As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


22. Finally

A/N Sorry its taken me a while to update I've been busyyyy. So here is a longg chapter for you all:) Hope you guys are liking it. Dont forget to comment what you think :)xx


Natalie's POV

Since mine and Liam's relationship went public people have been starting to give me a chance, just like Liam said. Liam has been asked more things about me and the been clearing rumors along with gloating how happy he is. The good things being said about be started to become more than the negative. People have been starting to really ship Liatalie and I’ve even been interacting with some of the fans via Twitter and they just get so happy when I do it so, why not? School was weird though... Very weird. I can honestly say I have never gone through school like this. Everyone wanted to be my friend and this just drove Claire absolutely bonkers. She was supposed to be most popular. No one was supposed to communicate with me. And boy did she do everything she could to make that happen again but she was losing more people that were on her side and they were all running to me. I haven't really accepted any of their friendships because I know they are only trying to get to Liam so really my only friend is still Jay. Just people say hi to me and try to make positive conversation with me more than before. It’s Friday and tonight I have a fancy dinner with the family then early tomorrow morning I am starting my move to Liam's house.
Dad gets home from work and that is my hint to go get dressed because we should be leaving soon. My hair is already up in an elegant ponytail that is slightly wavy and I have my make-up done. I put on a black pencil skirt and a V-neck light pink shirt tucked in. I put on a long silver heart necklace I had picked out earlier and pearl ear rings that were slightly tinted pink. I then slipped on my shoes, which were pink peek-a-boo heels that matched my shirt, and headed downstairs. When I get down there Jay is wearing my favourite sweater vest and a pair of dark jeans and Noah is wearing a button up white shirt also with dark jeans. Mum and dad are wearing what they wore to work still and we all pile into the car next. We drive to the normal place, Gordon Ramsay restaurant. Just like normal the boys all get a large meal and mum and I get a smaller meal. We all share a bread pudding to end the meal and dad starts to drive home but pulls into the cinema. We end up go in, all dressed fancy and watched a late night movie all together. As the movie ends we leave and actually go back home. Once were home I personally say my good nights and go up to my room and go to sleep because I have to get up early tomorrow. Everyone else changes in to pajamas and lazied around downstairs the boys were on their computers and mum was watching the telly.  I took off my make-up, put on sweats and my favourite of Liam's shirt because it still smelt strongly of him and crawled into my bed.
I woke up the next morning to someone shaking me lightly. I groaned and rolled over. "Natalie sweetie, wake up" his voice softly said. I recognized his voice to be Liam's but I still chose to ignore it. I stayed up late last night and it was early I didn't have any plans of getting out of this bed. "Come on beautiful, get up" his voice comes into my head again as he caresses my arm. I roll over so I'm facing him but don't open my eyes instead I just place a hand on his face and feel around his face. He laughs quietly "what are you doing Natalie?" "Looking for the snooze" he laughs again and removes my hand from his face. After he did this I opened my eyes "there she is" he chimes. A small smile forms on my lips. I stretch and sit up slowly. I look at Liam and he chuckles. "You look so tired" "Oh really?" I say sarcastically. He smiles and kisses my forehead. I get up out of bed and wrap my arms around his neck and he snakes his arms around my waist and hugs me tightly. "Okay let's go" he say. "Let's go? What are you talking about?" "I'm kidnapping you and we're gonna go out to breakfast." "But... I'm in pajamas." "Yeah, and so am I." I look carefully at him; he's wearing grey sweats and simple tee. "We're wearing basically the same thing." "You wearing it better" he says smiling cheekily. I shake my head "can I at least-" "nope" Liam cuts me off. "Let's go" he says grabbing my hand and walking towards my door. I groan and go with him. We walk down stairs and as we get down there I see a smiling Jay standing at the bottom holding a pair of my chestnut Bailey Button Uggs. "You were in on this one too?" I ask him as soon as we make eye contact. He nods his head and gives me my boots. I smile and shake my head putting my boots on. Liam and I walk out the door and to his car. He drives me to the little breakfast cafe on 12th and we have a sweet quick breakfast together. After we go back to my house and we start packing up my room. Jay had gone out with Noah and dad and mum shopping and they probably wouldn't be back for a few hours.  We go up the stairs directly in front of the door and to my room. "Well where should we start?" He asks entering and closing the door behind him. "Well probably at my closet" I slide open my closet door. "Whoa" Liam says under his breath. "You're lucky you're going to have a walk in closet at our house" he says teasing me. I turn around so I'm facing him and walk up to him our faces inches away from each other. Liam looks at my lips and leans in to kiss me "Oh shut up" I say lightly pushing him away, driving him insane. I turn around and go back to my closet and look through it a little. "What are we going to do with everything?" No response. "Do you have boxes in the car?" He still doesn't answer. I start to turn around and a pair of muscular arms wraps around my waist and I tense up. He put his lips just hovering over my neck lightly brushing it as he spoke.  "Well yeah but only if you want to go get them" Neither of us moved for a moment. He quickly moves his mouth and un-snakes his arms from around me. Now this was a game. I walk away from him and to my door opening it and going out to his car acting as if that hadn't phased me the slightest bit when in reality I wanted his lips on my neck so badly. I open up his car and get the boxes out and head back up to my room. I walk in and Liam is looking at the pictures around my room and on my desk. "Hey are you gonna help?" I ask setting the boxes down. "Nah" he says going back to looking at the pictures. I roll my eyes and go to my closet and first pack my jackets. I go to grab another box but they are missing from where I put them when I brought them up. I looked over my shoulder and Liam is sitting on the ground putting together the boxes. I clear my throat. "Oh, did you want one of these?" He asks me snapping his head up. "Well yeah that would be nice." I say reaching out for him to give me a box. He stands up with a box and almost places it right in my hands. "Wait!" He says pulling the box away quickly. "You can have this box if you kiss me" I glare at him knowing this was his way to win our little game. I groan and quickly peck his lips. "There... Now box?" I ask
"Come on Nat... That doesn't even count as a proper kiss" he fights back. I groan and kiss him again this time for a bit longer. I break the kiss but he gently pulls our lips back together placing one hand on the back of my neck with his thumb just behind my ear and the other was resting carefully on my hip. Melting into the kiss I placed my hand on his chest caressing his chest softly with my thumb. As our lips moved together I separated my lips just enough for him to slip his tongue into my mouth. We were conveniently standing just next to the foot of my bed and we made our way over to it. Liam lied me down carefully on the bed and he lied on top of me but a little off to the side. With one hand on each side of my head just above my shoulders. I now had one hand just barely touching his neck and my thumb occasionally rubbing against his jaw line. He relaxed more into the kiss making it rougher. I could soon feel a bulge start to grown in his pants. I traveled my free hand down the waist line of his boxer briefs that was just above the waist line of his jeans. I toy a bit with the waist line and the bulge in his pants seems to grow more and Liam breaks the kiss and begins to kiss my neck and my chest and along the neck line of my low-cut shirt. Before I knew it my shirt was half way off my body but just then it hit me. Jay, Noah, mum and dad were going to be home in a little more than 5 minutes. Shit. Liam and I couldn't do this in 5 minutes. "Liam" I moan as his kisses travel down my body. He groans in response. "Liam we can't do this..." I say, this time it was less of a moan. Liam's kisses stop abruptly. "Why not?" He asks looking puzzled at me. "Everyone is going to be home in 5 minutes" "shit" he mumbles. "I'm so sorry Natalie" he says sitting up and crossing his legs. "No it's okay." I say sitting up as well and putting one leg on each side of him and placing my hands on his leg. "It's my fault too" I add on. "I guess we'll just have to save that all for our house" I say quietly adding on a wink and I kiss his cheek softly. Liam lightly chuckles. "I love you" he says smiling "I love you too" I say getting up from the bed and grabbing his hand as well with the box that started it all. The two of us pack up about two more boxes and we hear the front door open. As Liam closes up the box we were working on I open my door a peak my head downstairs. Everyone was home. "How was shopping?" I ask from my room. "It was good" mum responds as all of the guys groan and walk towards the living room. I giggle and go back into my room to continue packing. Liam is packing my shoes into a box and I move to my tops drawer in my dresser. My bras and panties, I try to quickly pack them before Liam sees. "Why are you packing those so quickly?" He asks me "it's not like I haven't seen 50% of them" I shrug my shoulders. "That's on the list for our next shopping trip by the way" Liam adds on cheekily winking as I place the last of the bras into the box. I roll my eyes, close the box and set it off to the side with the rest of the boxes. "Hey so I don't know how many of these are going to fit in my car... I think maybe two more but then I think that's going to be all." "Okay" I say understandingly. I go into my bathroom and pack the majority of all of the things in there in one box. Just to be safe I decide to not pack another box in case it doesn't fit. The two of us bring all of the boxes out the door. Mum is in the kitchen cooking dinner and the boys are probably watching a movie down in the theatre room; I suspect as I hear a muffled boom coming from downstairs. Liam and I get all the boxes in the car and I go back inside to tell mum that were leaving. I'm sleeping at Liam's house tonight and after we pack everything and get it to his house, well our house, that's going to be my last night at their house. I'm most likely going to spend the night in Jay's room. With my best friend. "Hey mum we're just about ready to leave" I tell her walking into the kitchen. "How about you two stay here for dinner tonight I really want you to and I want to get to know Liam" she says smiling. "I'll go ask Liam but I think he would love to" I tell her leaving the room. I walk out to the car and Liam is fitting in the last box. "Li Li?" I call walking over to him, "Yeah babe?" He asks setting the last box in the car and turning around. "Do you want to stay for dinner?" "I would love to" he says a huge smile growing on his face. I smile and turn around going to walk back into the house. Liam walks up from behind me and slips his hand into mine. I smile again at his touch realizing how perfect this was and how it seemed that nothing was ever going to go wrong.
We walking into the house and mum is setting the table, and putting out the food. "So are you two staying?" Mum chimes up hearing the door open and close. "Yes we are thank you for inviting us Mrs. Williams" Liam says placing his hand gently on my lower back. "Oh hunny you don't have to be so formal just call me Laurie" "Yes ma'am" she just laughs. "Come sit down I'll go get the boys" she's says. "No mum its okay I'll go get them you sit down, you too Liam" Liam nods his head and mum just smiles; they both turn around to sit down at the table.
I walk down the stairs and to the door of the booming theatre room. I open the door and turn on the lights. They slowing dim on. "HEY!" All the boys yell "dinners ready" I say simply shaking my head and walking out closing the door behind me. I hear the boys getting up and the sound from the movie stops abruptly as I walk up the stairs. I leave the door downstairs open knowing that they would be just behind me. I go sit down at the table next to Liam. We added an extra chair to the table so now mum and dad are each at the end, as normal. But Liam and I are sat on one side and Noah and Jay are sat across from us, which wasn't normal. I was normally next to Jay. As we all sat down at the table mum announced that she wanted to do the prayer, which also wasn't normal. We all joined hands; I had dad on my left and Liam on my right. When Liam grabbed my hand for the prayer he intertwined our fingers and placed our hands resting on my thigh.
Mum had made a marvelous dinner, as always and Liam got along so well with everyone. Noah seemed to like him, but with dad I couldn't quite read him. He was smiling but that didn't mean much. And of course Jay and Mum still loved him. As dinner came to a close Liam and I made our way out but I didn't leave without saying my goodbyes. Liam and I started making our way to the door but I stopped. "How about you go start the car I have to do something before we go." I tell Liam quietly. "Okay" he says simply opening the door and walking out. I turn around and hug everyone once more. "Daddy? Did you like Liam?" I ask shyly. "Of course I did Nat. He's a very nice boy and he treats you like a princess." I only smile at his words. "Why were you worried I didn't like him?" "Well yeah, a bit. But only because I couldn't tell at dinner." "Well I love him, don't worry". At his words I know everything is perfect and I hug them each goodbye once more. "I'm going to miss living here so much" I say "but I will see you again tomorrow, we have to finish packing. And I'm making him bring Niall's car tomorrow cuz it's bigger. So hopefully I will be done quicker and I can get into the habit of calling Liam's house my own." "Well this house will always be yours too." Mum says smiling. "Now go on Nat. Your Prince Charming is waiting." Jay says herding me towards the door. I walk out and get in the warm car. "Ready?" Liam asks. I nod my head and Liam drives home. To our home.


We get home and take the boxes in, just setting them in the front room for now. Liam and I, both super tired, go to our room and change into pajamas. I crawl into bed and Liam crawls in next to me. I cuddle up to him with my head on his chest. He gently plays with my hair and we fall asleep right there.  
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