As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


24. Partying

Liam's POV
Natalie and I arrive home, let Missy out of the car and let her explore the house. She seemed to like it very much, especially our bed. As Natalie and I start to set up her bed and for and everything else she gasps "shoot" she mumbles under her breath.  "What is it?" "I almost forgot... I'm spending the night at Jays tonight." "Oh right... Your last night there. Well you should be going!" "Are you sure?" She asks me. "Positive" I reassure her. "Thank you" she says kissing me on the cheek and going to say good bye to Missy. She gets down to her level and picks her up. Missy attacks Natalie's face with kisses I take out my phone and take a quick picture so I don't miss the adorable moment. I smile at the picture and think that this would be a good way to tell everyone about Missy. 
"Late Christmas present for Nat:) Everyone meet Missy" I tweet attaching the picture. Natalie comes up to me and I lock my phone. "What was that?" She asks "just a picture" I tell her. She shrugs and hugs me. "Thank you again" she tells me. I kiss her quickly and she walks out, getting in her car and going to Jays house for the night. 

Natalie's POV
I jump into the car and quickly drive to Jay's. I get there and knock at the door. Jay answers it right away "did you bring the puppy?" "Huh?" I say confused. "Missy. Your puppy. Great Dane puppy. You and Liam's puppy." "Oh no I didn't... But wait, how did you know?" "It's only been the big thing on twitter for the past few minutes... Missy Paynens" "oh my goodness really? How do they already know?" Jay just pulls out his phone and shows me a picture that Liam tweeted. "Late Christmas present for Nat:) Everyone meet Missy"  I read. "So that's what he was doing" I laugh. "But no, I didn't bring her... Sorry." Jay laughs a little "it's fine.... She needs some daddy daughter time anyway" he says smiling. I go inside and Jay and I watch "our movie" together. After which we all have supper together. We have many conversations about my future life and what Liam and I plan to do when he goes on tour and everything that comes with being in One Direction. After dinner Jay and I are both very tired, it was a long day at school. We both went up to his room and cuddled up in his bed. He wrapped his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. I'm going to miss my best friend like crazy, but I remember that I still have school and I can see him anytime I want to.
We wake up the next morning and go to school. After school I go back to Jay's house, get my car and go home, to Missy and Liam.


Things have finally settled down, yet Claire still isn't happy but she's learning to live with it. Liam and I have had to not go out a lot because of the paps. But when we do go out Liam is right by my side holding my hand, leading me through. Tonight Andy called Liam and told him that we were all going partying. All being Andy, Liam and I. I run upstairs realizing that it was about time to leave and get dressed for the party. "Liam... What should I wear?" I call to him downstairs. "Something sexy" he says, voice a bit raspy. This sends chills down my spine but I try to ignore it, we have to at least wait till the party is over. I put on a short tight fitting black strapless peplum dress that has a sweetheart neckline with lace detailing under the bandeau bust. Accented with red peek-a-boo platform heels, then do my make up, gold coloured glitter cat eyes, and hair, loose messy curls, and lastly call Liam up. "Is this sexy enough?" I ask as he opens the door "you are never leaving my side" he says quickly. "Why not?" I ask puzzled. "Cuz someone else might pick you up" he says seriously. "Oh don't worry Liam my heart belongs to you." I say kissing him on the cheek, not having to go on my tippy toes for once. "Promise?" He asks. "Promise" I say linking pinkies. "I am all yours" I add on, he smiles. "Well are you ready then?" Liam asks. I nod my head and Liam snakes his arm firmly around my waist. We head towards the door and Missy starts wining. I look at her "oh I'm sorry baby... Your daddy and I will be home tonight we're going out for the night." I say kindly putting her in her kennel. She looks at me with puppy dog eyes as I lock the kennel. "Well both be home tonight I promise" I blow Missy a kiss and walk back towards the door. We walk out of the house and Andy is waiting in the driveway, leaning on his car. We walk towards the car Liam's arm firmly around my waist and Andy lifts his head up. "Dayum" he mumbles. "Ah ah ah, mine" Liam says partly joking with his best friend but deep down he was being 100% serious. I giggle and we all get in the car. Andy dries to the party and I can already tell it's crazy and we haven't even entered yet. Liam walks hand in hand with me into the venue. It takes me a while to get into it but eventually were on the dance floor having a few drinks. Liam having quite a bit more than me, curtsy of Andy, but we were all having a great time. We've been here for about 2 hours and my hair is now up in a ponytail and Liam's many drinks are starting to take effect on him. "I'm going to go cool off for a second maybe go to the bathroom" I yell to Liam over the music. He simply nods his head. "Are you okay staying here?" I yell again. "Yeah I'll be fine" he says not sounding drunk at all. "You sure?" I ask him after he almost falls and I catch him. "Positive." I giggle and shake my head, but despite previous events I head out of the crazyness and to the bathroom. I needed to get out. I go into the bathroom and check myself in the mirror. My curls were mainly just waves now and my face was really red and hot. I splashed a bit of water on my face and start to head back out. "Are you Liam Payne's girlfriend Natalie?" A girl in the bathroom pipes up. I smile, "yeah I am. Nice to meet you" I say extending a hand. She shakes me hand "how are you still able to go out in public with him?" She asks letting go if my hand. "The key is crowded places" I say. She laughs a little. "Well it was great to meet you" she says. "Likewise". I say smiling and leaving the bathroom to go back to my boyfriend. As I get back towards him I see an other girl close by. I smile thinking it was a fan. I find the easiest way into get to him and take it. I watch my feet making sure not to hurt anyone and as I look up knowing I was close I see a girl grinding up against Liam. He was moving with her. Tears started to well up in my eyes. He soon after placed his hands on her hips. This was all I could take and I stormed off of the crowded dance floor immediately looking for Andy, I wanted to get out of there as soon as I could. I spot him across the club at one of the bars. I quickly walk over to him. "Andy I'm leaving" I say trying to keep the tears back and make it seem like nothing happened. "What's wrong?" He asks talking over the booming music. "Nothing. I'm just tired. Liam gave me money for a taxi and in going to go home. You two have fun" I say putting on a fake smile. "Are you sure?" "Positive. I'll see you later Andy. Have fun" I say kissing him on the cheek. "Bye Nat" he says as I walk away. As soon as I get out of his line of sight I break down crying but quickly get out of there and into a taxi managing to only get a minimal amount of pictures taken of me leaving, alone, crying. 

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