Like I Love You

Harry cheated on Lucy in high school and comes back to London and hopes to win her back. Just one problem, has she fallen for Liam and has he fallen for her?


7. The Mall

Lucy's POV

It's the day after me and Liams' date. I really like Liam and I think he's a keeper.

Emma texted me and she's coming over in a while. I can't wait to tell her everything that happened last night.

Emma came 20 minutes later. We sat down on the couch as I told her everything that happened last night. "I'm so happy for you Lucy! I can't believe my best friend is dating a guy from One Direction!" "Yeah, I really like him too, he's so sweet and caring. That date last night was perfect."

"I wish I could meet them!"

"I can text Liam and ask if they can come over!"

"Yes! That would be awesome!" Emma said, jumping up and down.

About 15 minutes after I sent the text, the boys came. Liam stepped in and hugged me tighly, he felt so warm and soft. I introduced Emma to everyone as she gave small hugs to every boy. "So what do you guys want to do?" I asked. "We can go to the mall!" Louis suggested. "Yeah!" Emma cheerfully said. Emma and I got in my car and the boys got in Harry's car and we met at the mall.

Niall's POV

When we came over to Lucy's house, my jaw dropped when I saw her friend Emma. Her beauty is breath taking. Maybe I can talk her up at the mall.

When we finally got to the mall, I tried to walk by Emma as we went from store to store. I tried to make small talk so I asked her what her favorite store was. "Forever 21 is probably my favorite" she said with a grin.

Liam's POV

I'm having a great time at the mall with Lucy and the boys. I even got to hold Lucy's hand. Harry was staring at us though and I felt kind of weird about that.

We went into different stores and I bought some clothes for Lucy. I especially couldn't wait to see her in one of the dressses I bought for her.

Niall's POV

We were in Forever 21 and I saw Emma looking at a beautiful  blouse. I walked up to her, "That blouse is beautiful, just like you." she looked up from the rack and blushed. "Thanks" she shyly said. "You're welcome. If you want to get that blouse, I could buy it for you."

"I couldn't let you do that."

"But I want to." I smiled and looked into her eyes.

"Okayy" she said with a smile, looking back into my eyes.

I bought her the blouse and she thanked me. We were walking through the mall, talking about different things."You're an amazing girl and I would love to see you again. Would you go to luch with me tomorrow?"

"YES! I-I mean, s-sure." she said nervously.

I laughed at her cheerfulness. We had a great time at the mall today. After we went to a couple more stores, we left and me and Emma traded numbers. I can't wait till tomorrow!

Emma's POV

I can't believe Niall bought that blouse for me and asked me on a date. I told Lucy everything that happened, she was so excited for me!

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