As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


25. Trouble

Liam's POV

Natalie and I have been attached all night for probably about 2 house now. I've had way too many drinks than I should have all courtesy of Andy. He is an absolutely crazy partier. And all of those drinks were starting to hit me like a brick wall. "I'm going to go cool off for a second maybe go to the bathroom" Natalie yells up to me over the music. I simply nods my head. "Are you okay staying here?" Nat yells again. "Yeah I'll be fine" I say trying to sound as so we as possible.  "You sure?" She ask as she catches me from almost falling over. "Positive." I reassume her widening my stance for balance. Nat giggles and shakes her head, and make her way off of the floor and to the bathroom. After she gets out of my line of view I as well make my way out of the crowded dance floor and get a bit of water for myself. After a quick glass of water and no sight of Nat coming out of the bathroom I go back to the dance floor. When I get back on I see Andy and make my way over to him. I party with him for a moment but he soon excuses him self to go get us something to drink. In the moments that he's gone a girl with curly dark brown hair walks up to me. "Liam!" She says happily. I couldn't quite make out her face so she just looked like a blob of tan with dark brown curly hair on top. "I didn't think I would see you here. You don't seem like much of a partier. You're the the innocent and sensible one." She says quickly. Well she was a fan and there was no way that I was the sensible one tonight. Everyone else was home and I was crazy drunk. We talk for a little and I am able to keep my composure. "Let's dance" she says as the conversation dies down. We both start simply moving to the loud music. She turns around so her back is to me and I try to get a good look at her. She is wearing what looks like just a bandeau bikini top and a extremely short skirt which her butt is falling out of. "Classy" I think sarcastically. She is also wearing high heels and she was now grinding up on me. Wait... She was grinding up on me. I might massively drunk but I was conscious enough to know that this was not even slightly okay. I place my hands on her hips and push her off of me. "Oh come on Liam" the girl say. "I have a-" I start to say. "You're crazy drunk, I'm crazy drunk we're at a club we're partying. Just let it happen." She says aggressively pressing her lips to mine. I push her off again. "No" I say pissed. Her expression changes immediately as if she had come to her seances but I couldn't tell if she was being genuine or not. "OMG I am so sorry Liam" "no no no just let it go okay. Nothing happened here and you should probably walk away now and go find your fiancé." I say lifting up her hand and showing her her own ring. She nods her head confused and walks away. All of the world was fuzzy I had obviously used the last bit of my sober brain doing all of that. I stumble off of the packed dance floor and find the closest seat. Soon I see Andy coming over to me with two drinks. "Hey mate. Nat came and said bye to me before she left. She looked a bit overwhelmed. Is everything alright?" He says handing me my drink. "What do you mean Natalie left? She was only going to the bathroom" I say confused and stumbling over my words. Andy looks stunned. I couldn't tell if he was stunned by how drunk I was or that I didn't know Natalie left. "What do you mean? She said you gave her money for the taxi ride home" "no..." I say thoroughly confused. "She told me she was going to the bathroom and that's when I got some water then went to party with you, then you went and got drinks, then this girl was- shirt" "What girl?" Andy asks. I don't say a thing. "What girl Liam? What happened?" "Some fucking drunk fan came up to me and we were talking and she started dancing on me and-" "Good job Liam... Real good job" "Stop it Andy! It's not like a let her... I pushed her off and then she kissed me and I pushed her off again. Oh god Andy what if Natalie saw that..." "Well no duh she saw that! She was almost fucking crying when she came and told me she was leaving." Andy spats. "ANDY STOP! You're not helping" "okay okay I'm sorry but you've gotta go fix it. You can't loose her" "Do you think I don't already know that?" I say turning my back and leaving the club Andy following close behind me. We take a taxi back to my house and I go in as quick as I could. I don't see Natalie anywhere. I go to our room and she's not there either. "She's not here... She's gone. I'm never going to get her back. I don't even deserve a girl like her." I say the 10+ drinks I had taking over. "She was way too good in bed and I'm an ass and let that girl dance on me for even a second." "Liam stop don't say that. Get it together. Call her" "No. She doesn't want me anymore" "Liam stop. How much did you have to drink?" "10. Give or take a few" "oh god. Liam you're going to have a massive hangover tomorrow." "I'll deserve it" I slur. "Go to bed Liam I'll call Natalie" "Noo. Don't call her she don't deserve me" "Liam you don't know what you're talking about. Go to bed"

Natalie's POV
"I just don't get it" I say crying in Harry's arms. "I know he was drunk but he's normally really good with things like that, even when he is drunk." 
I had gone home but I knew I wouldn't be able to face Liam when he got home after realizing left so I we t to Harry's house. I had grown really close with him (and the other boys but his house was closest). "Natalie calm down it's going to be just fine" he says holding me close and stroking my hair. "I need to get out. I need to get all of this off of my mind" I say to Harry, sitting up and wiping the tears from my face. "Well how much have you had to drink tonight?" "Maybe 2" I answer though I was confused as to why he was asking. "You deserve more" Harry says grabbing my hand and heading out to the car. 

Harry's POV
I was driving Natalie to a bar that I knew Liam and Andy didn't like and my phone started to ring. I glance over at it. It was Liam. "Please don't answer it" Natalie say. "I don't want him knowing we're together and I don't really want to talk to him." She says fixing the bit if my make up that she had smudged. Thank god for waterproof make up. 
Natalie had appeared at my house a wreck. Her eyes were red from crying and he cheeks almost matched the colour of her shoes. And speaking of her shoes and dress and everything. She looked amazing. I never really did get over her I've always had little feelings for her. She's like that's popular person at your school who you like but don't. I've just told myself I didn't like her, it never really worked. But I've gotten used to just ignoring it because she is dating my best friend. I park just outside the bar and take her in. I order a gin and tonic for her and I and I try to get her mind off of what just happened. Hours had passed and many drinks were had before I knew it. Natalie and I were no where near sober. I check the time and it was 3:48 am. "Oh shit Nat we should be getting home" I say, words slurred. "What time is it?" She say close to me and placing a hand on my upper thigh. "Almost 4" I say standing up. Stands up as well and I wrap my arm around her waits tightly. We call for a driver and they take us home, back to my house. Natalie wasn't going home tonight. She was too drunk and she wouldn't want to go because of everything that happened at the club. We got home, Nat crashed and I put her to bed. I stripped down to nothing but my boxer briefs and lied down next to her. As I lay down Natalie turns and faces me. "Thank you Harry" she says sweetly kissing me on the cheek. And for all I could recall we both fell asleep after that. 

Third person POV
Natalie and Harry go back to his house and Natalie crashes right away. Harry was still a bit put together but he had no control over his own brain, neither did Natalie, but being a gentleman Harry took Natalie up to his room and laid her down in bed. Harry took off her shoes and set them carefully by the door. He takes off his shirt and trousers and climbs into bed next to her. As he lays down Natalie turns over and faces him. "Thank you Harry" she says. Natalie kisses Harry lightly on the cheek and cuddles up next to him. He lifts her chin up and kisses her passionately on the lips. With both of them completely out of it and not controlling their own brains, they didn't know what they were doing. They start making out, Harry's hands traveling all over Natalie's body. He slides his hand up her dress and starts rubbing her entrance. 

Harry moves quickly and unzips her dress practically ripping it off. Harry was mostly in control the whole time, he pulled off his boxer briefs and Natalie starts rubbing his dick, making him harder. Harry caresses her boobs and rubs her clit while Natalie runs her hand up and down his length. Harry gets up on his knees and spreads Natalie's legs. He quickly shoves his full length into her giving her no time at all to adjust. She takes a sharp intake of breath in surprise and Harry pumps into her slowly. He wasn't longer than Liam but it still surprised her, he was much rougher. He keeps pumping into her, gaining speed. She grips onto the bed sheets and doesn't let go. Both of them were moaning and groaning louder with each of Harry's thrusts. Natalie lets go before Harry does and when he finally does he lets go as rough as he thrusted. After he cums his thrusts get sloppy and he pulls out only to lay next to Natalie and the drunken two of them soon after fall asleep. And really none of them were even slightly aware of what had just happened. They were all in for a world of drama in about 8 hours. 

Natalie's POV
I woke up the next morning my head pounding. Last thing I remembered I was out late drinking with Harry after all that happened at the club. I didn't have the slightest urge to get out of bed I just wanted to lay here. I stretch but still laying down "morning love... How are you feeling?" Harry asks as if he had just woke up. "Hungover" I say. Then it hit me. I'm in bed with Harry. What? I check myself and I'm not wearing and clothes. None. "Harry what the hell happened last night?" I snap. "We went out drinking and came home at 3 something. You crashed just a tad after we got home and I brought you up here laid you in bed, took off your shoes and covered you up. Then I took off my top and trousers and climbed in bed and you thanked me, kissed my cheek and we went to bed." Harry says rather quickly. "Then why am I not wearing any clothes?" I say slowly trying to remain calm. "You probably just got hot. Don't worry nothing happened cuz I'm still wearing my brief-" Harry cuts off as he starts to get out of the bed. "S" I add on "right? You're still wearing your briefs." I say staring at him intently. He shakes his head slowly. 
"Shit" I think. "I have officially ruined my life"


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