Like I Love You

Harry cheated on Lucy in high school and comes back to London and hopes to win her back. Just one problem, has she fallen for Liam and has he fallen for her?


4. Over Again

Lucy's POV

I greeted the boys and then went to go find my laptop. I found my laptop and and sat down at the table. I turnrd it on and went to facebook. I looked on Mason's facebook,it said he was tagged in a couple of pictures so I clicked on it. It was from last night. It was him with another girl kissing! I couldn't belive it! Not again! I slamed down the laptop and ran to my room, crying.

Harry's POV

We all looked at each other confussed. All of us went to Lucy's rooma and knocked on the door. "What?" she mummbled. "May we come in?" "Sure" she mummbled again. We opened the door and slowly walked in. She was on her bed with her face stuffed in a pillow, crying. "Why don't you take a look at my laptop?" Niall ran downstairs and got her laptop and opened it. There was a picture of a man kissing a woman. "Is this your boyfriend?" Liam asked. "Used to be." I said still crying. "I'm so sorry."

Lucy's POV

I'm devistated. All of a sudden I heard Masons voice coming from downstairs. "I'm here!" Mason yelled. He walked into my room and found the boys with me.

Mason's POV

I walked into her room, there was 5 other boys and Lucy was crying. Did she find out about last night? "What's going on here?" I asked. "No, what's going on here?" One of the brown haired boys said to me, pointing at the laptop. I was me and the girl, kissing. "Ella, it's not what it looks like." "Oh, so you are'nt kissing another girl in this picture?" "I was drunk!" "And she was probably drunk when she met you! Now please get out!" The brown haired boy said. I walked out and drove away.

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