As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


23. One Last Day

Natalie's POV
I wake up the next morning and Liam isn't lying next to me, but I hear the shower running. I presume he is taking a shower and head downstairs. I start to make breakfast for the two of us but I hear Liam calling from upstairs. "One second Li" I say putting some toast in the toaster and walking back up
stairs. "Hey babe what's up" I say opening the bathroom door. "I didn't get my good morning kiss" he says behind the frosted glass of the shower. "Oh sorry babe" I say kissing around where his face was on the glass. "No Nat. I want a real kiss." He says opening the shower door slightly and popping his head out. I lean at my hips and kiss his lips. "You're wet" I say as he goes to move his hands to my waist and pull me closer. “And you’re not” he says “let’s fix that” he adds on grabbing me by the waist and pulling me to him. He hugs me tightly getting my shirt wet. “Liam!” I yell giggling. “See now you’re wet too” he says not letting go of my waist and pressing his lips to mine. “Now I have to go change so I can finish making our breakfast.” Liam laughs as I slip out of his arms and into our room. “Liam I’m just going to wear one of your shirts” I call to him as I take off my shirt and go looking for one of his. Soon a wet pair of arms wraps around me from behind. “Really Liam?” I ask after he wipes shampoo on the back of my neck. “Really” he says smiling little a little kid. “Now you have to come take a shower” he says as he unwraps his arms and kisses my cheek. I roll my eyes and turn around seeing him, naked, walking back to the shower. I smile know that that’s my dork and follow behind him and we both get into the shower. Liam washes my hair and I wash his, which is a lot easier than mine. After this he lightly pushes me against the shower wall with one hand above my head and hovers his lips just about mine. I eagerly wait for our lips to collide but they never do. So I move slightly so our lips would touch finally, my hands make my way up to his face and we kiss passionately. I then hear his stomach growl loudly and break our kiss.  I smile, “I had breakfast started downstairs but you made me take a shower with you” “But this is so worth it” he says sweetly “Oh shut up” I say smirking. I turn off the water and we get out of the shower. I quickly put on a pair of light blue cheer shorts and a white tank top. Liam puts on shorts and a white shirt. The two of us downstairs and have your breakfast after which you both cuddle up on the couch and watch some tv. "After we pack the last of your stuff this will but your official home. It's crazy." Liam says as we get up to go over to Jays. "Well Monday I'm spending the night there as my last night so starting Tuesday I will be officially moved in. It's crazy."
We drive to Jay's and pack the last of my things. After I tell Jay I'm spending the night tomorrow and since no one else was home the three of us went out to lunch. Well we just got subway sandwiches and brought them back to the house but we all had lunch together. After lunch Liam and I went home and un-packed all my stuff. The un-packing was much easier than the packing. After this it started to get late and Liam and I both went to bed, considering that I had school tomorrow.
I woke up in the morning to my phone buzzing under my pillow. It was 5:00 and my alarm was going off. I groan and turn in off. I roll over and smile at Liam laying next to me. "Good morning babe" I say. "Morning" he says his eyes fluttering open. We just laid there next to each other, me not wanting to get up. "You look so adorable when you're tired" he says kissing me. I kissed him deeply and he kissed back. I straddled him and kept kissing him, pressing my chest to his. Liam started to run his hands all over my body and along my thighs. I start to feel a bulge grow in his boxer briefs. He reaches his hands up my shirt and starts to massage my boobs. He starts to slip his hands up my shirt and start to take it off. I pulled away "I have to get ready" I say hopping off the bed and heading to the bathroom. Liam's head hits the pillow and he groans. "Seriously Natalie?" He yells, I just giggled. I put my hair up but then gave in because Liam was still watching me intently, eyes full of lust.  "Guess I can be a little late" I say giving in and crawling back to the bed and straddle Liam once more. And slowly place my lips to his. Liam smiles through the kiss.


"I knew you wouldn't be able to do it. You might be a tease but you wanted to do it too" Liam says quickly, taking off my shirt. "Oh hush Payne" I say going to kiss him again grabbing his face. Our lips move together along with our bodies. I hadn't even noticed Liam's huge boner and how increasingly wet I was getting with Liam's hand slipping down my shorts. He was rubbing me through my panties, so I went and started rubbing his hard dick. I figured I should make up for each time I had turned him on and left (I guess you could say) so I traveled my mouth down his body and to his hips. I slide his boxer briefs down to his ankles and he kicks them off. I wrap my mouth around his dick and start moving my mouth up and down on his Length. His breathing hitches and he places his hands on his stomach, watching me intently as I move up and down. I put my hand around the part of his dick I cant fit in my mouth while I start to gain speed and deep throat him a few times. He moans at about the third time. I start moving slowly and trace the alphabet around his dick as I move up and down. By about 3/4 of the way through the alphabet Liam ends up with one hand tangled in my hair and his thumb brushing against my jawline, calling me softly by my name. As I reach Z I just bob my head quicker up and down his dick taking in a bit more of his length each time. "Nat..." He says breathy "Nat I'm close" I deep throat him once more knowing he was close. He came just as I brought my head up. I swallowed it quickly even though I didn't like to. I unwrap my mouth from his dick and as I move up to lay next to him. He leans partly over me and pecks my lips. I smile and he slide his hand into my shorts and then into my panties. His hands are cold to the touch and my breathing hitches. He starts to rub my clit then takes my shorts and panties off. I wrap my hand around his dick making him hard once again and he slides two fingers inside of me. He pumps slowly and gets on top of me, positioning himself just in front of my entrance. He takes out his fingers and quickly slides him self into my tight entrance only giving me a short moment to adjust to him. I grip the sheets tightly has he starts to thrust. I arch my back as he picks up speed pounding into me harder and faster. I moan each time he puts his full length inside of me. His thrusts get faster and I can feel his every move against my walls. He hits my g-spot and starts rubbing my clit too. "Li- Liam" I moan "Liam I'm close". At these words Liam goes even faster, progressively getting harder than he has yet and hits my g-spot. I let go from holding back and just after I do Liam's warm liquids fill my body. His thrusts soon get sloppy riding out our high but then pulling out. We lay next to each other calmly trying to catch our breath. Once I've caught my breath I come to the realization that I still have to go to school today. "You know, us living together is going to be such a distraction" I say turning my head and looking at him. He laughs lightly and kisses my forehead. "Come on let's get ready" he says getting out of bed.

Liam's POV
"You know us living together is going to be such a distraction" Natalie says turning her head and looking at me. I laugh a little and kiss her forehead. "Come on let's get ready" I say getting out of bed. Natalie sits up and gets out of bed as well. She walks to her dresser and gets out a new pair of panties and a bra. After getting them out she glances at her self in the small mirror above it. "Ugh... I have really bad sex hair" she's says trying to brush it down with her fingers. "I think it looks quite sexy" I say cheekily. She pulls her hair into a messy ponytail and puts on the bra and panties that she picked out on. She started to look through her pants looking for some to wear. "What about these ones?" I ask holding up a pair of jean shorts. "Liam it's winter" she giggles. "Only about 2 months til' spring" I say reassuringly. She smiles but shakes her head. I put the shorts back and keep looking through stuff. Natalie groans of frustration "screw it... Liam can you get me a thong and my yoga pants?" "Yeah sure babe" Natalie goes into her closet and looks for a shirt. I grab the first thong I could find and her black lululemon yoga pants. "Here ya go beautiful" I say setting them down on the bed. "Thank you" she chimes as she walks out of the closet with a  poleci watermelon/peach coloured cropped top. Along with vans that match. She puts on the pants along with slipping on the shirt. She sprays her self with a bit of perfume and goes to brush her teeth. "Do you want me to drive you?" I ask her. "That would be amazing, but only if you can and want to" she says from the bathroom. I put trousers on and a simple baseball tee and head down stairs I make a quick piece of toast for each of us and bring it to her. She takes a bite of the toast and puts on her shoes. After slipping on her shoes she gets her backpack. "Ready?" I ask as she puts her backpack on. "Ready." She says. I grab my keys off the counter and we both go out to the car. We get into the car and I drive her to the school. Luckily there wasn't anyone there really to see Natalie getting out of my car. After the short ride there I peck her quickly on the lips and she slides out of the car. After I see that she safely got inside I dive back home and pick up the house a bit seeing a I don't have anything to do today. I plan to pick her up from school today and go get her her Christmas present I owed her. Hours past and I did pretty much nothing. I was sitting on the couch just surfing through channels and an alarm on my phone went off reminding me to go pick up Natalie. She didn't know I was coming to get her so I was hoping it would be a good surprise. I put on a SnapBack and grab sunglasses as I go out to the car. Not only the use as a but of a disguise but also because the sun was shining through the clouds even though it was cold out. I get to Natalie's school and park my car a few blocks away and walk up to the school. I stand outside leaned against a tree waiting for Natalie to come out or for me to recognize her in the crowd. Soon, near the main exit I see a little (meaning short) girl with long wavy dirty blonde hair with the peach colored crop top I noticed from this morning and black yoga pant. I lean up against the back on my car looking at her. She makes her way towards Jay, I pull out my phone and call her. I watch her look at her phone, smile and answer. "Hey Liam" she says. "Hey babe, can you turn like 40 degrees clockwise?" She turns a bit counterclockwise "no other way" I laugh. "Liam what are you doing?" "Nothing... Just walk like 30 steps forward now." "Liam this is crazy..." "Just do it" I tell her smiling. "Okay fine" she says. I watch her start walking.  When she gets about 30 steps she stops and looks up. "Okay I took- LIAM!" She yells. She takes the phone from her ear and practically runs to me. "Liam! What are you doing here?!" She asks frantically. "I wanted to pick up my lovely girlfriend from school. Is that okay?" "Well of course it's okay but are you sure you want to risk everyone seeing you... And no security?" "Well it's worth it and I didn't think it was going to happen but you had to yell my name." "Sorry" she say looking down. I laugh and she looks up. "Come on we have somewhere to go." I tell her. She looks back at Jay who had followed her. "Go" he says to her smiling. "Okay I'll see you tonight" she says going and hugging him goodbye. Nat and I get in the car and I start driving to the pet store. "Where are we going?" Natalie asks when she sees we passed our usual turn to go home. "You'll see" I say plainly. Natalie looks at me for a second but since I don't say a thing she turns away and watches the road as well. Within minutes we arrive at the pet store. "What are we doing here?" She asks getting out of the car. "Must you ask so many questions?" I say teasing her. "But..." She starts to say. I laugh and gently and loosely place my arm on her back guiding her in. "You'll see" I say as I open the door for you. You hear bells jingle as the door opens and the staff all turn to see who has walked in. They all knew I was coming because I had already called ahead of time. I guide Natalie to the puppies once more. "Liam... What are you doing?" She asks sternly. "Remember how on Christmas I told you I owed you your present?" "Mmhm" Natalie says nodding her head. "Well here it is... Pick out a puppy" her jaw drops slightly, her eyebrows raise and she gasps. "Really?" She asks. "Yes." I say nodding my head. She joyfully turns around and look at the dozen of puppies in the pen at our feet. It was all new puppies that we hadn't met before except for the one puppy that was smaller than the others that we had cuddled with last time we were here. When Natalie gets down to the puppies the little one comes running straight towards her as if she remembered her. The puppies long ears flopped as it ran towards Natalie and it jumped up on the pen and quietly wined, begging Natalie to pick her up. Natalie as well remembers this puppy and picks her up. "This one" she says confident. "You sure?" I ask her, just testing. "Positive" she says smiling ear to ear. Natalie brings the little light caramel coloured great dane puppy with a black muzzle and bright green eyes to me and places her in my arms. She perks up and attacks my face with kisses. I laugh and push her away from my face a bit. "She's perfect" I reassure Natalie. She smiles an I walk with her and our new puppy to the register. When we get there, there is already a small kennel, a bed, dishes, food and plenty of toys and treats, everything we needed to get started. Along with the already filled out adoption papers. "Wait... How did you know?" Natalie asks. "Remember last time we were here?" She nods her head "I planned it all then and called them today knowing we were coming to get her." "You're amazing" she ask getting on we tippy toes and quickly pecks my cheek. "There's just one thing I didn't pick out yet and that's a collar. That's your job" I say to her smiling. She sets the puppy on the ground and happily walks over to the collars the puppy following closely behind her. While she was gone I paid for everything and after I joined her in picking out a collar. She was holding a sparkly pink one when I walked up. "How about this one?" She asks. "It fits her perfectly" I say. I bring this last thing to the register and pay for it. "Oh! Just one last thing before you leave" the lady behind the register says kindly. "She needs a name" "oh! How could we forget?" I say looking at Natalie for an answer. "I have no clue" she says. "How about Missy?" "That's absolutely perfect" she says picking up Missy. "Well Missy it is." I tell the sweet lady behind the register. "Okay perfect." She says "and here is your last thing, her tags." She say placing them in Natalie's hand. "Thank you" Nat and I say at the same time.  We gather our stuff and head out to the car with the newest addition to our little house, Missy.

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