Catching Feelings

Ella, Louis and Harry are a 3 some of best friends they o everything together. Ever since Their career blew up they still talk as all the boys have returned to England only Harry and Ella out of everyone have to go to school as they are 18. But have they both been hiding feelings from each other? Or is it a mistake?


1. Normal Day At School

-Ella's POV- 

I stand at my locker and take my bag of my shoulder and put it on one of the hooks 
"Boo!" Someone yells from behind me grabbing my shoulders 
"Jesus Harry!" I say I know it's Harry of course it is. He chuckles and leans against the person next to mine's locker with a smirk plastered on his face 
"Not funny" I said fixing my scarf 
"Your always so grumpy on the morning you need to lighten up!" He says
"How could I when your constantly scaring me" I sad pretending to be mad a him 
"Woah does it bother you that much? I'm sorry-" he starts when I smirk at him 
"Your bullshitting me" he says I smile as I shut my locker and we head to our first class which I have with Harry. 
It's English, me and Harry both hate this subject we walk in and plunk down at our two seater table at the back of the room. 
I look up at the front Miss.Jones is the teacher for this class her dry lifeless grey hair pulled back int a neat bum a shirt with a granny cardigan over top and a long skirt and dreadful shoes like every day but different colors, Harry flings open his binder and it hits my arm 
"Ow" I whisper yell at him 
"Sorry" he whispers back with sass, he smirks after I do the same 
"Your such a dick" I said tapping my pen on my binder 
"Your a bitch" he says, we look at each other and snort and snicker 
"Harry Styles Ella George go to Coach's office now!" Miss.Jones yells making Harry jump, we nod and walk out of the class your probably thinking "what's so bad about going to the Coach's office?" Well you'll see... 
Me and Harry walk down the hall 
"She so wants me" Harry leans down and whispers in my ear his lips accidently brushing my ear I dismissed it
"What do you mean?" I asked he put his hands in his pockets his shirt was low rising I could see his bird tattoos 
"She wants me in bed" Harry says I hit his arm 
"Harry!" I whisper yell at him as we are walking by class rooms with people in them 
"It's true you know the way she looks at me and stuff" he says in normal volume 
"Harry shush your going to get us in trouble" I said 
"Ella we already are in trouble" he says like a smart ass I just glare at him 
"Styles George come in here" Mr.Banks yells he's me and Harry's favorite teacher. We step in the his door way everyone turns and looks at us Harry knows I'm not good in front of a bunch of people so he smirks 
"Styles are you seriously heading to Coach's office again?" He asks 
"Yeah" Harry says fanning out his arms and yawning after leaning against the door 
"And let me guess Ella your here to walk him down?" He asks I don't say anything I'm to nervous Harry stand up from leaning 
"Actually" he says and throws his arm around my shoulders 
"She's going with me" Harry finishes Mr.Banks raises his brows at me 
"Harry started it!" I said finding confidence 
"What are we six?" Harry asks the class laughed 
"No but you act like your two" I said everyone Ooo'd I grinned Mr.Banks chuckles 
"Alright you two have fun" he says 
"Do you know what he does to us?!" Harry yells smiling 
"No I don't want to" he says as me and Harry continue walking down the hall we reach the stairs and race down them we walk into the gym and look around Harry leading when Coach blows his whistle causing Harry to flinch 
"Line up!" He yells at us Coach is a slender man being in his 30s to his 40s he wheels out a cart of dodge balls my heart sinks 
"Line up!" He yells again blowing his whistle me and Harry scatter to the wall he was pointing at 
"Stand on the line!" He yells we step up 
"Alright I'm going to ask you a series of questions, if you don't answer them right I will launch this dodgeball at you get it right you not get hit" he says 
"Isn't that child abuse?" Harry asks cutting him off to what he was about to say Coach looks at him and then sends a ball towards Harry it collides with his stomach making the doge ball sound Harry falls to the ground groaning 
"Ella sweetie would you mind picking him up?" He says to me in the nicest tone I reach down or Harry's arm and he him up 
"Name the 10 Characteristics" he says to us 
"The what?" Harry says 
"The things written on the back of your agenda" I whisper to him hen I feel the dodge ball hit my stomach I fall over 
"No hints George" he says 
"Are you crazy you don't hit a girl!" Harry yelled sticking up for me whn he got hit with a ball again he fell over facing me 
"Are you ok?" He mouthes to me inod holding back my tears he throws it really hard. Harry crawls over and weakly stands up and holds his hands down helping me up
"Name them!" He yells 
"The first ones Teamwork so why can't we work together?" I asked he went to throw the ball at me when Harry stepped infront of me 
"Hit me, not her" Harry said, he has a sweet said I cringed when I head the dodge ball go into impact and Harry hit the floor I helped him up I whispered thank you in his ear he nodded 
"Name the rest!" He yells towards me 
"Ok there's Teamwork, Responsibility, Respect, Perseverance, Optimism, Kindness, Integrity, Honesty, Empathy and...and" 
"Out of time!" He yells making a buzzer noise and whipping a ball at me it hit my stomach near my ribs I fell over 
"Are you serious?!" Harry yells he dodges the ball that gets thrown at him and picks the one up the was thrown at me and throws it at Coach I near him hit the floor
"Styles office now!" He yells 
"I'm going!" He yells he try's to come over to me when he gets pulled away by our schools security before he exits the door he glances back at me I weakly get up my ribs feel bruised I look over and see a huge welt growing on Coach's face Harry hit him in the face with a dodge ball?! 
I walk to the office holding my stomach 
"Hi can I sign myself out?" I ask 
"What's wrong honey?" Mrs.Jewels the secretary asks 
"Nothing just my stomach hurts" I lied 
"Alright here's a pen" she says I take it and the principals door opens and Harry walks out with a yellow slip he sees me and quickly walks towards me and hugs me seeing my tears 
"Are you ok?" He asks me 
"I think he bruised my ribs" I said in his ear
"I'm sorry I got you in trouble" he apologizes I play with the curls at the back of his head 
"It's alright it wasn't your fault" I said 
"Styles leave now" the principal yells 
"Come to my house" he says I nod and he releases me and walks out of the school 
I sign myself out and go into the parking lot and get into my car and follow Harry's car to his house.
I parked my car behind Harry's and get out he walks over and helps me out of my car and we walk into his house 
"Thank god Gemma is at school" Harry says Harry has a younger sister Gemma who is about 12 to 13 (I know Gemma is actually older than Harry in reality I just thought it would be cool for Gemma to be younger) 
"Is Anne home?" I ask 
"Yeah" he says we walk in and Anne sees Harry with his arm around my waist and mine around his neck helping me around the house 
"What Happend?" Anne asks running toward me and Harry 
"Coach's office is what happened Mum" he says she hugs him and he winces from her tight grip around his stomach 
"That Coach is a whack job" Harry says sitting guiding me to the counter I sit on it and he sits beside me 
"What did he do?" She asks turning on the kettle 
"He threw dodge balls at us" Harry says 
"He whipped two at Ella and hit her ribs with one of them knocking her right down" Harry said 
"They wouldn't let you both sign out so how did one of you get out?" She asks 
"I signed out" I said 
"I got suspended" Harry says 
"You what?" She says 
"After he threw the first ball and Ella I yelled at him about hitting a girl so he threw one at me and then when he threw one at her again u snapped and threw one at him and it hit him in the face and I got suspended" Harry explains 
"You hit him in the face?" She asks covering her mouth 
"Yeah I did" I see a hint of a smile behind her hand 
"That's my cheeky boy sticking up for Ella you always have" she says
"What do you mean?" Harry asks 
"Well that's how you two met you know" she says 
"Really tell us the story" I say 
"When the teas ready go get changed Harry can she borrow some of your clothe and such?" She asks 
"Of course" Harry says and we walk up the stairs and into his room he takes out a pair of black track pants and hands them to me he takes out a shirt and hands that to me 
"You know where the bathroom is" he says I nod and walk down the hall and walk into the bathroom and change I go back down the hall and knock on Harry's door
"Come in" he says I walk in and he has his phone out and is looking at it I walk over and sit on his bed he looks at me
"Are you ok?" He asks
"I guess so" I said
"Ok the tea must be ready lets go" he says and we walk down the stairs, we get our teas and watch a movie in the living room I sat beside Harry and felt myself falling asleep I feel my head land on his shoulder and fall asleep.

-Harry's POV-

Ella fell asleep on my shoulder and my Mum grinned at me, I knitted my brows together
I arranged myself so I was laying on my back and she was laying at my side she arranged herself in sleep to out her head on my chest I smirked
"So pushy" I whispered to my Mum, she smiled at me I finished my tea and arranged my self and curled up and rested my chin on top of Ella's head and fell asleep

-Anne's POV-

I notice Harry falling asleep I walk over and grab a blanket and put it over them Harry's body acting like a shield to her body from anything that might happen during sleep.
When I heard about Harry protecting her from the gym teacher I knew he was in love with her, he just probably doesn't know it yet. Another thing is Des did the same thing for me in high school our Gym teacher was crazy and Des was captain of the foot ball team, Coach was yelling at me as I was a cheer leader and coach out of anger threw a foot ball at me and Des well he threw one back. And that's how our love was born, now it's starting with Harry and Ella.
I pulled out my phone and dialed Des's number he said to call if their were any emergencies I put the phone to my ear and stood in the kitchen looking at Harry and Ella cuddled
"Hello?" His voice said
"Des?" I said
"Anne?" He says
"Yeah it's me" I said
"What is it?" He asks
"It's Harry" I said
"What happened?!" He asked concerned
"He's fallen in love" I said
"What's the big deal he's 18" he says
"You know how we met?" I ask
"Yeah?" He says
"He did the same thing" I say
"I gotta go Anne but keep me updated!" He says
"Ok bye Des" I said
"Bye" I hang up and look at them again
"This is going to work" I said looking at their figures I take their cups into the kitchen and start the dishes.
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