Like I Love You

Harry cheated on Lucy in high school and comes back to London and hopes to win her back. Just one problem, has she fallen for Liam and has he fallen for her?


12. Again?

Harry's POV

I feel like I scared her off, but I still don't know if she liked the kiss or not either. I stayed up till 4 am last night because I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was her. Her beautiful smile, her light blue eyes that sparkled in the light, her brunette hair flowing in the soft summer wind, her adorable laugh, everthing about her is perfect.

The boys got back at about 2 am last night, they went to a club downtown and had a guys night. I had to make an excuse fo rnot being able to go, but it was all worth it.

I got out of bed and walked towards the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. I got out eggs and bacon and cooked them on a skillet on the stove.

Louis woke up first and gave me a joyful good moring and a pat on the back. Everyone else came soom after him and sat down at the bar in the kitchen.

I served them their breakfast and leaned on the granite counter infront of the bar where I could see everyone. I didn't have any breakfast because I still wasn't feeling well after not being able to sleep and all. I asked them how last night went and it sounded like they all had a great time. It was good for them to just have a night for themselves.

I heard my phone go off in my bedroom, so I got up to go get it. It was a text from Lucy.

L: Can you meet me at the park? I need to talk to you.

H: Sure! Meet you in 30 x

I'm glad Lucy could still bare talking to me after last night. I still need to know if she liked the kiss or not.

I arrived at the park and spotted Lucy sitting on the bench next to the duck pond. She was looking down at her bright pink tennis shoes and slowly swung them across the concrete sitting under the park bench. It looked like she was in deep thought. "Hey" I said when I reached the bench she was sitting on. She looked up at me and smiled softly. "Hey" I sat down next to her and she turned over to face me.

"So about the kiss, I did like it and all but I just want to stay friends. I'm dating Liam right now and I can't go kissing behind his back."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about pressuring you into kissing me. But I'm glad we can still be friends."

"Good" she grinned.

"Why don't we walk around the park for a while?" I asked.

"That'd be great." I got up and held my hand out to her to help her off the bench. Her soft hand lightly took my large hand and stood up. We walked over to the concrete that went around the perimeter of the park and started walking.

She asked me how it was being a pop star and having millions of fans. I told her about all the hard work that you have to put into it and how it was all worth it. I told her about the tour and how much fun it was too.

We made a lap around the large park, and headed for the parking lot where our cars were parked. I walked her to her car and we stood there for a while and talked a bit longer.

It got quiet after we finished the conversation, we were both looking straight into each others eyes. I slowly reached for her hand and grabbed it. She looked down our entwined hands for a second and looked back up at me. I leaned down close to her face and kissed her. It was a long kiss and she kissed back. "stop" she whispered softly. I leaned away from her face, she was looking down at her feet and  with a guilty look on her face. I did it again, didn't I? I thought to myself. I ruined our friendship once again. But I couldn't help it! She looked back up and  I leaned back over to her and rested my forehead on hers. "Sorry" I whispered. She looked up at me. "Don't be, I liked it." she whispered softly. I looked at her confused.

"then why'd you say stop?"

"Because I liked it and I didn't want to. I'm dating Liam and I can't be falling in love with someone else right now, I'm in love with him."


"Oh.." She gave me a friendly hug.

"You can stay at m house tonight, but don't pull anything else on me."

"Fineee." I joked.

"But I'm inviting Emma and the rest of the boys. None of them need to know about what happened last night or today." I opened her car door for her and she slid in the drivers seat. "Meet you there!" she said to me as she closed the door of her small car. I hopped into my car and followed her to her flat.

The boys and Emma got there about 20 minutes later and we ordered pizza and played board games.

At about 10 pm, we all laid down on the couches  and watched a movie. Lucy and Liam cuddled the corner of one of the couches and Emma and Niall did the same on the opposite couch from them. Louis and I shared the long couch in the middle and Zayn put blankets on the floor and laid down there.

I couldn't help but look at Lucy and Liam about every 10 seconds. I didn't even watch the movie anyway. Lucy noticed a couple of times but my head would always dart back to the screen.

About halfway through the movie, every one fell asleep, but I was the last to.

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