As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


15. I Can't Take It Anymore


I woke up the next morning without Liam's arms wrapped around me or my head on his warm muscular chest. I slowly sat up and looked around for him thinking maybe he was just up taking a shower or something. I get out if the bed when I don't see him around the room. I walk out of the open door and down the hall a tad to the bathroom. Listen with my ear against the door to hear if the water is running and I don't hear anything. I walk down the stairs still trying to wake up completely. Get to the bottom of the stairs and look for Liam. He's over in the kitchen working over the stove it looks like he's making waffles or pancakes.
"Good morning sleepy head" he says to me as I walk over towards the kitchen.  He turns down the stove, sets the spatula on the counter and walks over to me hugging me tightly. But I don't hug him back.
"Nat? Are you okay?" He asks after he stops hugging me. I nod my head, face emotionless. "Hey baby... Wake up" he says tickling my sides I majorly react to the tickling and fully wake up. "There she is" he says smiling, he reaches his arms out again and I flinch, he looks really confused. 
"Sorry... I thought you were going to tickle me." He chuckles and I hug him, arms around his neck. He pulls out of the hug and back over to the stove. I could tell clearly now that he was making waffles for the two of us. I sit back and watch him carefully the smile never leaving my face not even for a second. What I read last night wasn't really affecting me Liam really has a way of completely changing how I feel about everything. He finishes up our waffles and puts them on plates with berries and whip cream on top. He comes over to the bar which was where I was watching him from and sets down my plate and kisses me from across the counter. "Thank you" I say kissing him again. He walks around the bar and sit down next to me and we both start to eat our breakfast. I've noticed that when were near each other we can't keep out hands off each other. Mostly him though. Whenever we're sitting next to each other now he always has a hand on my upper thigh. At first I always noticed it but now I don't really notice it and its normal. It's only odd when he doesn't have a hand on or around me. After we finish our breakfast of waffles and orange juice we go sit on the couch and watch Disney cartoons. I lay with my head on his shoulder and hand on his lower thigh. He has his hand partly on the inside and partly on the top of my upper thigh caressing it with his thumb. My phone which is sitting on the arm if the couch opposite of the two of us. I look at it as it vibrates and vibrates again and once more. I groan and sit up a little just so I can reach it. I start to unlock it there are 3 messages, one from Jay and one from his mom and then one from Claire. I can tell Liam is reading it over my shoulder and just as I start to unlock it be pulls it out of my hand.
"Hay!" I yell as he stretches his hand with my phone in to the ceiling. He types in my pass code and unlocks my phone reading the text from Claire before I could then deletes it. "Liam!"
"I don't want you getting hurt again. I don't like this girl. She's rude and only out to hurt you and I'm not going to let you get hurt. I can't take her doing this anymore. I'm calling her." 
"Liam you can't... If you call her she'll tell everyone and our relationship won't be private anymore. Management says we have to keep it private... They'd be pissed" Liam pauses for a moment. 
"That's a chance I'm willing to take" Liam brings the phone down and finds Claire's contact. He looks toward his phone before pressing call. He put the phone up to his ear and it rings and rings and she answers. 
"Surrender yet Natalie?" I hear her voice echo through the phone.
"Um actually... Claire... This is Liam... And I would much appreciate it if you would stop encouraging the hate towards my girlfriend. Because as soon as you send all this hate to her you're sending it to me too. I'm sorry but nobody likes girls like you. And this can come back to bite you in the arse. I can tell you're a fan and by the way the boys and I don't like girls like you, arrogant girls who act like they're 5 just to get attention... So please grow up and leave Nat alone." Liam rages. Claire is quite for a moment then speaks up. 
"Haha very well played Natalie hiring someone who sounds like Liam to call me... Good try" 
"Okay well if you don't believe that it's really me check my twitter in about 5 seconds." Liam motions for me to get him his phone. I pick it up and give it to him. He unlocks his phone and opens twitter to compose a new tweet and read it as he types. "Really tired of these crazy haters." He skims the words and presses send. "There if that's not proof enough I don't know what else to do." You hear a bit of muffling as if she's is moving her phone around a bunch. 
"Liam?" She speaks up
"Yeah?" He answers
"I am so sorry"
"I'm sorry Claire but I can't accept your apology because if you were really sorry you wouldn't have done it in the first place. You're only sorry because you got caught." As the end of these words Liam hangs up the phone. Neither of us says a thing for a moment until he turns and looks at me. I am looking off to the side thinking of all the things Claire could do with this information and how mad management was going to be, they already didn't like me, and how crazy my life back at school was going to be. Liam forces me to look at his and presses his lips to mine. I was surprised at first but then I relaxed and melted into the kiss, our lips moving together. He deepens the kiss and leans me back so he is lying on top of me on the couch. As he lays me back I slide my hand up his shirt. He slips his tongue into my mouth for a moment and explores the sides of my mouth then breaks, traveling the kisses down my neck and chest. As he travels the kisses down I gently play with the waist band of his briefs. He stops for a moment. "Nat... Relax everything is going to be fine... Don't worry about Claire or management. You're all I care about and seeing you hurt breaks me. I don't care what management says anymore. I'm tired of them ruling the mine and the boy's life. If I can do something to help my baby I'm going to. Just relax and let me take care of it." He realized I was tensed up and as he said these words I relaxed quite a bit. He kisses me softly once before returning to the intense deep kisses from before. I start to slip his shirt off as he plays with the bottom of mine. I pull his off and lightly throw it to the side.  He has my shirt up to mid stomach when suddenly there is a knock at the door. We ignore it at first and continue snogging, but the knocking comes again. We break the kiss and I hit my head on the arm rest of the couch groaning in frustration. Liam slides off of me and fixes my shirt making sure I'm fully covered before going to answer the door. As he walks away to the door I let out a deep sigh then sit up and cover myself up in the blanket. Making it look like we were just cuddling being lazy and watching cartoons. As he walks away to the door I let out a deep sigh then sit up and cover up in the blanket making it look like we were just cuddled being lazy watching cartoons. He opens the door and I hear Harry's voice. 
"Liam! You're supposed to be ready we have to be at the studio in 30 minutes." 
"Oh I totally forgot... Can I go like this?" As he says this I get up from the couch and walk towards the door. 
"Well you might want a shirt on" I hear Harry say as I approach the door. 
"Right," Liam says, he turns around, pecks me on the lips and walks past and up to his room. Harry looks at me and winks cheekily. 
"Shut up Styles!" I say to him turning around and walking back to the couch. I hear his footsteps behind me and a slam of the door. I plop down on the couch without a word and Harry comes and sits close to me. I don't look at him, trying to act annoyed. 
"So you spent the night" Harry says playfully nudging my arm. "And he didn't have a shirt on" he adds on nudging me more. 
"Both of those are true" I tell him simply. 
"What goin' on? What you guys do?" Harry asks obviously thinking we hooked up. 
"Honestly. We sat around watching movies and cartoons."
"Sure," Harry drags out. I roll my eyes and playfully hit him and Liam walks down the stairs. 
"Now no fighting children" he says smiling. "Okay ready to go?" He asks hitting the last step.
"Come on" Harry says jumping up. We all walk out the door and I grab my bag on the way out. I walk to my car and start to open the door.
"Nat... Where are you going?" Liam asks immediately. 
No you're not... Come to the studio with us... See how everything works." I give this option a little debating before giving in and throwing my stuff into my car and walking over to Harry's I get in the back. Liam's sitting passenger and Harry is driving. I buckle up and we're off to the studio. We get there within 5 minutes that we are supposed to be there rushing through the door and straight to where everyone else is supposed to be. The three of us walk in and everyone looks at us. 
"Late" everyone yells as we trail in. 
"Sorry we had to wait for Mr. Shirtless here"
"Shut up Harry" Liam says messing up Harry's curls. I giggle and slide off to the side. While the boys go into the recording booth. I stand behind the man sitting in front of the mixer board. I watch each of the boys sing their new songs with a smile on my face. Liam always seemed to catch my eye perfectly and make me blush and each of the other boys would look at me and try to do anything to make me laugh. At the end of the recording session Liam talked to management and about telling the public about us. They said that they would prefer he waited a tad longer but it was ultimately his choice. After Liam came back and told me that ha said he would wait because no matter how bad he wanted people to know he didn't want me to get hurt more than I already was. He said he would see how things were after New Year’s because they were going to be on Alan Carr early to mid-January. He wanted to see how things were with the hate online and see how I adjusted at school before he went out and told the public on the show.  I was ready for people to know but I guess Liam was thinking in the best interest for me. He knows what lies ahead for me and I actually have no clue.  

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