As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


4. London Adventures

I wake up at 10:30 and jump out of bed. An hour and a half to get ready? In my dreams. I take a quick shower and blow dry my hair. Then go to pick out what to wear. Knowing Jay we're probably going into London and just walking around. I pick out black skinny jeans and short chestnut Uggs. With an over sized off the shoulder red knit long sleeve sweater with a white tank top underneath and a black scarf. ( I go to my bathroom and turn on my curler, but then check the time, 11:15, shoot I only have 45 minutes to do my hair. I decide to do it up in loose curls since its so long and there's so much of it, it would take too long to do anything else. I start curling my hair at 11:20 and finish at 11:55. Phew, just in time. I do a quick spin around checking my hair making sure I didn't miss any pieces. I now have 5 minutes to do my make up, and anything else I decide to just put on some mascara. I'm not a very big fan of wearing make up. So I don't normally wear anything but mascara. I hear a quiet knock at the door down stairs. I quietly come out of my room and downstairs, scared to wake my dad after what happened last night. I open the door quietly,
"Hey!" Jay wispers
"Hey, I'll be out in just a sec, unless you want to come in."
"No, it's okay I'll wait out here." I close the door quietly and go into the kitchen and write on a sticky note 'Dad - I'm out with Jay. Be back tonight.' I stick it on the fridge grab my clutch wallet and head out. I look towards the drive way and see Jay brought his Lamborghini. I stop before getting into the car. 
"Well aren't you going to get in?" He asks me opening the passenger seat door.
"Why?" I ask him
"Why what?"
"Why this car?"
"Why not?" He shoots back
"It's so flashy" I whine
"Just get in" He says hitting the seat. I groan and slide in. I reach for the radio and he pushes my hand away.
"Hey, you said I get to choose next time, and next time is now."
"Fine." He moves his hand and lets me choose the music. Soon we are in London and Jay is parking the car.
"So what is the plan for today?" I ask
"There isn't really one, all I know is that I want Starbucks." I laugh, but agree and we walk over to Starbucks, passing a large group of girls on the way there. Jay orders our drinks and pays for them.
"It's my turn to pay next time" I turn to him and say, after a bit of arguing Jay gives in and and finally agrees. I hate it when people buy things for me and I don't pay them back. Jay has paid for me the days we go out the past 3 times so I'm going to pay next time. We get our drinks and walk to Urban Outfitters. "I want to look at shoes!" I say as we get into the store.
"I'll pass" Jay says walking the other way
"No, Jay." I say grabbing his wrist
"I don't want to look at shoes, dresses and girl clothes again."
"Ugh, fine."
"I'll be over here and might just go get us some food, okay? I have my phone"
"Okay fine" We both walk our opposite ways, me towards the shoes and Jay towards the men's section. I start looking at the shoes and then walk over to the shirts and such. Soon a blonde boy with piercing blue eyes quickly walks up to me a bit panicked.
"Quick, can you do me a favor, act like you know me, like we're shopping together. Don't let those people know I'm here" He says with a thick Irish accent pulling his hood up.
"Uhhh" Is all I could seem to get out as I realize that the boy that just stopped me was Niall Horan, the Niall Horan of One Direction.
"So, what's you're name" He says calmly. I take a deep breath and gain composure.
"Hey Natalie, I'm Niall"
"Uh huh... Um, so who or what are you hiding from?"
"The fans." he replies simply, accent heavy.
"Are they really that bad? They follow you around the stores?" he nods
"Wow I would never be that bad" I mumble
"What did you say?" Niall asks
"Oh nothing" I say, not daring to repeat my self
"Are... um... Are you a fan?" Niall asks after a little, but seeming to automatically regret it.
"A bit..." I say, Niall looks over at me with a bit of fright and worry. "Are you okay?"
Uh... Yeah..." He replies expression changing. I smile. "I like you... You don't freak out." I laugh and probably blush and continue to look through the clothes on the rack. "How bout this one?" He asks me pulling out a white shirt with lace sleeves and back.
"I like it" I say with a smile.
We spend the next ten minutes laughing and becoming closer and closer (if I can say this) friends. I never thought this would actually happen, I only dreamed.
"I think they've left, I think I can go back to the boys flat now." I nod "Thanks Natalie, don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there"
"Been mobbed by fans?" Niall laughs
"Probably, well I wanna hang with you again, hopefully for longer and with the rest of the boys" Niall says. At these words, on the inside I freak, but on the outside I manage to remain clam.
"I'd love that" I reply
"Here's my number call me when you can and we can set up something." Niall says writing his number on my hand
"Will do" I say with a smile
"Bye Natalie, see you soon" Niall says just before he walks away. I wait till he gets a fair distance away and I squeal a bit. I look at my hand squeal again but then gain my composure and call Jay so we can meet up again. I've got to tell him what just happened.

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