Our Island

Kyra always had her eye out for adventure. What will she do when she has the choice to either follow her family onto the plane which will take her to Australia, never coming back? Or will she follow 'those 5 boys' onto their private jet? With any choice, her life will be changed drastically. Especially when there are complicated events happen to unroll before her, tragic and loving.


1. The Choice

Author's Note: Thanks for actually just clicking this. This is only my second book, and I still haven't finished the first. This will have to be finished by Jan 23,2013: Due to that this will be entered into a competition. So yeah! :D Read On!

I finished packing my last bags. I was so mad at my parents! How dare they just tell me out of the blue that we would be moving. It would be okay if we were moving to the next city over, but nope! We were moving to Australia. I furiously shoved my clothes in the large suitcase.


Sorry, I didn't introduce myself earlier. I'm Kyra Monroe. My skin is peachy and tan, my hair light brown, and my eyes a plain blue. I don't understand why people like blue eyes, mine don't stand out very well. Anyways!, I was in the car, waiting for us to , hopefully soon, arrive at the airport. "Kyra, we're here. Grab your things and wait for us at the shuttle." I hear my mom tell me. I sigh and walk out the door, grabbing my red suitcase and and cheetah purse. My red wedged boots are clicking when the hit the floor of the airport. I smile. Right exactly in front of me, are my idols. I'm not some crazy fan girl, but I do love them very much. Before heading to my destined spot, I walk over to the boys. Who are all wearing sunglasses and hats. "Oh hey Kyra! Glad to see you here. How small the world is!" I hear my cousin, Niall going on about. I laugh and reply sternly, "Niall, you don't want you to be caught, right?" He laughs and the other greet me and hug.

Okay, so you're probably wondering what the heck is going on. Well, long story. Niall's my cousin. He showed me to the boys. Oh, it wasn't that long of a story. "So guys, where you heading this time?" I question them all. The others look to Liam, that's my Daddy Direction. I like Liam. Like a lot. A lot, a lot. I can't tell Niall because i know how protective he is over me. Liam smiles, then answers my question. "We're gonna go on a break for a little while, to a secluded island." The other's faces are now beaming with joy. "Cool, so you gonna bring the girls with you?" I ask them. Liam has Danielle, Zayn has Perrie, and Louis has Eleanor. Very simple. 

The boys with the girls faces drop. Suddenly overcome with sadness. Whoops. "Kyra, they can't come. Too busy." Louis answers. God, I've never seen him that sad.  

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