Love Happens

For a graduation present, Brianne's parents get her One Direction Meet and Greet and front row tickets for her and her best friend Spencer. When they meet them, not one, not two, not three, not four, but all five start to fall for her. They try hard to fight for her. Who will she choose? Read it and find out :)


2. One Month Later

Brianne's P.O.V

One Month later, Spencer and I are on the way to the concert. We are so excited we can barely breathe. Once we park the car in the lot, we walk toward the building. It was crowded. After a few minutes, we finally reach the front to see a large man.

"Tickets?" He holds out his hand and I give him mine and Spencers ticket. He rips the bottom part off and hands up back the tickets. We walk in and we decide to go to the bathroom to check ourselves. We look in the mirror and touch up on our makeup. My dark brown hair curls down to my shoulders while Spencer's dark redish brown hair is straighten to mid-back.

"Do you think I should put my hair up?" Spencer playing with her hair putting her hair in a high ponytail then letting down then repeating.

"Your hair's so long. I would put it up."

"Okay, thanks." She puts up and then touches up her makeup. I look over the outfit Spencer and I have chosen. I have on white skinny jeans, black tank top with a neon pink half shirt and my black converse. Spencer chose to wear a denim skirt and a black v-neck with black, knee-high converse. I chuckle a little.

"What?" Spencer stares at me.

"Your outfit looks like you're signing an application to be a prostitute not to go to a One Direction concert."

Spencer smirks at me and finishes up her makeup. Once we leave the bathroom, we go and take our seats. Ten minutes later the concert begins and the boys come out on stage singing "Live While We're Young." During the song I caught a few of the boys staring my way. I don't know if they were staring at me exactly but it was my way and it was always longer than three seconds. So I told Spencer to see if she noticed and she said no but she'll keep an eye out. After the song, they sang "Kiss You". In that song I realized they were staring at me. Every single one. At least once. I caught Harry looking at me quite a lot and then Niall. Liam and Louis two or three times. Zayn at least once. Spencer would be jealous if she knew Zayn was looking at me. The concert was almost over then they sang "What Makes You Beautiful." I was so excited for the Meet and Greet, then I realized, they're gonna see me. Again. The song was over and the boys ran off stage. Spencer turned me to face her and said those magical words

"Are you ready to meet One Direction?"

The Boys P.O.V

Who was she?

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