As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


28. Valentines Day<3

Natalie's POV

I wake up the next morning and Liam's arms weren't wrapped around me. I groggily got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I rubbed my eyes and looked in the mirror. But all that was left of the mirror was a head sized hole. The rest of the mirror was covered with sticky notes. Sticky notes with cute little sayings to me. And simple things like "you are beautiful" "I love your smile" "never stop being you" "you're perfect just the way you are" and my favourite "your face... I like that shit". Little notes like those cover the bathroom mirror and randomly around our bedroom. I mentally picked out my outfit for the day and put up my hair then went down stairs because I started to smell food and that was when I realized that the little notes weren't just on the bathroom mirror and in the bedroom but scattered all over the house. God he was perfect. Once I was down stairs I saw Liam over the stove making breakfast. Today was going to be absolutely perfect. I go up behind him and plan to lightly kiss his bare back but just as I got close he spun around and planted a kiss right on my lips. "How did you know?" I giggle after he pulls away. "I heard you open the door and come down the first few steps." He tells me. I groan "ugh I can never surprise you can I?" I question. "Don't think so" he says "but I'm pretty good at it" he adds on getting back to cooking. I roll my eyes and wrap my arms around his muscular core from behind and lightly kiss the base of his neck. He places one of his hands on mine and rubs them with his thumb. "I'm almost done angel just go sit at the bar" he says unwrapping my arms from around his abdomen. I follow his instructions and sit at the middle seat at the bar and watch him finish up. By the time he was done, which was only a few minutes, he served me my plate. It was full will little chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream, grapes and strawberries, and eggs.  We ate out breakfast together on the couch with early morning cartoons on and cuddled for a while after we finished eating. Liam glanced up at the clock on the wall and saw the time, 11:04. "Shoot... Nat!" Liam said sitting up my legs sliding off of his lap. "We have to get ready" he says. "What? Where are we going?" I ask. "The airport" Liam says. "What?!" I say utterly confused. "Nothing... It's nothing... It's a surprise." Liam patches up what he had previously said.  "Now come on get up" he says taking my hands and pick me up off the couch. "Go get ready... Take a shower, do your hair... Girly things but don't take forever" he says and I start walking past him. "I can't make any promises" I say teasing him. He lightly slaps my butt as I walk past slowly. "Hey!" "We don't have all day babe" he tells me. I smirk and walk quickly up the stairs to get ready.

Liam's POV
I watch Nat as she walks up the stairs and make sure the door closes then I go put our bags in the car. I had packed her bag while she was sleeping and I’m pretty sure I have enough for 4 days. I don't know so I kind of just threw clothes upon clothes her bag. Probably enough for a week or so. After both of our bags were in the car I cleaned up the rest of our breakfast and started the dishwasher. I went upstairs to get dressed as I already took a shower when I first woke up. I opened our door and Nat was getting dressed. "Liam where's my pink layered shirt that zips in the front and has the 3 spaghetti straps on each side that cross in the back?" She asks me as soon as I enter our room. She was frantically pacing the room in her bra and black leggings looking for it. "Uhh..." I say trying to think if I packed it or not. "Um... Maybe it’s in the laundry waiting to get sorted." I tell her knowing that I probably packed it. "Here, what about this one?" I ask handing her a hot pink tank top with a large white and black cheetah print cross on the front that was slightly longer in the back. "But it's cold" she tells me taking it. "Don't worry babe... I’ll keep you warm if you get cold" I tell her knowing she wouldn't get cold because the weather in Anaheim is pretty nice right now. "Thank you" she says smiling and putting on the tank top I gave her. "You're good at this babe... I might take you shopping with me more often" she says winking. She walks to her closet and I go to my dresser. I pick out and put on a pair of jeans and my My Box baseball tee. "Liam?" Nat asks "yeah?" I say turning around. "Which shoes?" She asks. She was holding a pair of black toms and hot pink thong sandals. I studied both of them and her outfit carefully. "The sandals" I say slightly pointing to them. "Okay!" She says setting down the toms on the bed and sitting down on the bed to put on the sandals. She buckles them on and stands up. "Ready?" She's asks. "As long as you are" I tell her and we both walk down stairs. I grab my keys off the counter and lock up the house and we get in the car. I drive us to the London airport and park the car. "Liam... What are we doing? Where are we going?" She asks quickly. "Shh shh shhh it's Valentine’s Day. Let me surprise you." I tell her grabbing her hand and making our way into the airport meeting up with Preston, who had followed us there and got our luggage out of the car. We made our way to check in our luggage and then to security. After which we went to our terminal and on to the plane. I couldn't wait to bring Nat to Disneyland. But what I could wait for was her reaction when she find out we aren’t just staying for today but staying until Wednesday, meaning she will miss more than half a week of school. I had already called all her teachers and they we totally fine with it and were really happy for her and to see that she was happy again. So it was okay with them but, knowing Nat, it wasn’t going to be okay with her. I wasn’t planning on telling her, just letting her find out when we got there and start unpacking at the hotel and realize she has clothes for almost a week. We boarded the plane first so, well one, so we wouldn’t get mobbed worse than we did when we got to the airport and two, because we had first class seats. Holding Nat’s hand we mad out way down the tunnel to the plane. It was a signature blue Disney plane with Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey on the side, but from the tunnel she wouldn’t be able to tell and she hadn’t looked out the window (because I made sure her back was to the window 90% of the time) when we were waiting to board the plane. We got to our seats in the cabin and Nat and I got situated with Preston just behind us. We put our carry-ons away and sit down. I gave Nat the window seat and I sat by the isle. Before I knew it we were taking off and up in the sky. Nat glanced out the window and my eyes were locked on her. I smiled looking at her long caramel brown-ish-blonde hair cascade down her back and her perfectly sculpted body. That even though she hated I loved it, she would always complain in the bathroom before she took a shower and whenever she was in there alone looking at herself in the mirror she would mumble about all the things she didn’t like about herself. She didn’t like her stomach or her thighs. She didn’t like her eye brows. But when she would mumble these things I would pretend I didn’t hear them, but I heard them loud and clear. She doesn’t like a countless number of things about herself but in my eyes she has no flaws. No flaws that she should worry about. That’s mainly why I covered our mirror and randomly dispersed sticky notes around the house about her and how absolutely perfect she was. She wasn’t like other girls, she wasn't coating her face with make up because she didn’t think was perfect, she wears less to gain the confidence that she knows she is lacking. She wasn’t like all of the models and dancers that I’ve met along the way and even though she wasn’t perfectly content with that she is still happy in her body, although I know she wishes she was different. She was beyond perfect. She is my cover girl, my tumblr girl, my model, my everything. “What?” she suddenly pipes up. I snap out of my day dream and my eyes lock with hers. “Nothing babe you’re just so perfect.” I tell her lightly kissing her forehead. I hear Preston clear his throat behind us and we turn around, looking over the seat at him. He moves his head gesturing to a girl standing in the isle right by me. We turn back around and both look in the isle. “Oh hey there love what are you doin’ here?” I ask her. “Liam?” She asks her eyes full of shock and nerves. “Yeah sweetie that’s my name.” I tell her chuckling. “And Natalie?” she asks looking around me to her. “Mmhm” Nat say nodding her head. “Oh my goodness… I can’t believe were on the same plane…” She says moments after a huge smile growing on her face. “Do you want us to take a picture with you?” I offer. “Oh my gosh, could you? That would be amazing!” She says taking out her phone. She opens the camera and takes a group selfie. “Here how about I have baldy take a picture, it will probably work better that way.” I tell her taking her phone and giving it to Preston. The three of us slide out in to the isle and take a quick picture. “Thank you so much!” She says “ And I am so sorry for bugging you two on Valentine’s Day….” She adds on. “Oh its totally fine” I say smiling. “Can I have a hug? Before I go?” She asks. “Of course you can” I say. Nat watches in amazement as I work so well with the fan. “Natalie? Can I have a hug from you too?” She asks. I glance over my shoulder and Nat looks surprised that she asked. “Oh… Yeah totally” She says stepping forward. She hugs the girl and they are about the same hight and I see the little girl whisper something in Nat’s ear but I couldn’t quite make it out. I hear Nat whisper back “thank you” and the girl looked a bit confused at Nat saying thank you but I could see in Nat’s eyes that she was about to cry, but out of happiness. “Thanks” the girl quickly says and starts to leave. I turn to go sit back down. “Wait!” Nat says. “What’s your twitter?” She asks her, the girl turns back around and Nat takes out her phone and opens twitter. "PuppiesPrincess the name on it is Alisha" the girl tells Nat quietly. “Thanks lovie” Nat says right after. The girl nods her head and walks back to her seat in the front of coach. Nat takes her seat and starts scrolling through Alisha’s Twitter a bit then DM’s her. “Nat, what did she say to you?” I ask her. “You looked so happy; you looked almost like you were going to cry.” “She told me I was her idol and inspiration.” She says smiling “People never tell me that…. Im normally the one telling people that… And that is probably one of the first really positive personal fan experiences I’ve ever had. I was in shock” I just smile as she rambles on about the fan. “What’s her twitter?” I ask unlocking my phone and opening twitter. “PuppiesPrincess” Nat tells me. I type it in and follow her. Then DM her.

To: @PuppiesPrincess
Thank you. Thank you so so soooo much. You honestly made Nat’s life. Im not sure how Im going to beat it with this surprise valentines day trip;) But really thank you. You’re perfecttttt

I lock my phone and glance over at Nat and she was looking out the widow unaware of anything I just did.  I locked my phone and zoned out for the rest of the long flight. Nat fell asleep on my shoulder somewhere along there and I held her hand the entire time because she had a slight fear of planes, seeing as she has never been on one. We land after a long flight from London to California and we make our way off of the plane. The two of us, and our security Preston, go straight to to baggage after the airport security. We get our bag quicker than normal are were able to get out of there only have been stopped a few times. We go right to the rental car and take that from LA to Anaheim. "Okay Liam really... Where are we going? Why are we in Cali?" Nat asks. "You'll see as soon as we get to where were going." I tell her. "Are we going to San Diego? San Francisco? San Jose? Hollywood? Beverly Hills?" She asks naming off multiple cities. Not having a thought of Disneyland in her head. Nat had given up guessing and was looking out the window, pouting in a very childish manor. I just smiled at her and waited for the moment when we would drive past Disneyland and it would all click for her. And boy was it getting close. Before I was even prepared to see her face we were pulling up to Disneyland. I watched the reflection of her face in the window. Her eyebrows raised and her jaw dropped slightly. Her head turned slowly and she looked at me. I was just smiling from ear to ear. "Nuhuh" she says. I just nod my head. "Nuhuh!" She says again. And again I nod my head. "Nu. Huh!" She says again this time playfully hitting me. "Yeah" I say this time laughing lightly. "Oh my god" she whispers. I can't stop smiling knowing how happy I've made her. We park in the back and also in the less used back entrance. Holding Nat's hand we made our way to Cinderella castle. "Liam no." She says stopping in her tracks knowing where we were going. "Yes Nat. Come on. It's valentines day I get to spoil you." She groans and drags herself to me. We make our way into the castle and up to our suite. Nat got about 3 steps in and stopped dead in her tracks. She just looked around at the suite. Stone architecture, mosaic widows, stone fire place, it was huge and fit for my princess. I chuckled at Nat frozen at the top of the stairs. "Come on babe" I say pulling her a little and towards the bedroom. She sits down on the bed and I sit on the edge next to her. She just looks around taking everything in. She then jumps up and runs to the bathroom. "Liam! It's huge! And oh my goodness look at the tub! Liam! Oh my gosh and the lounge and our bed!" She says running around and then jumping on the the bed just like in princess diaries. I turn around and face her and put one of each of my arms in each side of her hovering over her but keeping my body on her right side. "And it's all for you" I tell her lightly kissing her. When I pull away she places a hand on my face and pulls me closer "you're perfect" she says quickly before pressing our lips back together, they soon start moving together and our tongues fight for dominance. She soon gives up and lets my tongue "win". I kiss her deeply and her hands travel down to my hips. She slides her thumbs just inside the waist band of my jeans. She slowly slides her hands to the buttons of my jeans and starts to in button them. But just before she was able to un button them and as I was moving one hand, using the other to keep me above her, to the hem of her shirt and up it a bit there is a knock at the door. "Kids I need to tell you the plan. Open up." Preston says after knocking. Our kiss breaks and I hang my head down, chin towards my chest and groan. But we then lock eye contact and she giggles. "Later. It's valentines day. Don't worry" she says pecking my lips and rolling out from under me and gets up to answer the door. But I realize that I started to get hard so I lay down on the bed and look towards the door as she opens it. "Finally." He says as the door open, but as soon as he makes eye contact with Natalie "oh! Natalie! I am so sorry. Take all the time in the world." She giggles "no it's true, we were pretty slow to get up it's just so comfy here." She says smiling at me. "So what's the plan?" She asks holding the door open. "Okay so, the said they would open the park early for you if you would like but, if you want the full experience with other people you can totally go but I want to be with you at all times, with the acceptation of on the rides. You two can think about it and get back." She turns around and looks at me. "It's your trip. Its your choice." I tell her. "But you're the famous one." She says. "Yup, and? Your trip. Your choice." I tell her again. She sighs and turns back to Preston. "Can we go during hours?" She asks with a smile. "Of course. Just make sure I'm up when you get up." He says simply then walks away. She comes back and sits on the bed next to me. "You're crazy" shes says then gets up and goes to her bag staring to sort it and our things in drawers. I just watch her intently. "Li why did you pack so much? We're only staying for a day right?" She asks. I just chuckle and Nat looses the confusion out of her face and looks a bit mad. "Liam?" She says sternly. "How long are we staying?" "Um... Till Wednesday." I tell her quietly. "Liam!!" She yells. "Liam I have school!" She complains. "I know don't worry I already called the school they are happy you're going and are happy to see you happy. Don't worry about it. Think about your first Disney adventure tomorrow." I tell her trying to calm her and rubbing her back lightly. She sighs, "fine" she says after. I laugh and watch as she finished up packing. After she's finished she comes and cuddles next to me nestling her face in my neck and she kisses it lightly. "Thank you. I love you." She whispers. We cuddle up together and just talk the night away until we both fall asleep to the light sound of rain on the roof and the windows.

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