As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


8. Meeting The Boys

I pull into the drive way of the boys flat and carefully park Jays mum's car off to the side. I get out of the car, lock it and check myself in the car window. I look up and Niall is leaning against the wall outside.
"Oh my goodness, you scared me." He laughs
"You get scared easily don't you?" I giggle a little and nod my head, I walk over to him.
"Well I just didn't hear you come out, and all of a sudden you appear." He laughs again and pulls me into a hug. 
"It's great to see you again love, the boys are really excited to meet you."
"Wow, this is actually unbelievable" I say as we both walk down the path to the main double doors to their flat. 
"Well why do you say that?"
"Because just a few days ago I was just another directioner, dreaming about this and now it's actually happening. It's crazy"
"Well, now your dream is coming true. And you better get used to hanging out with us, because I'm pretty sure the boys are going to love you. And if they love you, that means we'll be spending a lot more time together." With this, Niall opens the front door. He takes a left turn and a large spacious room is reviled. Zayn and Louis are sitting on a couch that has it's back to us. "Hey guys Natalie's here!" they both turn around,
"Natalie! Hey!" Louis says. Louis jumps over the couch and Zayn walks around the couch over to me. They both one, by one pull me into a hug as if I were family or a close friend.
"Where's Harry?" Niall asks. 
"In the kitchen" Zayn says simply
"Come on" Niall says, I follow him into the kitchen. Harry is as the island, which appears to have a stove top and he is focused on a pan sitting on the stove top. "Harry!" Niall says. Harry jerks his head up and we make eye contact.
"Who's this?"
"Natalie, I told you all she was coming over today"
"Oh right! Hey Natalie"
"Hi" I wave a tad. He turns the stove top off and moves the pan away from the red burner.
"It's nice to meet you" Harry says also pulling me into a hug. I hug him back and slowly release.
"Haz, wheres Liam? I want him to meet Natalie"
"I think he's upstairs with Paul going over the plans for the next few weeks."
"Okay, well, we'll go out there with the Tommo and Malik and wait til he comes downstairs. And then we can go."
"Okay I'll be out there in just a bit" Niall and I walk out of the kitchen and toward the living space,
"What plans?"
"Oh you'll see" Niall says in reply. We sit down on the large couch across from Louis and Zayn.
"So Natalie... How did you meet Niall, he's told us his story but, what's your's?" Louis asks
"Um... Well I was shopping with my" I pause debating what to categorize Jay as, "brother and he didn't to go look at shoes and stuff with me so he went to go get food and left me there. So I was looking through clothes and Niall came up to me and scared me a bit, asking if I would pretend that I knew him" Harry then walks in and sits down next to Louis. "and we just talked for about ten, fifteen minutes and when he left he wrote his number on my hand and now I'm here." 
"Sounds just like Niall's story except his started with a large group of crazy fans chasing him" I giggle
"Yeah I saw them walk by a few times" all the boys laugh a bit and then Liam appears behind the couch.
"What's so funny?" He chimes in. His accent is gorgeous and pure. It's not like I don't hear a British all the time, I live in the UK. But Liam's just seemed to stand out in that moment in time.
"Natalie was explain to them how we met" Niall tells him.
"So this gorgeous girl is the Natalie you were telling me about." Liam says smiling and looking at me. I can feel my cheeks get warm and turn a bright shade of red. 
"Yup" Niall says in reply. "Well now that you are done talking to Paul we can go, right?"
"Yeah just let me tell him were leaving" Liam walks back upstairs and Harry, Louis and Zayn get up.
"Where are we going?"
"Out." Niall says, still not telling me a thing. He stands up and walks toward the door, I follow. The 6 of us walk outside and get into the car, Niall decides to drive there to celebrate his getting his license. Zayn sits in the front with him and I sit in the back with Louis, Harry and Liam. I sit with Louis across from me and Liam to my right. Zayn turns on the music and the boys just goof around to the music the whole way there. By the time we were parked my stomach hurt from laughing so much. We each filed out of the car and in to Monmouth coffee shop. Trying to not drag too much attention to the boys. I look around the cafe, it's not that busy, there are only a few other people in there. We each order out drinks and the boys insist to pay for me. After quite a bit of arguing I finally gave in and let them pay. We all go sit down at a table far from the front window, trying to not draw attention to the boys. I sit next to Niall, well because he's the one I feel most comfortable around so far. Liam comes and sits on my other side and Louis, Harry and Zayn sit across from us. We talk about a lot. From what everyone else was doing the day I ran into Niall to how much their lives have changed now that they're in One Direction. They really wanted me to talk about their fan base, which after a bit I did.
"I love everyone but... They can be a bit vicious at times. Everyone is super protective over you guys and it's the best. Like everyone always says you can hate on us but don't hate on our boys. And that's just kinda how it is."
"Wow. We're right you guys are really dedicated" Zayn says. I nod my head. They then get into talking about the craziest things a fan has done to meet them.
"You are actually, probably the most calm and down to earth fan we've ever met. You just treat us like we're 5 normal guys. Not 5 famous guys in the world’s biggest boy band." These words made me melt. I could not believe those words had just came out of the mouth of Liam Payne, 1/5 of my life. And all the other boys nodded and agreed with him. I was speechless. When I finally find my voice I say,
"Well that's how I'd want to be treated if I were famous. And plus you are just 5 normal boys. You've just got a bunch of people crazy about you and your life is a tad busier than normal."
For the next 30 minutes we talk about anything that come to mind and by the time we leave the coffee shop it's like I was just talking to my 5 best friends for an hour and a half. It was still unbelievable. We drive back to their flat and walk inside. Paul is waiting for the boy’s just inside.
"You know you have an interview in 45 minutes right?" Paul asks them when they come inside "Liam, I told you to make sure you were back by 4 so you would have plenty time. Its 4:30"
"Sorry Paul, we lost track of time"
"It's alright, just go get ready" The boys each hug me good bye and walk off up the large stair case.
"I'm sorry, if I had known the boys had to be back I-"
"It's totally fine sweetie, it's not your fault at all. Don't worry about it. Natalie? Right?"
"Yeah. Nice to meet you" I extend my arm to shake his hand. He shakes his head and lowers my arm.
"Any girl that one of the boys meet for a short amount of time and wants to spend more time with is special. You're pretty much part of the One Direction family." Paul gives me a light hug. "I'll see you again soon?" I giggle
"Hopefully" I then turn towards the door and make my way out to Jay's moms car in the drive way and drive back to their house, ready to tell them everything. 

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