Working For The Prophet

This is a story of Alicia Lomeli and how she deals day to day with her new job; as co manager of Black Veil Brides. Also showing her struggles with "The Prophet" of the band Andy Biersack. She soon begins to develop feelings for him despite his hardcore exterior. Will he return her feelings or let her fall like the rest of the women in his life.


5. Draw the Line

Author's Notes: I apologize so much to my readers for taking almost a whole year to update! There's been a lot going on this year but mainly balancing my school, work, and writing. I got to admit I was a bit frazzled to the point where I ended up in the hospital. But I'm back now and I don't want to let anybody down. I've read over my previous chapter and noticed a lot of editing errors so I will take more care in my editing and revision. Also I know that Andy and Juliet are married now and I am very happy for them: my story's universe is a bit different and I hope no one hates me for it. I honestly think Juliet is a great person but I needed an antagonist for my main character. Don't shoot me please. Also just so everyone knows this chapter takes place in 2016 so that's where I'm pulling movie references from.

Working for the Prophet

Chapter 5: Draw the Line

Alicia stepped off the bus and headed for the car where all the guys eagerly waited. One thing that she has perfected over her lifetime is how to keep a smile on her face. She never showed anyone what went on inside. The guys were all talking about where they wanted to go for their meal: CC was wanting Mexican food, Jinxx was thinking sushi, Jake wanted a burger, and Ashley didn't care as long as there was a bar. “Okay now we just wait for Andy to be our tie breaker.” Said Jinxx as he got into the car.

“Hate to break it to you guys but Andy isn't coming. He has business to attend you. But I am in the mood for the food of my people. Where's a good Mexican food restaurant around here?” The driver chimed in and boasted about this restaurant that served authentic Mexican food and great margaritas. “I'll be the judge of that.” said Ashley as he climbed into the car. Everyone piled in and left without giving a thought about what Andy was doing.


After Andy and Juliet had finished doing their 'business' Juliet handed Andy a cigarette before she started to dress. “I know you usually have one after sex. Let's not break the cycle now.” She handed him a lighter and he was close to lighting it but there was a nagging feeling that prevented him from smoking. He rolled his eyes as he remembered why he couldn't an annoying birdie gave him some 'helpful advice.'

Alicia saw that Andy had already had his third cigarette in the passed few hours. She knew that the stress from his career was already getting to him. She walked over to him and grabbed the cigarette out of his mouth and stomped on it. “You know if you weren't a woman I would've already hurt you by now.”

I know I could take you. Besides you're slowly killing yourself with these things. Not to mention you're voice will be affected by them. Wouldn't want to let down your fans.”

Hey these things have helped shape my voice. I've been smoking these since I was younger and I have yet to feel any negative effects. So maybe they're not all bad.”

Look my career depends on your career. I will not have you sabotaging my reputation over a cancer stick.”

Then what do you expect me to do about stress? The only way I can relieve it is either through smoking or sex. Unless you plan on pimping yourself out these are the way to go.”

Well there are other ways such as coffee, exercise, tea, yoga, and hobbies.”

Me? Exercise? Not gonna happen.”

Fine if all of the methods fail and you are still stress then yes I will 'pimp' myself out. But only if you promise to quit smoking or at least cut back.” He saw the look in her eyes and knew she was serious. He was joking about her pimping herself out; he had more respect for her than that. He nodded his head hoping it would keep her happy.

He looked at the cigarette again before tossing it to the ground. Juliet saw this as she was pulling up her pants. “So I see the girl scout has you wrapped around her finger.”

“No she doesn't I'm just not in the mood for one.” He rolled to his side and looked at Juliet as she finished dressing. He wasn't sure what they were now: were they back together or was this just a one night stand?

“If you're wondering what this makes us I was hoping it would mean we're back together.”

“I thought you didn't feel anything for me? That you wanted to try other guys before you settled down?”

“Well the truth is with my busy schedule there really is no time to be going out into the dating field. I figured since I already knew you well enough that I would eventually grow to a stage where I'm comfortable enough to settle down with you.”

“Ah so you're settling for me.”

“It's not like you're at that stage with anyone. Or are you?”

No I'm not.” He looked at his phone and saw that he got a message from Alicia telling him that if he was hungry to go and join them. She also sent the address of the restaurant. Juliet had left to go to her bus so he decided to get dressed and head out.


Alicia had just finished sending a message to Andy; sure she still had hard feelings over their fight but it would be unprofessional to not include him in their activities. She put away her phone and sipped on her strawberry margarita as the boys were going on about a certain movie.

C'mon Batman is a better superhero than Superman. If he didn't have those powers he just be a guy in tights.” Said CC.

“Which is pretty much what Batman is. Except he past tools and a boy sidekick.” Said Jake.

They turned to Alicia and asked who she thought was stronger. She sided with Deadpool which made the band groan because he wasn't part of the DC universe. “He doesn't count. You gotta pick someone from the same universe.” Said Jinxx.

Honestly Batman will forever be the best.” Alicia looked up and saw Andy heading to their table. She averted her eyes from looking into his eyes. He sat down and called for the waitress and put in his order. Which consisted of a burrito and some tequila. Alicia applauded him for just getting tequila rather than a mixed drink. As he waited for his order he looked at Alicia's plate and his stomach growled. “I will be your best friend if you will let me eat some of your meal.”

She scooted her plate to him without looking at him. He started picking off her plate and ignored the fact that she was avoiding his stare. The rest of the meal went by in silence with sprinkles of small talk in between. Alicia kept looking at the clock on her phone anxious to end the meal and head back to the bus. However it didn't feel like they were wanting to leave anytime soon. “Well guys enjoy yourselves you've earned it. Don't be up too late we are heading to another venue tomorrow. I'm heading back to the bus and hopefully it's clean.” She said as she gave Andy a look and then she payed their check and left the restaurant.

The guys glared at Andy and he just gave them a quizzical look back. “What did I do now?”

“She left because you showed up. Obviously you did something wrong.” said Ashley.

“I don't have any idea what you guys are talking about. But I didn't do anything to drive her away.”

“Whatever man just know that if we lose her as a manager no telling what the company is going to do to us.”

Andy got up from his seat and headed out too. The guys weren't going to let this go so he might as well make an attempt to smooth things over. It took him about fifteen minutes to get back to the bus and he saw that the bus door was open and there was barely any lights on. He faintly heard Alicia laughing and another set of laughter. He stepped lightly on to the bus making little to no noise. He sat at the top step not wanting to disturb her as he listened in on the conversation.

Alicia looked at her computer screen at a baby boy sitting on the couch watching Tarzan. Her screen was angled to where she can see both him and the movie. “Ayi!” He shouted trying to get her attention. He couldn't pronounce her name yet so she grew accustomed to the name Ayi.

“Yes Bud?” He pointed at the screen as it showed the gorillas playing in the camping ground. “Yeah they're playing.”


“Yes bud they're playing.”

Andy kept overhearing the exchange between the two fighting the urge to go awe. While Jeremy was distracted with the movie Alicia took this time to take a bathroom break. That gave Andy the right advantage to fully sneak in. He hid in CC's bunk since it was practically hidden by the shadows. She back to her seat and continued watching the movie with him. Andy took forever to get off the bed and walked behind her and saw the screen. The little boy had a full head of straight dark brown hair. He was wearing Batman pajamas and Elmo slippers. His heart was captured by his smile and it melted with his laugh.

Jeremy looked back at the screen and saw Andy. Andy freaked out because he thought the kid was going to get scared and alert Alicia. That would not be a very good first impression. Jeremy didn't get scared though he actually smiled and waved at him; although it didn't look like a regular wave it looked like he was grabbing air. He copied his motions and waved back which reflected off of the screen and Alicia looked back and saw him. She wanted to freak but knew that it would scare the baby so she kept her cool.

She motioned for him to sit next to her “Hey bud do you want to meet my new friend?” He nodded as she nudged Andy “Andy this is my nephew Jeremy.”

Andy looked at the baby and waved “Hi Jeremy my name is Andy. Can you say Andy?”

He looked like he was having trouble saying it but Andy had patience and kept repeating his name slowly. Jeremy exclaimed “Ani!”

He was okay with the new nickname as long as the rest of the guys didn't find out about it. Their conversation that consisted of babbling was cut short because a guy who he assumed is Jeremy's father announced that it was bedtime. A familiar was emitting from his phone as they exchanged a few words and the video call ended.

He looked at her and saw a familiar look that he and his band mates had shared quite a few times: homesickness. He wrapped his arm around her and gave her a side hug. She leaned her head on his shoulder. “In the past two years I've only seen him a few times. About six months ago he didn't even know who I was. He thought I was a stranger not his aunt… Now recently he video chats with me when I'm at work which is usually close to his bedtime. We watch a movie and then we play games. We've seen Tarzan about thirty times and you can't imagine how many times I've seen Winnie the Pooh.” Her voice began to falter as she kept talking. “I promised him that whenever I got home I'd take him to Chuck E Cheese, Lego Land, Sea World, and even the zoo. However with the tour schedule that won't be for another four months.”

“Who says we have to wait four months?”

“Says your schedule.”

“Well there's a two week break next month so maybe we can take a detour to Texas before our next set our venues. It wouldn't hurt to try. I mean I have been dying to go to Lego Land and Chuck E Cheese is the best place in the world!”

She looked at him with hope in her eyes and then she hugged him tightly. When they separated he looked deeply into her eyes and felt himself being pulled to her. She knew what was going to happen and mastered enough strength to stop him. “Andy. No.”


“No Andy. This cannot happen between us. It's unprofessional and honestly you have a lot of issues that need to be worked out.”

Andy knew what she was talking about: he did have a lot of issues which sadly revolved around Juliet. She was also right about professionalism if any of this went back to the record company then she would be fired immediately. She was drawing the line between them and now he had to do his best not to cross it. His phone vibrated and saw that it was Juliet she was inviting him over for the night. He rose from his seat and walked to the front of the bus. “I'm going over to Juliet's bus so don't wait up for me.”

If this was the right thing to do then why did it feel so wrong?

End Chapter 5

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