Love Happens

For a graduation present, Brianne's parents get her One Direction Meet and Greet and front row tickets for her and her best friend Spencer. When they meet them, not one, not two, not three, not four, but all five start to fall for her. They try hard to fight for her. Who will she choose? Read it and find out :)


1. Graduation Present

Brianne's Pov

"Oh my God, no way! I can't believe it. You guys actually got me One Direction tickets. And best that...they're front row." I yell. I was eager. I was excited. My parents got two tickets to One Direction for my graduation present. One for me, of course, and one for my best friend Spencer.

"Oh and another thing." My dad tells me moving his hand from behind him. "Two Meet and Greet passes as well." I grab so fast I got myselft a papercut but I didn't care. I gave both my parents a big thank you hug and ran upstairs to tell Spencer. She will so flip out. I pick up my phone and jump on my bed landing on my stomach.

"Spencer, oh my god I have new to tell you." I shout throught the phone. "I have two front row tickets to One Direction and guess who's going with me."

"Oh my God, is it me. Please let it be me." She said enthusiasticly.

"Yes you're going with me and to make things better....I got two Meet and Greet passes too." She was screaming. I guess she was screaming so loud her mom came in there cause I heard someone say what's going on. I could hear talking but I couldn't make out what all they were saying then Spencer gets back to talking to me. "Mom said I can go. Wait when is it?"

I looked at the tickets. "In one month exact."

We talked most of the night about what could happen and what we're gonna wear. We stayed up till almost mid-night talking about the boys. Spencers all for Zayn. I can't really choose. I really like them all cause I have something in common with all of them. Liam, loves purple and can be funny at points but mature at times, like me. Louis, just like Liam, is hilarious but is really sweet and can give good advice. Harry, we both are major flirts, though I try not be. Me and Niall both love to eat and just like Zayn, I'm obsessed with my hair. I just can't choose one so I guess I'm for all five.

After I get done talking to Spencer, I get into my pajamas and get under the covers. I put on my One Direction playlist and set my phone down on the nightstand beside me and fell asleep.



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