As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


18. School Tomorrow


I wake up the next morning in just panties laying next to Liam, who is just in his briefs. I sit up and look at Liam who is smiling at me.
"Morning" He says smiling
"Morning" I say back, leaning over him and kissing him quickly. I go to get out of the bed, stand up and take a few steps toward the dresser to put on a shirt only to notice right after how sore I was from last night. I moan quietly and sit back down and lay back with my legs still off the side of the bed and my head ended on Liam's abs. He chuckles and props himself up.
"You okay?" He asks studying my face
"Yeah, I'm fine... Just sore from last night" I say smiling
"Oh I'm sorry babe" He says with heavy concern
"It's totally fine. Don't worry about it, it was fun" I say looking at him and winking. Liam taps my head a few times telling me to move my head with out actually saying anything. I move my head off of him and he gets out of the bed, grabs a shirt for me and comes around to me and put both of his arms out.
"Here, I'll carry you downstairs and we can have some cereal" I place my hands into his and he lifts me up off of the bed. I slid the shirt he gave me in and, he turns around "jump up"
"But... I'll" 
"Don't you dare say it, I know where you're going with that sentence and stop right there because its a load of bull." He says turning around
"Fine if you're not gonna let me give you a piggy back ride I'll just get you down stairs a different way" Liam says throwing me over his shoulder fireman style. I break out in fits of giggles and hitting Liam's back and kicking my legs.
"Liam! Liam put me down!" I say through giggling.
"Nope, mission get Natalie downstairs is in action" He says leaving his room and going downstairs to the kitchen. He sets me down on the counter and makes up cereal for the both of us. He makes his cereal in two cups, as always and then makes my cereal in one cup, as I always have my cereal and places a fork in both of them. He brings me my cereal with a kiss and he sits next to me. We eat our cereal and as we start to do the dishes together, there is a knock at the door. Liam kisses my cheek and takes his hand from around my waist to go open the door.

Liam's POV

I hear a knock at the door as Natalie and I are doing the dishes. I kiss her cheek and remove my arm from around her waist to go answer the door. I walk to the door and open it to see Louis standing there.
"Hey I was just making sure you two made it home last night" Louis says walking in, I close the door behind him 
"You we made it home just fine. Um... So... What did you guys do last night after we left?"
"Oh we just partied and went home at like 3. I have a massive headache can I get some Advil?"
"Oh yeah it's in the kitchen" Louis walks in the kitchen 
"Hey Louis" Natalie says closing and starting the dish washer.
"Hay Nata- Are you wearing pants?" Louis says. I walk into the kitchen because last I knew Natalie was half starkers.
"Yeah..." She says lifting up the long jumper she was wearing to show Louis her light blue cheer shorts. Louis nods his head and gets the Advil after which walking out and winking out me as he walks past. I walk into the kitchen to Natalie, "Where did you get the shorts? You were only wearing the shirt when I left you." I ask her as I close the fridge that was open slightly from when I put the milk away. "I'm just good like that" she says kissing my cheek and walking out of the kitchen. I follow her out. "So Lou, do we have anything going on today or did you just come over to make sure we made it home last night?" I ask to the relaxing Louis laying on the couch. "Oh yeah, we have a few short post-New Years interviews for some radio stations and El wanted me to ask Nat if she wanted to hangout with her and Perrie while we're in the interviews" "Um, well Nat just went upstairs but I'll ask her. I have to go up there anyway to get ready" "Okay, I'll be down here. Just don't g-" Louis starts "I would love to" Natalie calls from the top of the stairs. "Well there you go. I'm going to go change and ill be down soon." I tell Louis heading towards the stairs. "Don't get distracted we have to go soon" He teases. I throw a shoe that was at the bottom of the stairs at him and it hits him right in the stomach. I hear him groan loudly as I get to the top of the stairs "HEY! RUDE!" He yells. I go into my room and close the door behind myself. Natalie is in the bathroom putting her still slightly curly hair up in a high ponytail. "Hey babe you about ready to go?" I ask her sliding on a pair of jeans. "Yeah I just have to put on a shirt" I glance back into the bathroom to see my girlfriend wearing white skinny jeans and a hot pink and navy blue cheetah print bra. "I think you're good just like this" I say pulling my shirt over my head and wrapping my arms around her stopping her from getting out of the bathroom and putting her shirt on. I plant a kiss on her lips and after which she plants one on mine. Just then there is pounding at the door "I said don't get distracted! We have to go!" Louis yells "Its Liam's fault!" Natalie yells smiling and sliding out of my arms. She puts on a grey v-neck shirt with large pink writing that fades to white which read "HOLLISTER California". She kisses me on the cheek and opens the door.  "Ready" Natalie says to Louis smiling. I slide on my white trainers and walk up behind her. "Ready" "Okay lets go!" Says a suddenly hyper Louis Tomlinson. I walk downstairs with the three of them and Louis heads out to get the car started. I go and grab my keys from the table and Natalie and I head out the door. "What are you doing tomorrow Nat? I was thinking we could go out and do something." I ask her as I lock the door "Um, Liam I have school tomorrow..." "Oh right! Well we have the weekends now and after school, right?" I tell then ask her. "Right..." She says walking infront of me to get in the car. "You okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine" Natalie says continuing walking, not looking back. I picked up my speed and grabbed Natalie's wrist when she had gotten to the car. "Natalie, what's wrong?" I asks making her look at me. "Nothing, it's just school, no one likes school" "Nat, don't lie to me..." "Liam, it's fine I don't want you to worry about me. That's all" "You're my baby girl, of course I'm going to worry about you. I worry about you all the time, no matter what. I worry because I care. Whats wrong?" "Just... I'm scared, scared that because of all the rumors about us that school is going to be different. People are going to talk to me that never wanted to talk to me before" "I wish I could say that wasn't going to happen Nat, but I can't. I wish I could stop it but I know I can't. Just remember who your true friend is. Jay." "But Liam..." "Natalie, it's going to be just fine" I reassure her. "Thanks" She says kissing me quickly before jumping into the car. We drove to the interview where Louis and I met the rest of the boys and Natalie met Eleanor and Perrie who then after headed off to the mall. We got through the 5 quick radio interviews and by that time it was dinner time. We picked up the girls and went through the drive through at McDonalds (choice of Niall) and go back to the house to eat it, I planned to bring Natalie home soon so she could get some sleep for school tomorrow. We each go inside and have our dinner and after I drive Natalie home, which would soon be to my house, but just not quite yet. 

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