As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


9. Liam and Dad

Paul's POV

I walk up the stairs to check on the boys, make sure they're ready then to get them out the door so we would get to the interview on time.
"Boys, we need to go. Come on." Each of the boys walks out of their rooms and out to the car. They each get in to the car and buckle up. I put the car in to drive and pull out onto the road, and we're on our way.
"Okay, what's the thing with Natalie?" I ask immediately. They all look at Liam, who then looks at Niall. 

Niall's POV

"Okay, what's the thing with Natalie?" Paul asks when we get headed to our interview. We all look at Liam cuz we knew he fancied her a bit. But Liam looks at me. I then explain to Paul how we met at the mall and how I thought she would be perfect for Liam because she was so bubbly, adorable and sweet from just the few minutes I spent with her. So I wanted to introduce her to everyone, especially Liam. But I didn't tell anyone that this was my plan, to set her up with Liam. Each of the boys explained their thoughts about Natalie and they all also thought from today her and Liam would make an adorable couple. When we looked to Liam for him to talk about Natalie, his cheeks were red but all he said was,
"I donno..." I could tell Liam was hiding something. He wouldn't just greet her, calling her gorgeous if he didn't think at least something of her. But we each let it go because we knew Liam would open up eventually. We got to the interview and just before it started Liam and I were sitting by each other and he said softly to me,
"Can I have Natalie's number; I want to invite her over again soon." I nod my head knowing that Liam really did fancy her. 

Natalie's POV

I got back to Jay's house and told him and his mom all about it, since they both wanted to know. After I told them every detail I asked Jay to drive me home, since I should probably be getting back to my dad. I go up get the stuff I need from upstairs and go back downstairs to Jay. We walk in to the garage and get in his mustang and he drives me home. I tell him it’s okay for him to just drive back to his house, I'll call him if I need to. I unlock my front door and wave to Jay so he knows I got in and he can leave.
"I'm home" I call as I walk in and close the door behind me. No one answers. I walk up to my room and drop my stuff off. It's just as I left it. I walk back to the living room and no one’s there. I didn't get why my dad didn't answer when I yelled when I got home. It finally hit me, he must be sleeping. I go to his room and slowly open to door. He's not in there either. I pull out my phone and now worried, call my dad. It rings and rings yet he doesn't answer. I go in to the kitchen hoping he was just out somewhere and was gunna be back soon and there was a note on the fridge. At this thought I calm down a bit and walk to the kitchen. There's a note on the fridge. I quickly take it off the fridge and read it. 

Dear my baby girl,
I know I've hurt you and you probably hate me now, but I love you and I hope you know that. By the time you come back from Jay's I'll be gone. The house is now yours, if you don't want it you can sell it or rent it, do with it what you want. I'll miss you. 

Your new guardian angle
Aka Daddy 

"No" I shake my head "No this can't be..." Tears start to roll down my face. I can't move. I don't even know what to do anymore. I loved my dad with all of my heart even though he hurt me so much. What am I going to do now? My dad is gone forever. I can't, I just can't. I sink to the floor tears quickly streaming down my face. Hyperventilating and shaking uncontrollably. I manage to think clearly enough to know what I should do, call Jay... No, Jay's mum. I pull out my phone and dial her number. It rings twice and she answers
"Hey Nat!" Jay mum answers cheerfully
"H-hey M-mrs. James" I say through shaky breath and tears
"Oh my goodness, Natalie, Whats wrong?"
"C-can... Can you...C-c-come get m-me" I manage to get out
"Yeah of course baby, where are you?" She says soothingly
"M-m-my house."
"Okay I'll be there really soon"
"W-wait mum,"
"Please d-d-don't tell J-Jay."
"I wont." She hangs up the phone and i slowly set the phone on the ground and curl into fetal position, there seems to be no more tears left for me to cry. Minutes pass that seem like hours and there is a knock at the door. I get up from off the floor and walk to the door and open it. Jays mum see me, mascara running down my face. She steps inside and pulls me into a close tight hug. I bury my face in her neck and tears start to stream down my face again.
"Shhh... Shhh... It's gunna be okay Nat. It's gunna be okay" She says rubbing my back.
"Why me mum? why does this have to happen to me?"
"What happened Nat? Do you want to talk about it?" I simply lead her into the kitchen and show her the note. As her eyes scan the note her eyes loose their normal glow. "I am so sorry Natalie..." I have stopped crying by now and am able to think straight.
"It's okay... Things will get better. But I know one thing... I don't want to live here. I want to sell it or rent it  or something... But I don't know where I would go."
"You can come move in with us. We have 2 guest room and one is now yours, permanently. And as for the house, I can do that for you. If you want me to."
"Yes please, but are you sure?"
"I am positive! You might as well be my daughter and I could never just leave you like that. Please come and live with us. You have a room and a bathroom there, please."
"Okay, thank you mum, I'd love to."
"Do you want to get your stuff now or come back later and get it?"
"I think I want to get some of it now and can we come back later to get everything else, when we start everything we need to do to sell it."
"Of course. Do you want help?"
"Yes please." We walk down the hall way to my room and I grab my laptop, backpack and other school stuff first. Then I grab a duffle bag and put my jackets, a few jeans and yoga pants along with a few shirts and shoes and undergarments. I then go into the bathroom and pack up my shampoo, conditioner, face wash, curling wand, straightener, make up and make up remover. And close my bag. I put a few hair ties and hair accessories into the outside pocket and sling it over my shoulder. I look in the mirror, my eyes are red a puffy from crying and the mascara is down my face, but mostly faded. I take a damp towel and wipe the last of it from my cheeks and under my eyes.
"You ready hunny?" I pick up my wallet from my desk and nod, then walk out of my room and to the front door. Jay's mum opens the trunk of her car and I put my duffle back in the back, and go sit shotgun.
"Mum, can I ask you something?"
"Go ahead, what is it?"
"What am I going to tell Jay?"
"You don't have to tell him that your dad is... gone. You can just tell him he's in one of his moods. And we can tell him later, or I can tell him, if you want."
"Could you tell him? And Noah and Daddy James?"
"Of course"
"Thanks mum"
"No problem hunny" We drive back to the house and pull into the garage. I get my bag out of the car and walk inside and up the stairs, to the top floor. I hear the shower in Jays room running. I go into the guest room closet to Jays room and set down my bag, then make my way back down stairs. I see mum and dad talking in the kitchen, she must be telling him what happened. He's nodding and when he sees me he walks over to me and gives me a huge hug.
"You are always welcome here, welcome to your new home. I love you" he whispers in my ear. 
"I love you too, thank you" I whisper back
"Is everything okay?" Jay says from behind us. We quickly release from the hug and turn around to face Jay
"Yeah everything is fine" his mom says
"Nat what are you doing back?"
"Oh, my dad was just..." I hold back a tear "in one of his moods"
"Oh, okay." Jay says not suspecting a thing. "Okay, so are we doing anything today?" he then asks his parents.
"Uh nope don't think so"
"Okay, I'll be up in my room" Jay says before turning around and going up to his room.
"Nat, do you want me to tell him tonight or tomorrow?"
"I think the sooner he knows the better."
"Alright I'll tell him after dinner."
"Thanks" Mum turns around and continues working at the stove making grilled cheese for dinner, my favorite. I go up to my new room and begin unpacking. This is my new home, I might as well make it feel like it. I put all my clothes, from my duffle bag to, my dresser and then put all the remaining things in the bathroom. I then set up my computer on the desk and turn it on. I open up Twitter and Facebook and gaze through everything. There is plenty of stuff started by Claire and Cami about the picture when I met Niall about me "not being good enough". Just wait til they find out that was really me, and things start coming out about me and all of the other boys. My phone in my pocket vibrates and i check it, it's a call from a number I don't know. I answer it, curious as to who it could be.
"Hi, is this Natalie?"
"Um... Yeah, it is. Who's this?"
"Hey Natalie! It's Liam"
"Wait really?" he laughs
"Yeah it is," hearing this turned my entire day around. Liam really made an imprint on me today, and hearing his voice and him calling me, without me giving him my number or telling him to call me, brought a giant ray of sun to my suddenly cloudy day.
"Oh hey" I say with a smile "Whats up?
"Yeah, I was um... Just uh, wondering if, um... You wanted to uh... Hang out with the boys and I again soon."
"I would love to" I say beaming
"Awesome" he says obviously a lot more calm "how bout Friday or Saturday?"
"That sounds good, I'll have to check with my.... Uh... Mum... and let you know"
"Okay... Text me?"
"Yeah totally!"
"Okay talk to you soon, Bye!" he says, I can tell, smiling.
"Bye!" I hang up the phone and just smile for a bit. It's amazing that just talking to him for a little bit like that could turn my entire day around, especially considering the previous events. Wow, I really super like him. It's kind of crazy. In this moment I knew that he was the one, the one I had fallen head over heels in love with. Liam James Payne was the one.

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