Catching Feelings

Ella, Louis and Harry are a 3 some of best friends they o everything together. Ever since Their career blew up they still talk as all the boys have returned to England only Harry and Ella out of everyone have to go to school as they are 18. But have they both been hiding feelings from each other? Or is it a mistake?


2. Sleepover At Lou's!

-Ella's POV-

I woke up and Harry and I were cuddled up on his couch, his eyes slowly fluttered open and I saw his green orbs again
"Hey" he says
"Hey" I said we hear footsteps
"You two are finally up" Anne says
"Yeah" Harry says
"Louis called he wants you to call him" she says Harry spreads his arms out and yawns loudly, I get up and take my hair and put it over my shoulder, Harry sits up I look back at him he pats the couch I sit as he pulls out his phone and taps Louis' contact and puts the phone to his ear.
"Hey" he said
"Yeah, that sounds cool I'll ask her" Harry turned to me
"Wanna have a sleep over at Louis' Tonight and go to school from there?" He asks
"Yeah that sounds fun but you gotta take me to pack" I said he nodded
"She's in" he said
"Yeah ok alright bye" Harry said and hung up
"Lets go get me packed and then we'll go pack you" he said I nodded and we went up to his room and packed a duffle bag of clothes and products for his "Hard to manage Curls" and then we walked out to Harry's car the fancy Audi R8. We drove to my house packed my bags and were on our way to Louis' house.

We got out of the car and walked into the house
"Lou!" Harry yelled Louis came down the stairs sliding on his bum down the railing he landed perfectly on his feet and came toward us he took our bags and threw them up the grand stair case I chuckled and Harry grinned and Louis stood in between us and put his arms around our shoulders and walked us into the living room I saw Niall walking out of the kitchen Niall was my best friend out of the boys (well besides Harry) I ran towards him
"Niall!" I yelled he looked at me and hugged me and spun me around, I've missed him u haven't seen him in about 4 weeks.

-Harry's POV-

"What's with those two?" I asked Louis
"Are you jealous Hazza?" He asked
"No, I'm just wondering" I said
"Well nothing you know Niall and Ella are good friends" he says
"Ok right." I said reassuring myself Louis chuckles
"Relax Harry" Louis says and drags me into the living room as were followed by Niall and Ella I sit down beside Ella and Louis its down beside her on the other side. Wadi jealous? I don't know I've never felt that way about Niall and her hugging.
No, I can't feel that way about Ella.
I turned my attention to the movie we were watching Ted, everyone laughed at most parts but ell fell asleep on my shoulder near the end. As I carried her up the steps to the room Louis had prepared for us. Louis kept repeating the lines of when Ted came back to life acting like he was a retard.
The rooms that were set up was
Niall and Liam
Zayn all alone because he always takes all the covers
And Louis alone in his room
Me and Ella because she feels more comfortable sharing a bed with me.
I woke her up so she could change into her PJs and I changed into mine in the bathroom we crawled in the bed and I laid facing her she faced me I was just falling asleep when she whispered to me
"Yeah" I said
"Thank you for being so amazing today" she said
"It's nothing" I said
"It means a lot to me your a great friend" she said
"Thank you your a great friend too" I said
She shivered
"Woah it's cooled in her she clutched the blankets to her body I lifted up my arm
"Come here" I said with my eyes closed she slid over her back to my chest as I hugged her close to me
"Your so warm" she said
"Thanks" I said I kept my eyes closed and soon I felt her breathing go steady she was asleep I too soon fell asleep.
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