a teenager; if anyone knew the pain of separation it was him. That’s when she knew that she could depend on them to make her feel not alone. She smiled realizing that she might’ve left her family but she had a new one right there. She heard Andy start singing the last chorus and decided to join.

“So now I come to you With open arms Nothing to hide Believe what I say So here I am With open arms Hoping you'll see What your love means to me Open arms”

~*~*~*~*A few hours later*~*~*~*~

            They made it to the venue with time to spare so while the crew was setting up Andy decided to do an interview and the guys were wandering the place looking at the other tour buses that were also using the venue. Alicia decided to tag along since everything was under control with the stage and the equipment. They were looking at a bus in particular when the guys all at once said “Uh oh.” She was confused on what they were talking about until CC said “That’s Juliet’s bus.”

“Juliet? I thought her show wasn’t supposed to be till tomorrow at another venue?”

“Well looks like she decided to do a surprise show here too.” said Ashley.

            There was no time to ponder over this because it was getting close to show time. As they were performing she stayed back stage for a bit and watched their fans scream at the top of their lungs. It was great to see such a dedicated group of fans and who could blame them? The band has a great message going for them and their songs showed it every time.

            She remembered that she had to make sure that their reservations were confirmed at the hotel and also remembered that Andy left her phone on the bus. As she was boarding the bus she head rustling come from the back. She proceeded with caution thinking it was a burglar, and saw candles lit and petals on the floor. There was someone laying on Andy’s bunk and when she got closer she saw that it was Juliet in some very sheer negligée. “Whoa!” She shouted out as she covered her eyes and turned around.

“Who the hell are you?” Juliet shouted as she reached for her robe.

“I am the new co-manager and might I ask what the hell you’re doing here?”

“I don’t need to give you a reason. Just know that when I’m here you shouldn’t be here.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” She grabbed her phone and was heading out of the bus she turned back around “You might want to put those candles out before you start a fire and when you’re done here clean up the petals because I am not a maid and I also do not work for you.” She slammed the bus door shut which sounded like it made a candle fall over because she heard someone swear and frantically running for water. She smiled at her little evil plot and continued back to the stage.

            The boys had finished up their set and the crew was tearing down the set while they were doing their meet and greet. The fans looked so happy except for one. A young girl was not looking to happy as she was standing off to the side of the line. Alicia walked over to her and asked what was wrong. “Well I came here with my older sister and our mom gave us enough money for each of us to buy something small to get signed but she got a T-shirt and there was no more money left for me to get something. Now I can’t get their autograph.”

            She felt bad for the girl and a little irritated by what her sister did. She told the girl to wait there until everybody had been through the line. Alicia went to the merchandise stand and bought her a shirt along with a few other things. When everybody had been through the line she carried the merchandise to the table and had the guys sign it all. Then she invited the girl to come up to the table.

“Guys this young lady has been waiting for a while to speak with you guys. She was supposed to get an autograph from you earlier however things happened and she did not have enough to buy something from the merchandise stand. So I thought it would only be polite to make sure she got some one on one time with you guys.” She nudged the girl towards the guys and she began to cry, and Ashley came around the table and gave her a hug. He led her around the table and had everyone pose with her for a picture. Before she had left she gave her all of the signed merchandise and even gave her a business card so that next time they came to the city for her to call and she would get her a free meet and greet upgrade.

            Andy was amazed by how she handled the situation; he always felt bad when some fans were left out from this experience. However he felt a lot better that she was able to make the girl happy. The guys were about to head to the bus when she stopped Jinxx, CC, and Ashley. “Guys I don’t think you want to go on that bus.”

“Why not?” asked Jinxx.

“Well let’s just say you-know-who is on the bus with candles and in lingerie.”

“Ew Voldemort is on our bus in lingerie? That’s one magic trick I don’t want to see.” said CC.

“I think she means Juliet’s on the bus.” said Ashley.

            Andy stopped walking and looked back at everyone hoping that what she was saying was a lie. He did not want to see her right now but it’s not like they can leave if she’s still on the bus. “Okay I’ll handle this you guys just go find some place to eat and I’ll catch up in a bit.” He continued towards the bus and Ashley took out his phone to call a taxi. However another dilemma came up as it was discovered that no one had cash on them to pay the driver. She did have some cash but it was in her bag on the bus.

“I’ll be back I’ve got some cash in my bag.” She walked opened the door to the bus and walked up the steps only to see Andy kissing Juliet. It felt like there was a pain in her chest but she covered her eyes and went for her bag and then her phone rang which caused the two to break their kissing session. They looked at her as she was leaving the bus in a hurry. “Don’t worry I didn’t see anything. As you were.”

“Alicia.” Andy said as he let go of Juliet and went after her. “Andy! You get back here or I’m leaving!” Shouted Juliet as he shut the door behind him.

“Alicia it’s not what it looks like. It just happened I didn’t mean to…” She silenced him before he could dig himself into deeper hole.

“Andy I don’t even know why you are explaining this to me. I am one of your managers not your girlfriend. I honestly do not care what or who you do.” Andy got a bit irritated from what she was saying. Here he was trying to make things up to her and she’s making it seem like there was nothing there.

“Fine. If that’s how it’s going to be then fine. If you’ll excuse me there’s something I have to do on the bus. I’ll see you guys later tonight at the hotel.”

            He left and the pain grew in her chest. She wanted to cry but fought back tears. This was a job and nothing more. She walked back to the guys and they left for dinner. “I guess it’s true. Loving a music man ain’t what it’s supposed to be.”

End Chapter

Author’s Notes: And there you have it! Here is the next chapter!

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