Like I Love You

Harry cheated on Lucy in high school and comes back to London and hopes to win her back. Just one problem, has she fallen for Liam and has he fallen for her?


9. Awkward.

Lucy's POV

I felt so happy for Emma had a fun time on her date last night with Niall, he's a sweet guy. I just got up and Emma stayed the night at my flat so I tiptoed so she wouldn't hear me and wake up. I walked down the empty hall to the kitchen down stairs to make breakfast for the both of us. I got some bread out of the pantry and sat it down on the counter. I searched through the fridge for some jam to spread on our toast. I couldn't find anything so I decided to run to the grocery store for a little bit to get some stuff for breakfast. I wrote a note on a small piece of paper and taped it on the fridge that I was going to the store incase she woke up when I was gone. I got in my car and drove to the store.

I walked to the back where all the milk and breakfast items were. As I was walking back to the front, I saw Harry walking out of another isle.

His eyes were focused on his phone as he walked around, I was really hoping he wouldn't look up because I really didn't want to talk to him. I started walking faster hoping he wouldn't notice me. Once I quickly passed him, he glanced behind him to see me practically running down the isle. "Woah! Slow down there!" He yelled out to me jokingly. "Dang it" I whispered to myself. I gave him a weak smile as his tall figure started walking towards me. "Getting yourself a morning snack?" He asked with a cheeky smile.

"Yeah, I didn't have anything for Emma and I to eat for breakfast." I replied quietly, not being able to talk to Harry face to face.

"So what are you doing for the rest of the day?" He was looking straight into my eyes so I looked down to avoid eye contact.

"Nothing, just sitting at home." I replied. Why didn't I say I was busy??? Now he's probably going to ask me somewhere.

"Well I was wondering if you would have dinner with me tonight."

"Just as friends, right?"

"Yep." I couldn't tell him no, I don't want to hurt his feelings..

"I need to get your number so I can tell you what time I'm picking you up." I shakily pulled out my phone out of my pocket, trying not to think about what happened in high school. He took my phone out of my trembling hand and put in his contact. He sent a message to himself so he could get my number too. He gave it back to me with a smile. "See ya tonight." Harry said walking away while mysteriously winking at me.

I sat there thinking about what just happened. What have I gotten myself into? I should've said no. I paid for my groceries and left the market.

I came in the door to see Emma sprawled out on my couch watching TV. "I saw your note on the fridge."

"I figured." I said while softly laughing because I knew the fridge was always the first thing she goes to in the moring. "So, what'd ya get me?" She asked while looking over the grocery bags. "I got cereal, milk and jam so we could have toast and cereal.

"Yay!" she said as she sat down at the dining room table. I made the toast and cereal and sat down with Emma. "Did you see anyone at the grocery store?"

"Sadly, yes." I said with a sigh.


"Harry." I replied, rolling my eyes.

"Did he talk to you?"

"I tried running past him without him noticing, but he saw me and started talking to me."

"what'd he say?"

:"He asked me if I wanted to eat dinner with him tonight just as friends. I didn't want to be mean, so I said yes."

"You know he's just trying to get you back, right?"

"I know, I know, I'm not gonna fall for it."

"Don't get hurt." Emma said as she got upto put her dishes away. I got up after her and did the same. She went into my room and gathered her things and put them in her bag. I walked her out to her car and she hopped in. "Good luck tonight!" she said, smiling. She drove off and I walked back inside.

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