As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


12. I Need To Tell You Something


When I get into the house I hurry and sit down at the kitchen table

"I am so sorry... I just lost track of time"

"It's okay we all just sat down so I sent Jay out to get you" 

"Oh okay thanks... And um I thought I should tell you... My car didn't start when I got in it to drive home, so Liam drove me home. He said no rush to pick it up. It's safe there." 

"Okay well pick it up on Sunday and figure out what's wrong with it."

We all eat our dinner and after Noah goes up stairs and conceals himself in his room like he always does. The four of us stayed down stairs on our electronics and I told mum everything along with telling Daddy Williams that I've been spending the days with One Direction. He was astounded but happy for me because, along with everyone else I know, knew that they are my life. A few hours later I made my way upstairs and into my room. I opened up my computer and logged into Facebook. I spend a while just browsing but when I come along a certain picture I stop. It's a picture of the boys and me talking and laughing from on Wednesday. As I keep scrolling I see more pictures of the boys and me from Wednesday when we went out. I finally get up the nerve to open a picture from that day. It was a collage of pictures all from Wednesday. As I read through the comments it's mostly "who's the girl?" Or "lucky bitch" or "what is she doing with them?" "Aww the boys but ew who's she" "she's probably just a friend". Then there was the occasional "aw she's pretty" "why does it matter who she is the boys look happy" "let her be". These people made me smile and made the other comments less hurtful, even though the numbers for those kinds of comments were a lot lower than the other. After reading through more than I should have and going in twitter and reading things, which were a lot ruder. I pride myself away from the addicting hate and went to bed hoping it would stop. I woke up the next morning and walked down stairs. I saw Jay sitting on the couch and went and sat next to him emotionless.

"You okay?"

"Yeah just over thinking things"

"What happened?"

"One Direction... The pictures from Wednesday came out and are everywhere... And people are rude"

"Don't listen to them... They're just jealous."

"But Jay... These things that they're saying... It's crazy"

"I know you've told me before how rude and crazy the directioners are. You just need to ignore it."

“I know... I try but the hate... It's so addicting. I just can't stop reading it. I spent like 45 minutes reading it last night"

"You need to not. I will take your phone and computer at night so you can't read it all. Please promise me you'll stop reading it. I know how much it hurts you Nat. You can pretend it doesn't but I know it does. I know you too well."

"I'll try but I can't promise." Jay sighs and looks at me for a second then looks back at the telly. I get up and go to me room, unplug my phone and unlock it, checking my messages. There's one from Claire,


From: Claire Jacobson

Hey guess what? The girl that looks like you was with the boys again. Jealous yet? The boys will never hang out with you. Especially in public. 


I clench my jaw as I read but let it go at the end and took a deep breath and ignored her. I opened my next text. 


From: Liam Payne:)



Confused, I text him back. 


To: Liam Payne:)

Why are you sorry?


From: Liam Payne:)

The fans...


To: Liam Payne:)

Oh it totally fine... Don't worry about it


From: Liam Payne:)

Just I wasn't expecting people to react so rudely... I thought they would love you. But above all that I was hoping so many pictures wouldn't get out.


To: Liam Payne:)

Liam... It's okayy... Don't worry


From: Liam Payne:)

Alright... I just feel bad I started all of it.


To: Liam Payne:)

Actually Niall started it haha... But either way it's totally fine. Don't worry about it


From: Liam Payne:)

Haha:) but Natalie... The rude things they're saying about you... It's not true. You're gorgeous and deserve to be spending time with us. I am so lucky and so happy Niall introduced us.


To: Liam Payne:)

Thankks Liam:)


From: Liam Payne:)

No problem love:)


I walk downstairs, this time with a smile on my face. 

"Look who's smiling now?" Jay says with a smile. I just laugh and smile "who said what?"

"Liam" I give him my phone open to the conversation as I sit down next to him. His eyes scan the conversation emotionless then turns to me and smiles. 

"Are you dating yet?" I giggle

"Not yet" as he starts to give my phone back it vibrate and I get a text. I reach for my phone but Jay pulls it out of my reach. Acting like the annoying older brother he is to me. "Jay gimme my phone!" I say reaching for it

"Oooo it’s Liam Payne… Smiley face... Ooo smiley face."


"What are you doing Monday? I want to see you again… Smiley face" Jay reads from the screen then standing up and holding the pone above his head so I definitely couldn't reach it. Jay is almost 6' 2" and I'm 5' 3". So when Jay holds the phone above his head it makes it almost impossible for me to get it. I try jumping up and pulling his arm down to get it like a 5 year old. Nothing works so I give up and just give him the puppy dog face. He laughs, lowers his hand and places the phone in my hand. I close my hand on it and spin around sitting quickly in the couch and bringing my knees up to my chest guarding it. Jay shakes his head and sits down next to me. In the process of Jay trying to keep my phone away he called Liam. I put the phone up to my ear timidly

"Uh hello?"

"Hey Natalie" it was Zayn


"No... It's Liam..." Zayn says trying to change his voice "what was all of that noise?" He asks

"Zayn give me my phone!" I hear Liam yell from close by. I giggle knowing that he is in the same situation I was just in. 

"Oh that was Jay trying to keep my phone away from me."

"Jay? Your best friend? You're with him?" 

"Uh... Yeah I live with him..." I tell Zayn. 

"Zayn, phone. Now." Liam says obviously not struggling for the phone like before. Like Zayn has stopped trying to make him fight for it. 

"She lives with her best friend... Who's a guy?" I hear Zayn say quietly. Liam, I'm assuming, then takes the phone and puts it to his ear. 

"Sorry the boys saw you were calling and decided to play keep away with my phone. But what's up? You called?"

"Yeah sorry" I say getting up from the couch and walking towards that stairs. Jay starts to follow me but I put my arm out telling him to stop and stay downstairs. "I didn't mean to... Jay was playing keep away with my phone and somehow managed to call you. I was just about to text you back.” I say closing the door to my room behind me. I sit down on my bed.
“Oh well we were in the same situation” He laughs “so what exactly where you going to text me back?”
“I was going to say I would love to see you again Monday” I say smiling.
“What time Monday would work for you?”
“Any time works for me really” I tell him simply.
“Well how about supper time? I want to take you out”
“Um…” I say a bit stunned at first “Yeah sure that would be great” I say relaxing a bit and my smile coming back.
“Monday at 5:30? Does that work? I’ll pick you up”
“Sounds perfect”
“Okay well I’ll talk to you later beautiful” Liam says about to hang up the phone
“Wait Liam… I think I still have some explaining to do…” I say a bit more serious
“What do you mean?”
“Me… Living with Jay…”
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he reassures me.
“But I feel like I should…”
“Well then go ahead I am here to listen”
“Okay well…” I take a deep breath “Jay and I have been friends for as long as I can remember and his family is like my second family. And well… My dad kinda… Um…” I start to get emotional but push it back “Gets in these moods where he’s super violent and harsh. Recently it was very bad I came home from Jay’s one night when the night before he yelled at me for no apparent reason. When I came home from a day out he… he exploded at me and got a bit violent… So I went and spent the night at Jay’s as I normally do when he does this. But when I decided to go back home, thinking my dad would be okay now…” I start to cry, silently, know what happens next. This is the first time I’ve really talked about it since it happened just a few days ago. “When I got home I couldn’t find my dad anywhere in the house. So I went to the fridge to see if he had left a note as we normally do when we go somewhere. But, his note wasn’t just I’ve gone to the store… It was a goodbye note from my dad...”
“Oh my goodness Natalie… I am so sorry”
“No it’s okay…” I say wiping away my tears “So Jay’s family kind of just took me in and I now live with him and his family”
“Natalie… Babe… I am so sorry for asking and being so suspicious.”
“No Liam… Don’t worry about it… You didn’t know” I say smiling
“Well… If you don’t mind me asking… And you don’t have to answer this but, how long ago did it happen?”
“Um…” I pause hesitating to tell him it was only a few days ago, “Wednesday…”
“Like this Wednesday?”
“Natalie… Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Positive… You five have turned the entire situation around… Thank you”
“No problem love…” There was a bit of silence “Monday at 5:30 I’ll pick you up and I have something for you”
“What’s that?” I ask him
“A giant hug” I giggle a little.
“I can’t wait… I’ll see you then”
“See you then” I hang up the phone and lay back on my bed. That was a lot to tell him but I’m happy I didn’t wait forever to tell him and hopefully he’ll understand better as to why I’m always with Jay, my best friend.

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