As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


6. School... Haha just kidding

I wake up the next morning and Jay isn't by me. I assume that he went to go make breakfast. I sit up and find my phone, I have a few notifications from Twitter, one from the One Direction twitter and one from Niall. Niall's is talking about the crazy day at the mall and One Direction one was about the new music video. Then I had a text. It's from a random number, but I recognize it. I realize that it's Niall and save the number before reading the text.

From: Niall Horan
Hey Natalie! The boys, Paul and I decided on Wednesday at about 2:30 does that sound good?

To: Niall Horan
Sounds perfect:)

From: Niall Horan
Awesome! Can't wait to see you again!:)

To: Niall Horan
Neither can I:)

I put my phone in my sweats pocket and go upstairs. Jay is in the kitchen making toast and cereal
"Hey lazy" He says to me as I walk past
"Hey" I say as I walk upstairs again to Jays room. I get into Jays room and go brush my hair so its not so messy and plug in my phone. I walk back down the the main floor into the kitchen and take a piece of toast.
"Hey!" Jay calls "mine"
"Geeze" I laugh "I'll make you more" I put down the piece of toast I already started eating and take the bread out of the cupboard and put a piece into the toaster "happy?" I ask putting the bread away and grabbing the piece I started eating and going to sit down in the living room.
"Mhm" Jay replies. He soon joins me on the couch and turns on the telly. "You know were going to be late for school right?"
"Dang it" I say getting up quickly. "I thought it was Sunday"
"Nope... It's Monday"
"Then why were you making breakfast and not getting ready?!"
"Cuz I don't really want to go to school today..."
"Jay?! Are you kidding?" I laugh and then stood up and started walking back to Jays room.
"Where are you going?" He calls to me from the couch
"To get ready!" I get up to his room and turn on the shower to take a quick shower and hear the shower in the bathroom turn on. Either Jay or Noah are taking a shower. I take a super fast shower and get out, put my hair up into a towel and wrap up in a towel. I put on bra and panties and then the dark denim skinny jeans from my drawer in Jays dresser. As I pick out a shirt then door opens.
"Chill out Nat, it's just me"
"Oh... But still..."
"Nat... It's been 9 years and we change in front of each other all the time and we've both seen each other basically starkers. Plus all my clothes are in here"
"... But you didn't knock."
"Oh sorry" he knocks on the wall by his closet. "better?"
"Yup." I pick out a light blue Hollister v-neck shirt and put in over a white tank top. I look at the clock, it's 7:08. "Jay we have twenty minutes until school starts, so that means we have at most, 10 minutes til we have to leave"
"Okay I'll be ready." I walk into his bathroom again and brush my teeth and start to dry my hair, then put in into a side braid. "Jay come on!"
"I can't find my sweatshirt"
"Which one?"
"The Manchester one."
"It's down stairs in the office."
"Thank you" he says then runs down stairs. I follow behind him and go put on my shoes.
"Jay? Did I leave my white Vans here?"
"No, but there's a pair of white Vans in the garage my mom was gunna give you anyway."
"Okay thanks." I go into the garage and look around for the shoes. I hear Jay groan from in the dining room. "Whats wrong?" I call to him
"I can't find my keys!" He yells back.
"Kitchen bar" I call up to him.
"Thank you" He calls back. Then he walks into the garage and sees me struggling to find the shoes. "Shelf over there"
"Thank you" I walk over and find the Vans box. I open it and slide the white vans that are inside on. I turn around and Jay is in the Lamborghini. "No... truck" I say pointing to Jays old blue truck. Jay groans and gets out of the Lamborghini and into the truck. "Thank you" I say getting in. He opens the garage and pulls out. Then drives towards the school but drives right past it.
"Jay? What are you doing?"
"Its winter break remember?"
"JAY!" I hit him on the arm
"Why did you make me rush to get ready?"
"Well I wanted to go to Starbucks this morning and I knew I wouldn't get you out of the house unless I said we had school"
"You suck" I say in reply crossing my arms over my chest. We make it to Starbucks and since it's my turn,  I pay for our drinks. We start to drink some but then go out and walk across the way to the grocery store on the way there we pass the two mean girls from school.They both drive Jay and I crazy, but Jay the most because they used to bully me everyday and him being my protective big brother, hates them. We look down and try to ignore them. But they stop us.
"Crap" I mumble under my breath.
"Hey Natalie! Hey Jay!" they says in a high pitched nasally voice.
"Hi Claire. Hi Cami." I say looks at them with a smile trying to be nice.
"You'll never believe this... I saw a picture of Niall Horan, from One Direction  and a girl that looks a lot like you from at the mall over the weekend." Claire says while Cami is on her phone.
"Really? Where?" I say trying to act clueless
"It was all over twitter, tumblr and facebook last night. 'Niall Horan, seen with mystery girl'. It was everywhere" Claire grabs Cami's phone from her. "See. She looks like you" Claire say.
"Weird..." I say trying not to cause drama
"That is her" Jay butts in. I give him a look as to say 'what the heck?'
"It couldn't be. You hunny... Aren't pretty enough. None of the One Direction boys would want to be seen with you." I am stunned
"Excuses me?" Is all I can get out
"Here let me say it slower" she says making me sound stupid "You. No pretty. One Direction. No likey.  Did you get it that time?"
"Yeah... I got it loud and clear"
"Good. Just thought you should know." They start to walk away
"Wait... Claire." I call out of frustration. They both spin around "Why? Why do you think you can just come up to me, show me a picture of some girl and Niall Horan and then just tell me I'm not pretty? And that One Direction would never want to be seen with me?"
"Well that's simple. Its because I'm pretty and well... You're not." I shake my head and bite my lip.
"You know what Claire. You keep acting like you're all that, but you're not! You're just another popular girl who when you get out of High School you're just going to be another nobody. So how bout you close your bloody mouth and leave other girls alone."
"Oooo kitty's got claws." I don't say a thing and they come walking back towards me. "Natalie, what I tell you is the truth. So don't get bum hurt. I'm trying to save you from liars" she pauses and looks at Jay then back at me "that will tell you otherwise." She says quietly to just me, then bumps into my shoulder as she walks past me and off on her way. I groan in frustration. We both keep walking to the store without a word.
"You know it's not true right Nat..."
"Let it go Jay..." I snap. He doesn't say anything the rest of the way to the store. "I'm sorry... I just... Well you know."
"Yeah, I understand. Okay, well what do you want to get?"
"Grapes and goldfish."
"That's a weird combination but okay..." He says with a smile, I giggle.
"No not together!" I say through giggles. We buy a small cart full of groceries and head back home to veg out the entire day. Until her dad calls Jay and says were going out to dinner. He calls Jay and says its going to be fancy so to go put something nice on. At this I nudge Jay, and tell him I don't have anything. And he tells me that his dad will bring something home form me. I go up to the bathroom and do my hair and make up while Jay gets ready. Soon I hear the door open on the main floor and footsteps up the stairs. Jay dad enters the room
"Hey dad, she's in the bathroom" Jay tells him. He walks in and hangs a plastic dress bag on the door.
"I hope it will fit" he says as he takes it out of the bag. As he removes the bag it reveals a short pink dress with a fluffy tulle skirt and a sparkly top.
"I love it. Thank you so much dad!" I wrap my arms around him in a hug
"I'm glad you do. Jay's mother should be home soon with stuff she said you would need for it that you don't have here. So go ahead and see if that fits and she should be home in just a tad."
"Thank you" I say again. He walks out of the bathroom and I close the door behind him. I take the dress off of the hanger and just look at it for a second before unzipping it and sliding it on. The zipper slides up perfectly and my light make up matches the hot pink. I open the door and Jay turns around.
"Woah..." I giggle "My mom said to give this to you." I look inside the bag, it's nude spandex shorts and nylons. I slip these on along with my silver heels I left here from the winter formal and head down stairs ready for dinner. We all get into his dads jaguar and drive to the Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London. We eat dinner, His dad and mom, Jay, his little brother Noah, and I then head back to the house and all crash with in the next hour. Noah in the theater room, Jays parents in their room and Jay and I in his room. Tomorrow is the day, the day I meet my world. I can't wait.

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