Our Island

Kyra always had her eye out for adventure. What will she do when she has the choice to either follow her family onto the plane which will take her to Australia, never coming back? Or will she follow 'those 5 boys' onto their private jet? With any choice, her life will be changed drastically. Especially when there are complicated events happen to unroll before her, tragic and loving.


2. Oh shit!

"So Sarah, where are you heading?" Niall says, breaking the silence. I sigh, suddenly reminded of where I am supposed to be going. "Australia." I say through gritted teeth, holding back tears. Then my parents walk thru the front doors. "Sarah! Do you want to get a waiting seat or not?!" My father yells at me. "I will be there in a Second, save me a seat?" I request from him. "Want a seat? Save a seat." Is all he mumbles while turning the corner. "Anyways Sarah, can you get me something when you come back?" Zayn says smiling. Tears are coming to my eyes. "I-i-i'm not coming back."I say struggling. Liam automatically hugs me, me burying my head in his chest. Soon everybody is in a group hug, me sobbing in the middle. I'm shaking quietly as everybody lets go. "OH. MY. GOD. IS THAT ONE DIRECTION?!?" A girl yells across from us. Oh shit! "Is that Harry's gf?" I blush at the thought. He just laughs openly. "I WANT HER PURSE, LIKE NOW!! Come on!!" They say running toward us. Louis grabs my hand and we hurry toward the other way.  "Guys, may way is opposite." I tell them, worried. "Too late, now come on!" He tells me, worried. I stop arguing and start running with them, entering their jet. 

Liam POV* ~~~ She so beautiful. I know i'm with Dani. But we have been in a fight, and now i guess we are on a break. I decide to tell the guys during the flight.  I should way less glad that I am now that i know Sarah is coming with us. Louis lets go of her hands when she enters the jet. Even though she is still shaking. I take my chance and grab her hand and guide her to a seat. I look at Harry. I know he likes her, but we have a truce on right now. I can have her if I don't hurt her. He is the only one who knows about Dani and Kyra."Hey love. Do not be worried. It is okay, Ky." I tell her squeezing her hand and comforting her. She smiles and  I continue. "Me and Dani, aren't, we aren't together anymore." I say sighing. Its her turn to hug me. "Maybe Payzer wasn't meant to be." She says laughing, using the fandom name that most people ship besides Zerrie and Elounor. Oh, the fandom is crazy, but I love them. I don't know how to tell Louis about this though. I know how he protective he is over  his cousin. She is so vunerable and perfect, I could see why. I lean onto her shoulder and her face is shocked. I don't know what comes over me but i lean in. Our faces are so close, i can feel her minty breath with nervousness. She knows what is about to happen. We lean in more and our lips touch before I can hear Louis.


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