Working For The Prophet

This is a story of Alicia Lomeli and how she deals day to day with her new job; as co manager of Black Veil Brides. Also showing her struggles with "The Prophet" of the band Andy Biersack. She soon begins to develop feelings for him despite his hardcore exterior. Will he return her feelings or let her fall like the rest of the women in his life.


3. First Obstacle

Author’s Notes: I do not own Black Veil Brides!

Working for the Prophet

Chapter 3: First Obstacle

            It’s been almost a week since the tour started and Alicia gave up and began wearing a surgical mask when she would go on to the bus. Since it was summer and the guys had to perform out in triple digit heat they tended to sweat a tremendous amount the bus soon smelled like a locker room. No matter how clean the band members were the stink still remained as if it was infused with the bus. She knew then the only way the bus would stop smelling like a dumpster that she would have to clean it herself.

            The guys left the bus to go to the set leaving Alicia to deal with their twister of clothes, magazines, cups plates, trash, etc. She rolled up her sleeves and got out the heavy duty bleach, the gloves, and lots of sponges. Two hours later she had they guys’ laundry and soiled bedding at the cleaners, and the worst part of the bus (the bathroom) was finally smelling like a bathroom should smell. After some time she sat down to catch her breath not realizing how strong the bleach fumes were; it was never this strong before when she used it. She just shook off the feeling and began gathering all of the trash which happened to be the worst part of the job surprisingly. She became lightheaded and realized that she forgot to open the windows to ventilate the bus since she was using bleach; with her strength quickly draining away she tried to evacuate but ended up passed out beside one of the bunks.

            The sound of cheering fans roared through the venue as the guys exited the stage and charged towards the bus lead by the eager CC who wanted to cut loose with some pizza and beers. Five seconds after he entered the bus he came rushing back out gasping for fresh air. “If you value your life do not go in there! It has a strong bleach scent and it almost suffocated me.” CC was saying between gasps. Andy knew exactly who it was who could’ve done something like this; his anger was clearly depicted on his face as he pulled out his phone and called the contact ‘brat’. He held it up to his ear to chew her out then he heard a ringing coming from the bus; she couldn’t be on the bus she just couldn’t be. He dialed the number again and his suspicions were confirmed as he heard the ringing; she was definitely there and most likely not conscious.

            Andy got the band into military mode as he began giving orders to create a solution to the situation. “Jinxx and Ashley I need both of you to open up the windows I know you both are the quickest so I’m counting on you both. Jake and CC I need you two to turn on all of the fans on the bus and get some airflow in. Lastly I’ll go in and retrieve our juvenile co manager. Alright guys let’s go!” The whole operation went smoothly as Andy ran in to grab Alicia and bring her outside; everybody evacuated the now deemed hazardous bus.

            Andy took a bottle of water and poured it on the sleeping Alicia; she soon started coughing up the water while gripping her throbbing head. “This was your final mistake. How in the world could you be so stupid!” shouted Andy.

“It was an accident! I forgot to open the windows while I was cleaning and I’m sorry for that!”

“Who told you to even clean the bus?”

“I’m sorry that I thought you guys deserved to come back to a clean bus rather than the pigsty that it was!”

She then heard him growl signaling his pent up anger was at its peak, “I can’t even stand to look at you right now!”

“Same goes for me! Oh yeah and I quit!” she said and stomped off.

            No one else saw that when she said that Andy flinched and started shaking as he began walking off. Left in the dust was Jinxx, Jake, CC, and Ashley; they knew that two had to go for Andy and two had to go for Alicia but the problem was who would go after whom. They played two rounds of rock, paper, scissors and Jinxx and Ashley cheered since the won to go get Alicia and CC and Jake had to go get Andy. “Alright guys we’ll meet up at a hotel since it looks like we won’t be sleeping on the bus tonight. Alright operation fixing the family is underway!” shouted CC as both groups split up.


            Finally Ashley and Jinxx caught up with Alicia not knowing how fast she was going to be; she saw them and started to run. Ashley got tired of running especially in his stage clothes and just shouted out “Alicia did we not mean that much to you that you want to run from us who are trying to fix this whole mess!” She stopped in her tracks not wanting to put anymore strain on their band. She walked back to Ashley and Jinxx and realized that Ashley said that to get her back there and saw Jinxx and Ashley high five each other. She rolled her eyes and smiled at the guys she has come to know as friends. “You know Andy shouldn’t have been so harsh I mean I was just trying to make things a bit better on the bus.” said Alicia.

“Well he’s not really use to changes just yet, and also he feels that he needs to be informed about things before it happens. Which what should have been done because what if we didn’t go to the bus what if we went to a party and you were left to die on the bus. That’s why he was upset; we were all upset that you didn’t tell us. Hell if we would’ve known we could’ve helped you I mean you are not being paid to be our cleaning lady.” replied Jinxx.

“Yeah we’re big boys we can clean up after ourselves. The mess didn’t bother us and like Jinxx said you didn’t tell us it was bothering you. Communication is a key part of this family and we all speak what’s on our mind. I guess suffocating on the bus was a harsh test for you to realize how crucial talking is.” said Ashley.

“I guess you both are right. I should’ve told you guys instead of doing it all by myself. I have always done everything by myself and did not find it necessary to depend on some else. It doesn’t matter anymore you heard what he said it was my final mistake he’s not going to let me back in.”

“That’s what CC and Jake are here for.” said Jinxx.


            “Seriously Andy you’re acting like a child right now!” shouted Jake.

            They had been walking behind Andy for the past hour; he had been fuming and mumbling to himself as they walked to pretty much nowhere. He turned around and confronted Jake’s comment about his maturity. “Did you not just see what she did? She almost killed us and herself!”

“But she didn’t know our rule and you didn’t even bother to tell her. How in the world was she supposed to know that we all need to be informed before something happens. She’s not a mind reader man.”

“Well she should have known it’s common sense! But I guess she’s too thick headed to even know that!” He didn’t see it coming as CC punched him right across the face; he retaliated with a kick to CC’s stomach. Jake did his best to break them apart not understanding why CC threw the first punch.

“Look just because you’re stressed out about your break up does not mean you can take it out on Alicia! She did nothing wrong to you and you treat her like crap! She’s not like Juliet! She’s not strong or even have the same personality as Juliet! So you need to adjust to her and allowed her to make her mistakes she’s still a child! She’s smart and she’s ambitious but she still has feelings and you my friend have just crushed them!”

            CC’s speech struck a chord in Andy and figured that he should apologize to her. She was thrown into this job without any knowledge or instruction on how things worked; he was right she is just a child fresh from school life tossed into the real world to fend for herself. He got up and held out his hand to help CC stand up; the three guys walked to the hotel that Ashley told them to go to.

            They got three double bedded rooms and were assigning the sleeping arrangements; Alicia wasn’t there because she wanted to go by the pool and for them to give her the key when they’re done. Everybody had paired off leaving Andy to have to sleep in a room with Alicia. They also volunteered him to give the key to her since they knew that he needed to apologize to her immediately.

            He walked up the stairs questioning why they would put a pool on the second floor rather than the first floor. He opened the door to the pool area to see her dive in and watched as she swam. He felt that CC was right and that he was being too hard on her; she’s trying her best and he was trying to knock her down. She must’ve been really hurt to storm off like that even though he did the same thing.

            She swam back up to the surface for air and saw him staring at her; her face went red as she tried to cover herself with her arms. He snickered at her attempts to cover up and walked over to the pool side and sat down. “Hey we’re both adults here no need to try to cover yourself up.” he said.

“What do you want Andy? Come here to yell at me again?”

“No I came here to apologize. I had neglected to inform you about how we all like to stay in contact with each other; and I had no right to yell at you. I guess I’m just so protective of the band and thought that you were hired to intrude on what we have going for us.”

“It’s not true; sure I was hired to do just that but I never planned on doing that. In my perspective my job is to help make your experiences better and I felt that cleaning the bus would be sort of like a gift for you guys for working so hard lately. I guess I should have just left everything the way it was.”

“No that’s not what I’m saying; it was nice of you to do that just it would’ve been nice to be notified so that way we could’ve hurried over here and helped you. We’re not snobs who would make you do all of the work. We’re all equal in this band and yes that also includes you.” He held out his hand to have them shake on their newfound truce. She put her hand in his and instead of shaking it she pulled him into the pool.

            She laughed as he squabbled to swim back to the surface; he tried to regain his breath and saw her laughing. He began splashing her making her squeal in surprise. They had remained in that playful mood for several minutes until both were soaked. They got out of the pool and she noticed that he was wearing leather; she gasped and attempted to apologize but he didn’t care. He evened the score by making sure her dry clothes were soaked just as much as he was.

            They walked to their room squeaking their shoes the whole way; it was a nice hotel room with a now semi flooded carpet. “Alright you want to jump in the shower first or should I go first?” asked Alicia.

“What’s wrong with both of us going in at the same time?”

            What Andy said made her blush even more, but soon gave in and they began their shower. ‘It’s nothing sexual just two people trying to clean the chlorine chemical off and also conserving water. Yeah that’s it we’re conserving water.’ She kept on repeating this mantra in her mind as she got into the shower and adjusted the temperature to her liking; then the curtain opened and she saw a naked Andy step in. She turned back around not looking at him and repeated her mantra at lightning speed. He broke her train of thoughts by saying “Seriously they think these little bottles of shampoo are actually going to be enough? I mean look at how much hair you have it’ll take at least three bottles.”  

            She realized that there is nothing wrong with showering with a man and it not be sexual; she didn’t feel nervous at all because she now considers Andy as a friend rather than a client. He caught her staring at him and decided to pour three bottles of shampoo on her head and started washing her hair.

            The shower ended soon after and both were dead tired and eager to go to sleep. A storm was manifesting in the skies as streaks of lightning were seen and clashes of thunder were heard. Alicia cringed at the sound of thunder but tried her best to keep up a front since Andy was there. She tried her best to lay down and go to sleep then another clash was heard and she gasped quite loudly to where Andy heard her. He turned and looked at her as she was now underneath her blanket shaking. He pulled out his phone and started to play loud music and slid into her bed and held her close. It wasn’t a romantic gesture to him it was a way to comfort his friend in her time of fright; she clung to his chest for an escape from the monstrous thunder. The music began to drown out the thunder and her grip loosened as she was beginning to fall asleep. “This is why we like to communicate with each other.” he said with a light chuckle. He looked down and saw that she was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face.

End Chapter 3

Author’s notes: Sorry it took so long guys! But you can kind of see why it took forever! Reviews help keep my world from crumbling!!

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