As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


5. Niall and Jay

"Hey! Where the heck are you?!" I say when Jay answers the phone

"I'm in the food court... Geeze Nat calm down" He answers quickly
"Okay I'm on my way!"
"Wait Nat what ha-" Jay starts to say but I hang up the phone before I hear him finish. I quickly walk out of Urban Outfitters and to the nearest escalator and ride it down to the food court. I frantically look around for Jay and when I spot him i run towards him. "Jay!" I say scaring him and the few other people in the line around him.
"Are you bloody mad Natalie?" I cower down a bit "Sorry... but you scared me... Sorry" He pulls me into a hug. "Okay now what are you freaking out about?" I look around but there are too many people to just tell him so i get on my tip toes and whisper in his ear.
"I met Niall"
"Who?" He says at normal volume
"Niall Horan... from One Direction" I whisper
"Nu huuh" I nod with a huge smile across my face. Jay orders his food and we go sit down. "Okay now explain how"
"Okay so I was just looking at clothes in urban outfitters and he comes running up to me and is like 'Quick, pretend you know me. Help me hide from the fans' and so then we talked and he asked me if I was a fan and I said a bit, then he was quiet but then said he liked me cuz I didn't freak out. Then we just talked and looked through the clothes for ten minutes til the coast was clear of fans. Then he gave me him number" I showed Jay my hand "and told me to call him so we could hang out sometime and he would introduce me to the rest of the boys." Jay is silent then it seems to all click
"Oh my gosh ace! Well that means you get to meet your life soon... right? Who's your favorite? They're going to love you! What if one of them falls in love  with you? You get to meet them! I'm so happy for you!"
"Exactly! I don't have one really but I super hope they do! Oh my gosh, that would be my dream come true! I hope that when I meet them I'll know who I love... Well that'll be all of them obviously. Ahh I'm so excited" Jay laughs at my rambling.
"Okay Natalie... Breathe... Now when are you going to call him?"
"Well I didn't want to call him so soon he pretty much just left. I think I'll call him when we get back home and hope that's long enough."
"That's probably fine now eat something"
"No I'm not hungry"
"You're never hungry Nat. Eat something, at least this apple"
"Fine" I say taking the small apples and eating it.

We spend about 3 more hours at the mall before heading home. We get to my house and he stops on the driveway. "Can you wait here, I don't know what mood my dad will be in" he nods and I get out of the door cautious not to make too much noise.
"Yes daddy?" I say walking in to the kitchen with smelt strongly of vodka and other alcohol.
"What have you been doing all day with Jay? You guys gettin it on?" He says standing up and wobbling over to me. 
"Please don't touch me"
"But I just want some love from my baby girl."
"Dad no"
"I just want a hug" he says gripping my arm tightly.
"Dad let go. I don't want to hug you." I say pulling away. He pulls me back and raises a hand to hit me. I flinch and cower down. He put his hand down and pushes me away and to the floor.
"Get out of my house!" I slowly get up trying not to anger him more and grab my wallet that has fallen to the ground and walk out of the door closing it behind me.  I walk out into the drive way and get into Jays car without saying a word.
"Do you want to talk about it?" I shake my head and Jay pulls out of his driveway and drive to his house without saying a word. "Nat... Things are going to get better. Think on the bright side you're going to meet your idols soon... Your life. Please." I listen carefully to this and then snap myself out of the sad mood and put a smile on my face. "That's better. Now let’s go inside." Jay opens his door and I open mine. We walk through the car garage and into his house. His mom’s car and brother’s car are gone which means his dad is probably home. He walks in and throws his lanyard on the kitchen counter and it echoes through his huge house. I walk up to his room (soon followed by him) and change into my sweats and go brush my hair and teeth. Jay’s house is like my second home I have a few outfits there along with some sweats, shorts and simple shirts for sleeping that all stay there along with a tooth brush and hair brush. I stay there enough so I might as well have all that there. We both walk back down stairs and he goes to puts in a movie while I talk to his dad.
"Hey Nat... You stayin the night?"
"Yes sir, as long as that's okay with you"
"It's totally fine and Natalie, what have I told you? Just call me Todd or dad. You don't have to call me sir or Mr. Willams. It's been 9 years. Just call me dad all the time. Please, I beg you." I laugh
"Okay... Dad" 
"So what did you guys do today?"
"We went into London and just kinda messed around and then he went to drop me off, but my dad was in a mood so we came here"
"Sounds fun. And if your dad is ever in a mood again, you're always welcome here just call one of us if you can't drive over and we'll come get you."
"Thanks dad" I say giving him a hug then walk into the theatre room. I sit down by Jay and start the movie and rest my feet on his lap. The movie ends and Jay gets up and goes to get food before starting the next movie. He sits back down and starts looking through movies. I reach towards the box of crackers in his lap. He watches my hand as I take some crackers. Then he gasps. 
"What?" I ask him
"Niall... You never called him. When are you going to call him?"
"Oh my gosh! I totally forgot! Should I call him now?"
"Go for it!" I sit up and pull out my phone. Then dial the number on my hand. I take a deep breath and press the call button. It rings and rings and rings. He doesn't answer... I hang up the phone and lock it without a word. 
"He didn't answer..." I say quietly
"Oh I'm sorry Nat..." He say putting a hand on my back
"Oh no it's okay" I say putting a smile on my face. We continue looking through the movies and my phone rings. I don't know the number, so I show it to Jay. He shrugs his shoulders but then quickly looks at my hand and compares the numbers. They're the same number.
"It's Niall!" I quickly answer the phone making sure not to miss it.
"Hi is this Natalie?" Niall says in reply, accent thick
"Yeah it is."
"Hey! It's Niall"
"Hey Niall"
"Sorry I missed your call I didn't hear the phone ring. Harry and I were cooking." 
"Oh sorry for interrupting"
"Oh no don't worry about it love" When he says love I try to no freak out on the outside. "Okay so I told the boys about you and today and they would love to meet you."
"Wow really?"
"Yeah! So what day would be good for you?"
"Um any day really... Well not during the week because I have school but besides that I'm free" Jay nudges me and shakes his head vigorously. "Oh wait, I don't have school for a few weeks, it's winter break." I quickly add.
"Alright I'll talk to the boys and Paul and text you with details. Sound good?"
"Sounds perfect." I say with a huge smile plastered on my face.
"Alright talk to you soon Natalie"
"Okay! Bye Niall"
"Bye" He says. I hang up the phone and set it on my lap without a word. I am so shocked that that even just happened.
“Soo… What are the plans when are you going to meet them?” I just smile. “Natalie… You can’t just leave me hanging you have to tell me.”
“Well I don’t know when yet but he said he would text me days that would work and stuff.”
“That’s great! I’m so happy for you babe.”
“Ahh you have no clue” I giggle “Okay were gunna snuggle now, next movie.” Jay laughs, I lay my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me like we always do. We start looking through all of the movies again then decide on Easy A but end up falling asleep before the end of it. I wake up to banging sounds coming from upstairs, then quick footsteps all the way down to the bottom floor where Jay and I are. I wake up Jay, “Jay did you hear that?” he groans “Jay, no seriously, there was a loud bang upstairs and then someone came down the stairs.”
“It’s probably nothing” he says sleepily
“But Jay, what if it wasn’t just nothing”
“Natalie its fine just chill out and go back to sleep.”
“Fine, but if it’s not nothing and we get murdered, I blame you.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah” He says and resituates himself, but I don’t let him take his arm off from around me. I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep but can’t stop thinking about the noises. Soon the door to the theatre room opens. I tense up and Jay squeezes me a bit. The person quietly walks up closer to the couch. I keep my eyes closed pretending to be sleeping but neither Jay, nor I were still asleep. The person comes around the couch Jay and I are on and start messing with the projector. I open my eyes just to see who it was, it was Jay’s brother. I grab a pillow that’s by my feet and throw it at him. He jumps and screams.
“Natalie! What was that for?” He says in a loud whisper
“You wanker! You scared the shit out of me Noah!” I answer, also in a loud whisper
“Oh sorry…”
“What are you doing?”
“Trying to turn off the projector, dad told me to make sure it was off before I went to bed if you two fell asleep”
“Okay, well try to be less creepy next time”
“Oh yeah I’ll try that. Wait how was I creepy?”
“The loud bang upstairs then you came quickly down the stairs,” he chuckles.
“Oh yeah, I ran into my dresser and then jogged down the stairs so mom and dad couldn’t yell at me.”
“I know, I try” I rolls my eyes then close them and try to go to sleep. Noah turns off the projector and goes back up to his room, quietly this time.

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