Like I Love You

Harry cheated on Lucy in high school and comes back to London and hopes to win her back. Just one problem, has she fallen for Liam and has he fallen for her?


6. First Date

Lucy's POV

It was the next day. I woke up and saw a text from Liam, remembering that I got all the boys numbers the day they came over.

Liam: Goodmorning beautiful, I'll pick you up tonight at 7. x

Me: Sounds great! Can't wait!

I texted Emma.

L: Hey, want to go to the mall today? I have a lot to tell you.

E: Sure! Meet you at 11!

I took a shower and put on my clothes. I did my hair and makeup and left for the mall and met Emma in the food court. "So what's up?" Emma asked. I told her everything that happened when the boys came over. She seemed sad for me, but happy at the same time. "I'm sorry Mason did that to you. But that's awesome that Liam asked you out!"

"Yeah, Liam's an amazing guy."

"Maybe you can fix me up with Niall." Emma said, playfully winking.

Niall has always been Emma's favorite boy in the band. "Maybe I can" I said laughing. We went to go get a dress for dinner tonight. I picked out a flowy floral dress, teal sandals, and light pink flower earrings to go with it. Once we got all the stuff, it was 5:00. We left the mall and Emma and me met at my flat so she could help me get ready. I got dressed and then Emma curled my hair as I did my makeup.

Liam's POV

I'm so excited for me and Lucy's date tonight. I'm going to take her  to a really nice restaurant downtown that Harry told me about. It was 6:50, so I left to go pick her up.

Lucy's POV

Emma left after I finished getting ready. I still had time left so I sat down for a while. I heard a knock on the door, and saw Liam's face pop in. He looked really nice and spiffy "Where are we going?" I said as I got up to walk towards the door. "It's a suprise!" He said while escorting me to his car. We drove downtown to a really nice restaurant. He already had reservations, so the waiter took us up stairs to the balcony. There was only one table sitting there. The sky was so beautiful, it was perfect. "I got it special, for you." Liam said with a big grin. We sat down and ordered our food. The food was great and we had an amazing time. We talked and talked. I felt butterflies the whole time. "Can I ask you something?" Liam said.


"Well, I know you just went through a pretty rough breakup and all, but you're an awesome girl and I want to be with you, Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course I will!" I said blushing. This night was perfect.

Liam paid for the food and we left. "Thanks for doing all that for me." I said as Liam was opening the car door for me. "Anything for you!" he said smiling. Liam got back into the car and dropped me off at my flat and walked me to the door. "Thanks for everything." I said, looking into his eyes as he looked deeply into mine. He leaned in closer, his soft lips kissing mine. Fireworks were flying, it was enchanting. "Goodnight, love." he said. "Goodnight." I blushed.

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