As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


21. The Big Reveal

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It’s been 5 days since I first went back to school and tonight the boys go on Alan Carr and well when Alan asks about relationships, and the pictures, as he always does, everyone will know about Liam and I. Am I scared? Of course but am I ready for it? It couldn't come sooner. School is still a bit rocky I get comments every now and then, 50% of the time they're from Claire, but I know that won’t ever stop because Claire is the only one who really knows the truth. But I've learned to power through everything people say and I've been calling Liam a lot more often now and we would just talk. Talk about everything, people who were bugging us to what we ate for breakfast that day. Liam had called me early this morning to wake me up and to remind me about the show tonight. "Hey baby girl, good morning" Liam says when I pick up the phone. I groan in response. "Aw baby, wake up come on you have to go to school." "I don’t want to go" I say sleepy "Good" Liam says "What do you mean?" I ask him still half asleep "Oh nothing... But Nat you have to go get out of bed and get on to school. I'll see you after at the show right?" "Okay... Bye Liam" I say stretching and getting out of bed. "Bye Natalie". I get out of bed and walks to my bathroom. I took a shower last night so I didn’t need to take one this morning. I brushed my hair and put it into a side braid then went back to my room and put on the outfit I had picked out for school. It was a white 3/4 length sleeve shirt and the sleeves and top of the back was lace. I paired it with darkish denim skinny jeans and white Chuck Taylor converse. I get my grey backpack from PINK and put my stuff in it for the day before I do my make-up. I do a simple smoky eye and put on a few layers of mascara. Before heading downstairs I grab my backpack and put on a light layer of lip gloss. I knock on Jay and Noah's doors before going downstairs. When I get down there I make the boys a quick breakfast and hand it to them as they get downstairs. We're running late and if Liam hadn't called none of us would be going to school today. Jay goes out and gets the car started and I go and tell mum and dad we're leaving. I run back downstairs and jump in the car and Jay speeds off to school. When we get there we each rush out of the car and to our first class. Jay and I get there just as the tardy bell rings. We both sigh and sink into our seats. "Did you talk to Liam today yet?" Jay asks "He’s the reason we all got to school this morning" I say smiling and taking out my notebook for class. About 10 minutes of class passes and I raise my hand. "Nat what do you need?" Jay asks me "I need to go pee" "No you don’t" Jay says shaking his head "Yeah I do" I say back "Nope... You can wait" "What are you talking about Jay?" "Just wait till class is over or at least like ten minutes." "Ugh fine" I groan putting my hand down. "Is there something you needed Natalie?" The teacher, Mr. Matheny asks "Oh no Matheny... Never mind" "Okay" he says walking away.

Jay's POV

From: Liam Payne
Hey mate I'm almost there

To: Liam Payne
Okay are you gonna stop by the office and then come here?

From: Liam Payne
Yeah room 438 right?

To: Liam Payne
Right... Mr. Matheny

From: Liam Payne
Okay thanks don’t let her leave I should be there soon

I look up from my phone and see Natalie has her hand raised. "Nat what do you need?" I ask her "I need to go pee" she says simply. "No you don’t" I tell her unable to think of anything else to make sure she doesn't leave. Liam was coming to pick her up and take her for a day out before the show tonight. "Yeah I do" she says back to me "Nope... You can wait" "What are you talking about Jay?" Natalie asks thoroughly confused. "Just wait till class is over or at least like ten minutes." I tell her giving up the fight hoping she would just go with it. "Ugh fine" she groans and puts her hand down. I sigh in relief and sink into my seat. Just then the teacher comes over "Is there something you need Natalie?" he asks. I chuckle "Oh no Matheny..." Natalie says to him, she hits me under the desk and I groan "never mind" she adds on and Mr. Matheny walks away. Natalie glares at me and goes back to work on her essay. I start working too but soon my phone vibrates. "Who's texting you? Normally I'm the only one who texts you and I'm right here" Natalie asks me. "Oh it’s just a wrong number" I say dragging the attention away from me. Natalie buries her head back in her work and I check my phone.

From: Liam Payne
I just checked in with the office and I'm on my way up there

I lock my phone after reading this and look at Natalie smiling. "What is it?" she asks me "Oh nothing" I say unable to wipe the grin from my face. Natalie puts her ear buds back in her ears and went back to work. I loved being behind these kinds of things, simply because I know how happy they make Natalie. I hear the door being quietly and slowly opened and Natalie doesn't budge. I watch the door open and Liam walk in, almost the entire room gasps. Liam brings his finger to his lips telling everyone to shush. Liam makes his way over to Natalie and I and everyone's eyes follow him as he walks to her. Liam moves behind her and covers her eyes. Natalie perks up and takes the ear buds out of her ears "Guess who" Liam says disguising his voice. "Oh come on this isn't funny" Natalie says "Guess" Liam says again still disguising his voice. Natalie feels his hands and reaches back to feel his face and Liam dodges her hands "No no no that's cheating" Natalie giggles and takes Liam's hands from over her eyes and spins around. "Liam what are you doing here" she asks jumping up, standing on her tippy toes and wrapping her arms around his neck. "I'm here to help you escape this dungeon you call school" Liam says to her. They stop hugging "Sorry sir" Liam apologizes to Mr. Matheny. "Well should we be off?" Liam asks extending a hand to her. "Yes, but can I go to the toilet first? This jerk here wouldn't let me go" Natalie says jesting to me.  Liam looks behind Natalie and at me "Did you really think it would have taken her that long to wee?" "She’s a girl" reply shrugging my shoulders. "Wait..." Natalie says "You knew the whole time? That's why you wouldn’t let me go?" "Well yeah... Liam was the one that texted me" "You guys set this up?" "Well..." I drag out "Yeah" Liam says plainly. Natalie hits Liam's chest "You guys suck" Liam brings his hand to his chest where Natalie hit her and acts offended. "Well since we suck so much maybe I should just take Jay with me and you can go to school for the rest of the day." "No Liam" "Nope... we suck" "No no no Liam" Natalie whines smiling "you guys are amazing I love you guys" Liam laughs and wraps his arm around Natalie's waist. "That's what I thought" he says "well lets go" he adds on taking a step towards the door. Natalie escapes from his arm and hugs me "thank you" she whispers in my ear letting go of me and grabbing on to Liam's hand intertwining their fingers. Natalie grabs her backpack and puts her notebook in it and it on her back then leaves the classroom saying goodbye to Mr. Matheny. I smile and sit back down in my seat and everyone looks at me. "What?"

Liam's POV

Natalie and I escape the classroom and head out to the car. We get in the car and beneficially no one, but the people in Natalie's class, saw me while I was at the school. I had planned to take Natalie shopping for tonight and days after and potentially for her Christmas present that I still owed her. But the Christmas present would most likely come after she moved in, we could just go look at them today and I could get an idea which one I wanted to get for her. Natalie and I get in the car and she turns on the radio. "Well where are we going?" She asks me. "You'll see" I say turning the corner and parking the car. I get out of the car and Natalie follows. She comes around to me and grabs on to my arm tightly. "You cold?" I ask the Natalie who is currently attached to my arm shivering. "A little bit" she says looking up at me. I kiss her forehead and take off my jacket. "Why would you wear a sleeveless shirt in the winter?" I ask her as we start to walk toward the store. "It’s not sleeveless" "Might as well be... Lace sleeves" Natalie giggles and puts on my jacket I gave her. "Finee" she says. I grab on to her hand and intertwine our fingers because it was starting to get kind of busy. No children, since they were all in school, but many adults. We make our way through the people and into the store. "Okay Nat you're going to pick out what you want and I'm going to buy it for you. And you're not going to stop me" I tell her when we get inside and it’s a bit quieter. "But Liam, no I..." "No buts and no no's" "Please Nat I just want to do this one thing for you" "But Liam it's not just this one thing this is like the 10th time you've taken me shopping and refused to let me pay." "Well maybe I like to spoil my sweetheart". Natalie groans "Liam" "Natalie" I say imitating her but after crossing my arms and stomping my foot like a little kid sending Natalie into fits of giggles. "Now let’s go" I say grabbing onto her hand, intertwining our fingers as always, and going to look through the store. She wasn’t finding anything and we had been to 3 stores now. I was starting to think this was her way of getting out of me buying her anything. So I started looking too. I found a dress that had a flowy, loose fitting pleated white top and the bottom was a tight short sequin gold skirt. I picked a medium off of the rack and looked around for shoes to go with it. I found a pair of gold sparkly platform heels. I get a seven and a half and go to find Natalie again. I find her looking at necklaces and other accessories. "Here go try these on" I say giving it to her. "Liam" she wines "Go" I say to her pointing towards the fitting room. She turns around and walks toward the fitting room and I follow her there. She goes into the fitting room and I sit outside, I wait a moment and I hear her quietly calling me. I get up from my seat and go to see her. "What do you need Nat?" "Help" she says opening the door to her fitting room. I smile and walk over to the open door. She turns around reveals the zipper of the dress, I zip the dress up and she puts on the heels then turns around. I slowly observe what she is wearing and smile. "Beautiful, as always" Natalie's cheeks turn a light shade of pink. "But you're still not taller than me" I say teasingly "shut up" she says hitting my chest. I laugh "this is it... This is what I'm going to get you... This time. Go change" I say smiling and pushing her lightly back in to the fitting room. She simply smiles and closes the dressing room door. I go back out to the fitting room lobby and take my seat again. Natalie comes out soon after with the dress and shoes and I stand. "You ready?" I ask "Sure" she says. I take the dress and shoes from her hand and wrap my arm around her waist and the two of us make our way to the check out. I buy the dress and shoes and they give Natalie the bag with a smile. "Have a nice day Liam" the cashier says as we walk away. I laugh and grab Natalie's hand "likewise" I say looking over my shoulder. I take Natalie back to the car the long way mainly because I wanted to get Starbucks but also because I knew we would pass the pet store and Natalie would want to stop and I could get an idea of which puppy to get her for the Christmas present I owed her. We got into Starbucks and each got a warm drink and finished making our way to the car. We walk hand in hand down the road laughing and making jokes the entire way. We get close to the pet store and Natalie is talking "Just watch Alan's going to ask about- awwwwwwwwww" Natalie says trailing off to the pet store and the puppies in the window. "Perfect" I think. "Can we go in? Do we have time?" She asks almost jumping up and down. I laugh and nod my head. We go inside and Natalie is smiling from ear to ear. "Have you never had contact with a dog before?" "Don't be ridiculous of course I have... Just never owned one..." "Oh my gosh... You're kidding?" "No... My dad never really fancied dogs" After she says this I know that my Christmas present to her would be perfect. She made her way around the pet store but eventually back to the puppies. She went into the pen with the bunches of puppies. I stand on the outside watching her for a while. All of the puppies were jumping at her feet and bent over getting down to their level. She had about 8 out of the 10 puppies that were in the cage gathered around her the other two were laying in the corner. I step inside the pen as well and sit down with her. Natalie and I sit with the puppies for quite a while until she is sitting with two of the puppies, and I have one. The rest of them have gone off playing with each other. There is one of the three is jumping and attacking our legs and feet and the other puppy that Natalie has is now up by her face occasionally licking her face but mostly sniffing her neck and her ear tickling Natalie and sending her into giggles. The one I have is slowly falling asleep in my lap; it was one of the calmest puppies I have ever met. I told Natalie we should be going because we had been out about quite a while and people should be figuring out by now that we were out. Natalie and I leave the pet store thanking the workers for letting us play with the puppies and get in the car that was just down the street. Natalie and I go home and get ready for tonight. Natalie takes off her sweats and shirt and puts on the dress she got today just before we leave. She had already done her hair and it was half up with very gentle curls. I don't bother dressing up too much or doing anything with my hair because I know Lou will do my hair there and our wardrobe will be in the dressing room at the show. Natalie and I get in the car and meet the boys to all travel to the show together. When we get there we are taken back to our dressing room to get ready. Natalie remains in the dressing room with us while each of us gets ready. The boys are all comfortable in front of Natalie so they don't mind. It was management who it took a while to convince them to let her stay. She ended up on the far side of the room playing with Lux while everyone got ready. Every time I looked over to her I was caught smiling and would space out, the boys caught me on it each time. I knew I would get made fun of later but hey they're my best mates what kind of best mates would they be is they didn't make fun of me, if we didn’t make fun of each other. Alan comes in before the show starts to check on us. "Hey boys are you ready?" "Yea" each of us answers in unison. I would only be moments until he noticed Natalie holding on to Lux. "Well boys, the girls are really loud this time, I swear each time you come they get louder. Oh boys who’s this? She’s new and looking rather fit" Alan says looking at Natalie. All of the boys look at me with eager eyes and I look at Natalie who is smiling, looking at Lux sitting in her lap and her cheeks are a light shade of red. "You'll find out later tonight Alan" I say smiling. "Okay, okay fine but the little one is still Lou's right" "Alan!" I yell "Sorry, sorry... But I'll take that as a yes." All of us laugh and Alan makes his way out. "Well that's Alan..." Harry says to Natalie. Natalie laughs, just then we all hear Alan again. "You guys are on in 15 by the way." "Thanks Alan" we all call. He walks away and we send Natalie out to her seat.




"Well here they are ladies the reason you are all here, no one really likes me, One Direction" Alan says as our que to go on stage. We all walk down the stairs and to the couch. We sit down and the fun begins. I have to say, his show is one of my favourite to be on. We've been out there for about 10 minutes and the muscles in my stomach were hurting from laughing so hard. "So, Louis, Zayn... Your girlfriends... How are they?" Here it comes, is all I could think. My heart started racing, "They're good... Really good" Zayn answers for the both of them. Alan starts putting pictures on the monitor of Louis and Eleanor and Zayn and Perrie. He makes comments at each of them making everyone laugh. He flips the pictures once more and a picture of Natalie and I appear on the monitor. The picture was from when Natalie and I left early from the New Year's party. It was one of the fairly newer pictures that were out there. "Oh well, well, well what do we have here Liam... Mr. Payne... Payneadonda.... Payneiac" All the boys look at me with a smile on their face. I chuckle a bit, "Well who would this be? Would you like to tell us?" I smile and glance out to the audience trying to quickly find Natalie but I wasn't able to. "That's Natalie" I say simply. "Ooo Natalie... Do tell" Alan says leaning in. "Well I don’t know what exactly to tell Alan" "For starters are you two... together?" I take a silent deep breath. "Yeah... Yeah we are" "So Mr. Liam James Payne is officially off of the dating market?" "Yes I am" "Is this a new thing or has it been going on for a while?" "Natalie and I have been dating for about a month now" I say smiling "Boys? Did you guys know about Natalie? What are your thoughts on her?" "I think I'll take this one boys" Niall says. "Miss. Stephens and Mr. Payne here are just about the best couple ever. I can't even explain them. I guess you could say they're one of those couples you only read about in book. They are honestly one of a kind" Niall says looking at Alan, but ending his statement looking out into the audience, probably directly at Natalie. "Do you boys agree?" "Oh yeah" all of the boys say. Alan then looks directly at me, "well Liam any last words on your lover?" he asks me. "Just that how amazing Natalie is and how much I really like her and that I know everyone is going to love her too" I say turning to look out at the live studio audience. "They just have to give her a chance and get to know the real her, the Natalie I know" "Aww well isn't that so cute" Alan says closing the couple conversation. "As for you two, Harry... Niall... How is it chillin' in the single pringle can?" "It’s pretty good" Harry says. The girls in the audience scream. "They still want your gravy Harry" We all burst out laughing, remembering one of the first times that we were on his show.




Natalie met us back in the dressing room after the show and met Alan formally before we left and I brought Natalie home so she could go to school tomorrow. On the drive back to her house she brought up the two of us moving in together and she decided that regardless of how everyone reacted to the two of us she still wanted to move in. I decided that we would get her started moving in after school on Friday and hopefully be done by Sunday. She would still come back to Jay's house whenever she wanted to because they are her family but her home would really be with me. And in reality she would probably end up staying a few nights with Niall, Harry, Louis or Zayn because they are her best friends and they live so close. But the thought that when she thought of going home she thought of coming home to me, every day. And I would come home to her smiling face, the smiling face of the girl I had fallen head over heels in love with.

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